Some of the new products available on the market now (or soon!):

The upgraded CORIOgrapher control software, now at version 4.0, will bring an enhanced user experience with the introduction of LED Tools. These tools are specifically designed to optimize set-up for complex LED configurations, offering custom grid lines, markers, and labels. This enables users to achieve precise alignment and calibration, ensuring stunning visual performance. Moreover, tvONE is delighted to introduce easy 8K source management using Source Link, allowing users to harness the power of quad 4K workflows for delivering impressive 8K video content.

With the latest version of CORIOgrapher, CORIOmaster2 users will also benefit from the addition of new fade to black and dissolve transitions. These transitions provide a seamless and visually appealing experience when switching between video sources, enhancing the visual aspects of your presentation. Furthermore, tvONE has expanded the selection of test patterns and grids, providing users with a wide range of options for projector and LED set-up. These versatile tools enable precise alignment and configuration, ensuring optimal visual display and accuracy.

New CORIOmaster2 units will be shipped with a more powerful control module to enable  CORIOgrapher 4.0 and its extensive new features. Existing users can easily upgrade with the addition of a new, faster CPU module. For easy migration, simply copy and paste your video wall configuration. 


Green Hippo Announces V4.8

A major enhancement is Show Manager, facilitating complete control of multiple productions and installations at once. It allows users to easily save and load various shows on one Hippotizer Media Server, simplifying show management and switching between events. Within this, shows can be duplicated to enable quick modifications without affecting the primary show data, and each show can be easily labelled for one-glance referencing. For productions run by multiple users of one machine, shows can be locked to protect them from any unwanted edits, and the popular HippoLauncher can now be controlled by TCP Commands allowing to start up or switch into the designed show. Also upgraded is TimelinePlus, where pre-recorded looks can be easily transferred onto the Preset Timeline for quick, easy show programming.

The Hippotizer SHAPE tool introduces Dockable Windows, aiding customisable workspace management and enhancing 3D project visbility.
And the Hippotizer team has upgraded the built-in integration. Notable is the NDI update to version 5.5, which includes game changing features to its media over IP protocol, allowing for more creative freedom connecting any device with any location.


TvOne releases HDMI quad input and quad output modules for CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro 

The new HDMI quad input (CM-HDMI-4IN) and output modules (CM-HDMI-SC-4OUT), which will ship in the coming weeks, allow expansive set up across all three CORIOmaster chassis. This allows users to create enormous video walls, projector edge blends, and LED installations or to deploy switcher applications. The modules grow the maximum number of inputs on a 4RU CORIOmaster to 56, while the 1RU CORIOmaster mini can achieve up to 16 inputs or up to 20 outputs. For the first time, it’s possible to create huge video walls with the CORIOmaster mini, with 3x3, 4x4, and 5x4 walls being easily achievable. CORIOmaster micro now has up to eight inputs or eight outputs in a half width 1RU chassis.

For 4K output applications, the recently released 4K60 output module (CM-HDMI-4K-SC-2OUT) is fully compatible with the upcoming M412 firmware release, giving a smoother, more immersive video experience for up to 14 4K60 outputs. Other new output choices using this module include 4K60 output cloning or for dual, independent, 4K30 outputs. Our dual 4K30 outputs double the amount of 4K outputs available, to allow connection to up to 28 4K displays in 4RU, while the new cloning feature makes setting up repeat displays, duplicated side screens, and screen recording much simpler and more efficient to use.


Green Hippo Announces V4.7

New additions include REST API: Create custom web-based controls for Hippotizer Media Servers through the new REST interface, the integration with Derivative’s TouchDesigner to Hippotizer Media Servers and our new Mixed Reality workflow.


Trigger Timelines and Presets, upload and manage media, and see the status of your Hippotizer Media Servers all from a simple web page or RESTful control system.


Hippotizer harnesses the power of the new TouchEngine API. TouchDesigner is a well-established video creation application that combines market-leading extensibility, interoperability and customization, enabling designers to create engaging generative and interactive content.

Mixed Reality

New camera tracking features enable creative content mapping based on the point of view of a camera. Mix live and augmented content with our familiar 3D Mapping tools and new mapping features.

    •    Touch Engine integration now allows users to import Components from Touch Designer for use in Hippotizer. This new Mix type can be utilised to load a Touch Designer Block with full I/O compatibility.
    •    Restful API brings web-based control to the Hippotizer software. Utilise the web API to see a comprehensive list of HTML commands or send direct from the web page to control your Hippotizer.
    •    Viewport Freeze and Delay allows for per viewport freezing and delaying of the outputs.
    •    New Mapping Features allows inputs in SHAPE to be remapped and then reprojected into the 3D space in new creative ways.
    •    Camera Tracking brings new and creative ways of mapping content based on the point of view of a camera to SHAPE.
    •    Notch Exposable Camera Integration makes it possible to link a Shape object (Projector, TextureMapper) to a Notch Camera.


Green Hippo Announces V4.6

Green Hippo has released a major upgrade to its Hippotizer software which introduces an entirely new design, pre-programming and content delivery workflow. Version 4.6 builds on the familiar flexibility of Hippotizer’s real-time media manipulation system with an all-new planning, visualization and timeline control architecture, opening up further creative opportunities for designers. 


Green Hippo Announces NEVIS
Nevis is a small, half-rack unit with a DP 1.2 output with 4K resolution and EDID Emulation with 2 mixes and supports splitters.


Datapath ARQA
Transmitters and recievers with fibre or copper cabling with push and pull for controlling multiply monitors to a local workstation.

NOTCH 0.9.21/22
Notch Builder 0.9.21/22 with HDR lighting, Face tracking and more then 450 new features and fixes and updates.


Green Hippo Announces AXIS

AXIS automates 3D projector alignment: small sensors placed in the 3D model allow projector line-up to be completed in seconds - at the press of a button! Whether a 3D projection mapping installation, touring production or cruise ship, AXIS takes the guesswork out of projector alignment, ensuring it looks great for years.


Green Hippo Announces 4.5
Improved Multi-channel audio import behaviour. Clips with >2 Channels will now encode alongside video clips and not just image sequences (though that still works).The watermark on Play and Prep machines now fades in and out for a more pleasant pre-programming experience.Fixed a widely reported issue where output manager would take the output restriction of the local machine when editing a remote host. This meant that configuring outputs from a PLAY or Zookeeper machine could fail..


disguise vx4
The vx 4 has been engineered to play back video at higher quality, smoothness, and resolution than ever before — it supports up to four 4K streams of lossless 10bit 60fps video content. Additionally, the vx4 can capture four 4K sources at 60fps (or 16 3G-SDI sources), and features faster networking, faster storage, and an ultra-rugged chassis. The vx 4 will be shipping, with HDMI 2.0 VFC cards as default, in early 2019.

Wonderwall / Spaceframe
WonderWall is a three-sided hybrid luminaire with ROE CB8 LED on one side, 2 x 4 array of 60W RGBW OSRAM LED on the other and a high-reflective mirror on the third side. Capable of 540° rotation on the tilt axes, the WonderWall can alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects or reflect other light sources and laser of the mirrored panels. The 8 mm pitch of the video side offers the perfect balance of 1) definition required to display video media on stage, 2) screen size for enabling full HD, and 3) overall system brightness. It has a revolutionary optical zoom system with a range of 10° to 38°. The front face of WonderWall can be integrated into a modified ROE CB8 panel which offers exciting new possibilities for creating graphical effects.

NOTCH updated with new features
Notch Builder 0.9.12 is the first update to use full 64-bit capabilities. Previously only available as a 32-bit runtime, the new 64-bit version allows for significantly larger datasets, such as 3D models and animation, textures, images, and audio.rigid body physics was added. It allows solid geometric objects to move around using physics. The update includes a new video codec, NotchLC, designed for motion graphics.


Green Hippo Announces Hippotizer +
Green Hippo reveals Hippotizer + Media Server range, its new product range of Media Servers. The new line comprises the Montane+, Taiga+, Boreal+, Karst+ and Amba+.
Building on already incredibly powerful and talented machines, Hippotizer + range brings many user benefits, including the below standout features:
• Performance boosts measure at up to 40%. You can playback additional media layers, deliver more complex 3D projects, and expect even better Notch performance.
• Larger media drives. This is great news for the storage and more accurately the increasing demands of storage. The Boreal +, Karst +, and Taiga + all enjoy up to double the space on their standard versions.
• New back-up and restore system. Time is money – especially in the rental business – and the new machines let you create user and password-protected rental back-up image enabling a faster turnaround between gigs.
• Same old, same old… brilliant performance. The Hippotizer + range also runs Hippotizer V4 software, ensuring perfect interoperability between the two, and enabling new features for years to come.
Green Hippo also proudly announces Hippotizer Version 4.3, the latest version of its award-winning software. Hippotizer V4.3 runs on both Hippotizer and Hippotizer + hardware, and brings many new features to Hippotizer and SHAPE.
In addition to vigorous bug squashing, benefits of Hippotizer V4.3 include:
• NDI (video over Ethernet) send and receive
• Smart improvements to ZooKeeper include a new ‘tabbed selector’ and drag-and-drop pin board creation and editing
• ‘Notes and Tags’ – tag media with key words such as ‘Blue’ or ‘Strobe’ and then search for it by those tags in the media select
• Enhanced UI for SHAPE, with grouping of objects, Nulls, parenting and bulk editing
• Controllers in SHAPE let you move objects in real time, in 3D
• GPU Selection enables even better PLAY and PREP performance in SHAPE

Montane + improving performance and workflow with Notch and are also shipped with a 2 year Notch playback license. 2 x DP ports on 4096x2160 that supports splitters, audio in and out XLR, media drive 2 TB -unlimited mixes-10 free Notch FX


ArKaos Pro 5.0 introduces MediaHub
ArKaos Pro announces the official release of the new MediaMaster Pro 5.0 with MediaHub. The launch of MediaMaster Pro 5.0 at Plasa, UK follows a successful preview at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt earlier this year.
With the introduction of MediaMaster Pro 5.0 ArKaos continues to stay ahead of the competition by combining maximum functionality with simplicity of operation. MediaMaster Pro 5.0 retains the user-friendly and broad functionality that has become the trademark of the ArKaos product range.
MediaMaster Pro 5.0 introduces MediaHub, a new powerful tool designed to:
• Swiftly share your content between servers or computers over networks
• Easily synchronise your content library over networks
• Remotely monitor the status of any additional machine running MediaMaster
• Import your new content remotely in the library of any server
• Organise your library of content remotely from any computer
• Safely synchronise your newest content or your backup server just before a show
MediaMaster Pro 5.0 Enhancements:
• Up to 36 layers to prepare, play and output more visuals and effects (Available in Theater and Fixture Mode)
• Easily synchronise text with the new lyric player especially designed for singers, church performances and corporate presentations
• Enhanced DMX patching over multiple universes and auto-patching feature
• New and improved appearance of the user interface
LED Mapper Integration Features:
• Automatic discovery of Art-Net nodes connected on a network
• Unicast connection to fixtures for optimal network bandwidth usage
• Capability to run simultaneously with MediaMaster
• Updated LEDMapper supporting larger network thanks to unicast.

Pandoras Box Version 6
Christie Pandoras Box Version 6 features multi-user, simultaneous timeline editing, warping and content ma- nipulation. This allows multiple operators to work together on a single project in real-time. Widget Designer has also been improved with a completely redesigned HTML-5 user interface, a native HTML front end (that includes CSS styles) and animation and transition support for all pages and all widgets.
More powerful hardware and increased storage
All Christie Pandoras Box Servers and Players have also undergone significant upgrades as well. Users now benefit from faster processing power, more memory and expanded storage for a high-performance hard- ware platform that can handle the most demanding show requirements. Also being introduced is the new Pandoras Box OCTO Server featuring increased output capabilities providing up to 8 outputs from a single machine at full-bandwidth without compromising performance.
Featured enhancements
• Increased connectivity – with up to 8 ouputs, you can manage even more displays from a single server • Amazing image quality – playback supports 4K uncompressed video at 60 fps • More choice – with the choice of 5 Performance Kit options, there’s a Pandoras Box solution to fit your
needs and budget • Increased storage – store up to 2 hours of 4K uncompressed video • The latest components – all Pandoras Box Servers and Players feature performance upgrades leveraging
the latest components, including Xeon processors and NVIDIA Quadro cards.


Green Hippo Announces V4.2.1
Version 4.2 .1 focuses on improving performance and workflow while introducing Hippotizer PLAY. A free to use demonstration version of Hippotizer, PLAY required significant changes to the way that application is saved and managed. 4.2 also brings the ability to save and load whole shows to aid in moving data from PLAY to a Hippotizer system.


Datapath FX4
A high end 4 way signal splitter, in HDMI , DP or SDI outputs

Green Hippo Hippotizer Version 4 software: 4.1 .

Hippotizer 4.1 Key New Features:
• Pixelmapper V4:
An all new Pixelmapping engine makes Hippotizer Version 4 an un-paralleled tool for mapping video to DMX lighting fixtures. Supporting hundreds of universes of Art-Net3, sACN and KiNet fixtures as well as myriad colour systems such as RGB, RGBAW, CMY; V4’s Pixelmapper is a powerful new component for Hippotizer V4 users. 
• Multicontroller:
The centre of the show; Multicontroller brings many control inputs and outputs used by Hippotizer into one place. MIDI, TCP, OSC among other protocols are managed through this single component. 4.1 adds native support for devices such as Lightware and Blackmagic Matrices and automation protocols such as Kineysis.
•  MediaManager:
Easy encoding and management of media has always been a strength for Hippotizer; 4.1 improves this further with enhancements to the FlexRes codecs, and many new features throughout the media manager component. Thanks to new plugins for PC based AfterEffects and Nuke, content can now be created directly in the FlexRes codec of choice. 
• DMX and CITP:
Controlling the Hippotizer V4 from a lighting desk has been made even easier with added support for sACN in the DMX component and an overhaul of CITP. Thumbnail and streaming previews is available through CITP with many popular lighting desk and 3rd party visualisers such as GrandMA 2 and Capture Argo.
The 3rd dimension of Hippotizer, SHAPE is an easy to use projection mapping toolset that makes Hippotizer V4 at home on the most complex 3D projects at the press of a button. 4.1 adds many new features to SHAPE, chief among them is multiple inputs for on-the-fly mapping of mixes to objects.
On the same link are the latest version of the AfterEffects and Nuke plugins as well as documentation.


With the release of Hippotizer Version 4.1, Green Hippo is beginning the Software Assurance Policy. The Software Assurance Policy states that with the purchase of a Hippotizer V4 system, the customer is entitled to three years of updates to the Hippotizer V4 software free of charge. After the software assurance period expires, the user will be able to install and run all versions of software released up to the end date however, any version of Hippotizer V4 software released after the expiry date will not install. The Hippotizer V4 system will continue to operate normally with no software limitations.

Green Hippo implemented the Software Assurance Policy when Hippotizer V4 was released in November of 2014, however it was decided to delay the first expiry dates until version 4.1 was released. This means any system purchased at or before March 14th, 2016 will continue to receive free updates until March 13th, 2019. Extensions to this policy can be purchased nearer to the expiry date. Pricing for this will be based on machine type and duration of extension.


What is the software assurance policy?
When you buy a Hippotizer V4 system, as part of the purchase price is a license to recieve free upgrades to the latest version of Hippotizer V4 for three years from the date of purchase.

Will my Hippotizer still work after the expiry date?
Yes, the system will continue to function as normal. The only change will be that any new version of software released after the expiry date will not install.

I bought my Machine in Dec, 2015. When can I no longer receive updates?
The normal calculation would be to simply add three years to the purchase date, however as a thank you for being an early adopter of Hippotizer V4, the first Software assurance expiration is March 13th, 2019 or 3 years from the release of 4.1. So March 13th, 2019.

Can I still receive patches and custom software if my machine is not under assurance?
Software patches and customisations frequently rely on using the latest version of Hippotizer software, so no.

How does this affect SHAPE?
The component of SHAPE built into Hippotizer can not be upgraded without upgrading the entire Hippotizer application. This means that it will not be possible to use a SHAPE version released after the expiry date.

How can I extend the software assurance date?
Nearer to the time where any systems are going to expire, Green Hippo will make extensions available for purchase. These will be on a per machine per year basis.

Why are extensions not available for purchase yet?

The fast pace of innovation in technology makes it impossible to predict what computer hardware will be in three years.. This makes it difficult to set pricing and asses future market conditions. As we get closer to the first expiration dates (March, 2019) extensions will be made available for purchase.


Green Hippo Announces LINX
Hippotizer LINX DPXSDI solves the problem of converting a single 4K Display Port into four 3G-SDI signals.
This rack mounted splitter takes a full 4K and UHD Display Port input and converts it to four independent, genlocked, 3G-SDI outputs

2x DisplayPort 1.2 inputs
8x 3D-SDI Outputs
1x External Genlock input on BNC
2x USB for management

Input Resolutions (on each input)
3840 x 1080, 3840 x 2160, 4096 x 2160
Suppoered Input Frame rate (at all supported resolutions)
30, 50, 59.94, 60 FPS
Sync to input or external sync


ArKaos releases GrandVJ 2.1
A full compatibility withOS X Yosemite, El Capitan and Windows 10
5 new effects– including Beat glow, Hue masking, Earthquake and Colour Cycling
New Blend Modes
Auto Play mode
Random jump play mode
International text font effects
Timecode synchronization support
Support for new Akai controllerswith light feedback (APC40 MKII and APC Key 25)
Support for AlphaSphereand Korg NanoPAD 2 MIDI controller
New Audio Synctime reference
Improved playbackof Quartz composer effects and movies
Modernized architecture and frameworksfor new Mac OS X.

AI Avolites Media
A new range of Ai R Series media servers and preview the feature-rich new Titan V10 software.Ai R Series utilizing a 6 Core i7 processor running at 3.5Ghz with 16Gb of fast RAM, solid state drives throughout, 1.2TB of media storage and benefits from up to 25% increased performance from the AMD W7100 due to twice as much GDDR5 memory and a significant increase in bus speeds.The optical TNS is perfect for connecting front-of-house to stage using Cat5E Ethernet cables for distances under 100m, and an optical input for fiber connections over distances exceeding 100m. The 1Gb network switch also features a built in UPS to ensure the stability and resilience of a show setup.

Green Hippo Announces V4 and new V4 hardware line
Green Hippo has always been at the forefront of media server technology with the Hippotizer range. Award winning features such as UberPan, Cross-Fade on Layer, Presets and RegionMapper ensure Hippotizer remains the server of choice for events worldwide. Building on that success, Green Hippo is pleased to present Hippotizer Version 4. Thanks to a new hardware platform, V4 offers a district leap in performance with increased outputs that support resolutions to 4K and beyond.

Version 4 also bears the fruit of Green Hippo's dedication to software development including FlexRes, built in 3D visualiser, SHAPE integration, all new output management and a re-designed user interface. Every V4 system features front panel indications of system status, as well as removable hard drives as part of the STRATA Caddy System. Inside, Hippotizer V4 includes all Solid State Drives as standard and the latest graphics technology to deliver unmatched performance.-.
AMBA compact and powerful 1U media server with the capacity for an internal capture card and a removable drive; the Amba outperforms many larger systems. With a single unlimited resolution output, the Amba can be used with splitters or on Greater than HD projects.

KARST unparalleled power and flexibility built into a custom, tour ready case. A host of customisable output and capture options mean that the Hippotizer Karst can fit into many different roles. Featuring a total of 3 outputs, as well as dual control monitors, the Hippotizer Karst can drive the most demanding shows with ease. At only 2 rack units high, the Hippotizer Karst packs two HD-SDI outputs into a very small space while the third display port 1.2 connection offers the ability to drive very large resolution screens with just a single cable.

BOREAL the new standard for touring media servers. With four DVI or HD-SDI outputs, Hippotizer Boreal is designed for the rigours of life on the road. All video outputs are EDID managed with dedicated hardware to ensure easy set up and operation in any environment. Each output includes a second parallel connection to enable local monitoring.

TAIGA, the biggest model, featuring 6 unlimited DisplayPort outputs, the Taiga can drive at least 3 x 4K displays at full frame rate. Display Port 1.2 enables the Taiga to drive many 4K displays and projectors with a single cable. Taiga uses the newest generation of server-class computer hardware to deliver unrivalled performance.
SHAPE Software Projection mapping is becoming more demanding for its advocates, and the live event industry is awash with a multitude of exciting and challenging projects. However, we at Green Hippo believe that the biggest challenge is eliminating the divide between 3D content creators and the projection designers who deploy the 3D creations in the field. Allow us to introduce SHAPE.
SHAPE, from the makers of Hippotizer, unifies the 3D mapping workflow; from concept and pre-visualisation, to content creation and finally project realisation.
Built-in surface modelling, image analysis and support for all common UV mapping methods along with virtual projection makes SHAPE a game changing approach to mapping onto non-linear surfaces.
In realtime SHAPE can map incoming video (via HD-SDI or DVI input cards) to multiple projected outputs. This allows content creators to work with challenging projection projects live via plug-ins for their chosen 3D creation software.
Once content creation is complete, SHAPE offers powerful tools to deliver the project on-site.


DLHD from HighEnd
The DLHD Digital Light is the first High Definition integrated moving digital light on the market. Once again High End Systems, the pioneers of digital lighting, have pushed the boundaries further and are taking digital lighting to the next level. This revolutionary fixture is integrated with an Axon HD media server that is loaded with a wealth of High Definition digital content. Coupled with a high output QuaDriveTM light engine, the DLHD delivers bright, crisp and beautiful images to fuel creativity.

DLHD offers the industry a tool which is limitless in it its application, totally flexible and utterly awe-inspiring!
Mounting like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controlled using standard DMX or Art-Net cabling and protocols, plug-and-play integration with other fixtures can be easily achieved.

Due to the powerful High Definition onboard media server, expensive video infrastructure, racks of equipment and long setup times are a thing of the past.

A Content Management Application running on your PC workstation or laptop computer gives you remote access to manage and upload content, upgrade software as well as configure multiple DLHD’s on a fixture network.

High End Systems not only started the digital revolution, it also offers the widest digital lighting product mix of any manufacturer, priced and scaled for any budget and solution. The DLHD represents the fifth generation of digital lighting products from High End Systems Inc. and is the flag ship addition to the product line, which includes the Axon HD and HD Pro Media Servers..


Green Hippo Announces V3.2.3
Hippotizer software version 3.2.3 builds on the strength and reliability of v3.2.2 with a series of improvements and fixes, while adding support for emerging technologies.

This version is a step up from 3.2.2 meaning that all component exports, personalities and features are compatible. Version 3.2.3 adds support for streaming CITP to GrandMA2 lighting desks and 3D visualizers which enables remote systems such as these to see Hippotizer’s output in real time over the network.  We have also added the ability to hide the master layer’s previews in the ZooKeeper interface.

Green Hippo Announces UberKeeper
UberPan is renowned as a class leading solution to high resolution, multi-screen, multi-server displays and has been instrumental in making many of the world’s most acclaimed shows and installations break new creative ground.  However, high-resolution media encoding, due to the substantial size of the source media, is a major task for any server to undertake, especially when programming a show whilst encoding simultaneously.
Now, with the advent of the standalone UberKeeper unit, it’s possible to split and encode large canvas media to the correct sizes and settings for any multi server UberPan configuration offline on a separate system, or even prior to the show. 
UberKeeper is an encoding powerhouse that can dramatically cut the upload and splitting time of media associated with UberPan setups. Furthermore, thanks to features introduced in Hippotizer version 3.3, UberKeeper can save costly time on site by carrying out much of the media processing without utilising the output Hippotizers in an UberPan configured show.
Couple this feature with Watch folders (un-attended media encode into Hippotizer from a network folder) to make UberKeeper a fully automated upload and encoding system. UberKeeper can serve as a high speed encoding and control system for any Hippotizer setup. UberKeeper can be used to interface with external control protocols such as SMPTE, MIDI, DMX or Telnet and then relay this info via HippoNet to other Hippotizer systems.
UberKeeper: UberPan made UberEasy.

Par4Keet is the first video player to combine class-leading video playback at 4K resolution and beyond along with true realtime media manipulation and multi-screen configurability in a robust rackmount casing.
The flagship player of the AViary range can deliver media at arbitrary resolutions, untying AV professionals from the restrictions of standard aspect ratios and opening the doors on unrestricted and creative display configurations.
Green Hippo’s pedigree in solving the issues of video in challenging environments has been thrust into the very heart of Par4Keet. Even in standard form, the system carries a set of tools to produce creative visual setups quickly and easily. Logo overlay, in/out points, and integration with protocols such as SMPTE, MIDI and DMX can be deployed and programmed easily from within the unit’s intuitive user interface removing the need for additional processing equipment or return visits to an edit suite.
Comprehensive output mapping tools bring much of the functionality found in video wall controllers inside the source machine removing the need for third party processors and enabling super-creative display layouts even with semi-professional and domestic grade screens. Full compensation for canvases comprising devices with varying resolutions, freeform spacing and arbitrary rotation of any or all displays, configured quickly and intuitively from Par4Keet’s front panel or accompanying software.


For installation professionals who need up to 4 streams of high-definition video or 6 channels of SD video, magpi is a playback device that provides highly configurable media feeds, realtime correction and trimming of clips along with a host of tools to tackle the most challenging display setups.
magpi not only provides realtime playback control, but uniquely delivers control for parameters such as speed, in and out points and geometry along with colour and contrast correction for each of its 4 players individually. All changes can be stored within the timeline controller with the option to trigger playback and configurations via external protocols such as SMPTE timecode, MIDI and many more.
magpi sports a unique toolbox of output mapping utilities, removing the need for additional video wall controllers or processing devices. It’s all on-board. Furthermore, it’s fully controllable remotely from any PC using magpi’s own proprietary control software.
Features such as VideoMapper, RegionMapper and PixelMapper cover all eventualities for projection mapping, LED display wall routing or architectural installations. With a robust compact chassis supporting wall-mount options, magpi can be installed just about anywhere and configured and controlled remotely from any distance.

4 x HDMI outputs at full HD resolution or up to 6 outputs at SD resolution
Real-time playback controls, colour and geometry adjustment
External Manager application that can control up to 64 units
Comprehensive Video and Audio file format support
SMPTE Timecode to lock video to external sync sources
4:2:2 / 4:4:4 colour subsampling for most demanding applications
Comprehensive projection tools including Keystone, RegionMapper and ScreenWarp
External Control via DMX/Artnet, RS232, Telnet, MIDI/OSC
Timeline Controller to sequence one or more units to work together
Real-time masking layer for each output
VideoMapper, to create complex LED wall configurations
PixelMapper to control unlimited LED fixtures in architectural installations


Pandoras Box Version 5.7 Update
Pandoras Box Manager 5.7 software release will include a completely re-designed text editor. Different font styles can now be used within a single text asset. An automatic horizontal and vertical scrolling capability is also part of this tool’s latest development.
When working with the new text editor, the user can even use and add an unlimited amount of text to a continuous text input.
The latest Pandoras Box audio feature development makes it possible to input ASIO sound as well as HD-SDI embedded audio, opening up a whole new world of real-time media compositing. Users can route, delay, and record ASIO inputs. Sound data can be used on ASIO tracks and programmed to the timeline, including different delays for different output signal chains.
The Pandoras Box timeline now acts as an automated audio desk, or can alternatively be triggered via external commands.


Mediamaster 4.0 from Arkaos
MediaMaster 4.0, the latest and ever-more powerful version of ArKaos PRO’s media server software.  MediaMaster 4.0 brings more flexible protection via an optional dongle and many additional features, yet retains the simplicity of operation familiar to its users.A completely redesigned licensing system allows the user to register and deregister any machine remotely from their own account so MediaMaster 4.0 is not restricted to use on only one machine.
MediaMaster 4.0’s long list of new features includes new aspect ratio and cropping tools, new Hue, Saturation and Lightness tools, layer-based volume control and a redesigned interface.

Green Hippo Announces Chipmunk
Chipmunk is the latest addition to Green Hippo’s award winning Hippotizer media server range. Driven by the same acclaimed software engine that powers the entire range, Chipmunk delivers two layers of 1080p HD with ease. Full on-layer geometry, FX and colour control plus keystone correction. Timeline functionality is as per Chipmunk’s siblings along with RegionMapper, Preset Manager, ScreenWarp and many more of the components Hippotizer users have come to expect.

The ability to switch to a single layer with cross-fade opens up a host of possibilities for Chipmunk. With a selection of transitions and mixer style functions built in, the system is ideal for on the fly applications such as music events, nightclubs or even permanent installations.

Chipmunk can be further configured to perform advanced functionality through a series of additional software packages that can be purchased at any time.

For projects requiring no more than 2 layers of HD video via a single output without sacrificing flexibility and control Chipmunk is the perfect solution.

A compact, two layer media server with a range of creative effects as
well as masks and keystone correction. Presets allow instant recall of
scenes while timelines enable sequences and entire shows to be
pre-programmed. Timelines can then be recalled from the user
interface or set to run at specific times based on the system clock.
X-Fade mode gives one layer that can automatically and seamlessly
transition between states meaning presets and clips are smoothly
recalled in any order.

Chipmunk Control Pack (Optional**)
Brings a host of control options including DMX2, MIDI, OSC and
CITP. This pack also adds the highly acclaimed PixelMapper
component making Chipmunk a compact and cost effective solution
for architectural applications or any project requiring the mapping
of video onto almost any form of LED.
Adds high-level functionality rarely found on smaller media servers.

Chipmunk Connect & Control Pack (Optional**)
The addition of HippoNet opens up endless possibilities for Chipmunk,
including the ability to use multiple systems as UberPan
‘nodes’ on large installations at a fraction of the cost. SMPTE
Timecode, VideoMapper, Telnet and RS232 are also included in this
optional pack. For projects requiring no more than two layers of
media playback but highly advanced control and manipulation
options Chipmunk simply can’t be beaten.

Control Connect &
Chipmunk Control
** Can be specified at purchase or added any time.

Beacon DigiGobos® serie 21-22 HD from Beacon.Two new series with 1920 x 1080 /p looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.The DigiGobos® Bundle that contains SD series1-10 or 11-20 or 21-30 or 31-40 are also out on the market thru the GoboGroup or Beacon direct
Green Hippo Announces V3.2
Hippotizer has been given a functionality and user interface makeover, allowing operators to create and programme with
improved simplicity and ease.
Easy to Video Map: We take our award winning VideoMapper component to the 3rd dimension.
Easy to Program: New dedicated hardware making workflow quicker.
Easy to Busk: A return to the roots that made the original Hippotizer the first choice for free-style
Easy to Control: Improved timecode functionality at layer level and throughout.
Easy to Manage Media: Automate and create structure for content flexibly and logically.
Easy to Playback: Simple A/B transitions at any point with ease.
Following on from a year of expansion in staff and premises Green Hippo Ltd are pleased to focus on
making one of the world’s favourite media servers simpler, improving work-flow and production

FALCON CMY LED-VIDEO is a novelty of the FALCON range. The extraordinary and powerful xenon searchlight is equipped with a LED video matrix on its front and back body. With perfect binning, the LED video panel guarantees smooth and seamless colour transitions. An excellent contrast and a pixel pitch of 20mm offer a highly sharp display of graphic sequences like fonts. The combination of a powerful and brilliant xenon searchlight with the cost effective, brilliant LED video matrix provides quite new possibilities for lighting design. The DMX controlled FALCON CMY LED-VIDEO is for indoor/outdoor use, and convinces with its CMY colour changer with an extra scroller for special effects

New PDS / FSN series from Barco– which includes three models: PDS-701, PDS-901 and PDS-902 – meets the industry’s requirements for affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use seamless switchers that offer more digital inputs. Next to the PDS series, Barco is also launching a new pre-configured multi-format presentation switcher – the FSN-1004 – which can be controlled from a GUI running on a PC or Mac, simplifying system interconnections, setup and control.The PDS series comes in three models – PDS-701, PDS-901 and PDS-902 – and all models include one 3G/HD/SD SDI and four universal analog inputs. The 701 model features two DVI inputs and the 901/902 models have 4 DVI inputs. The PDS-902 extends the functionality of the switcher by adding a preview output. The analog and DVI inputs support the EDID 1.3 specification. With the PDS, users can capture and store up to three images that can be used as a LOGO source during a presentation. Built-in test patterns are also provided. Thanks to its user-friendly setup and straightforward interface, the PDS is a perfect fit for live events, boardrooms, houses of worship, education and training facilities, and fixed installations.
A second new product – the FSN-1004 – is a pre-configured multi-format presentation switcher that can be controlled from an intuitive user interface program running on a PC or Mac, which simplifies system setup, adjustment and control. Users can select up to ten input sources from a wide range of video and computer formats. Each channel operates independently and accepts any analog video computer or video channel on HD-15 connectors, DVI signals on DVI-I connectors, and SD/HD/3G video on BNC connectors. The FSN-1004 also includes four scalable independent outputs that can run different formats and resolutions. Each output is provided in the DVI, Analog, SMPTE 3G/HD/SD, or BarcoLink SDI format and can be vertically genlocked to the system’s internal synchronization or free-run.
ImagePRO-II and ScreenPRO-II updated
In addition to introducing two brand-new products, Barco has also updated two of its current image processing products. From now on, the ImagePRO-II converter is available in two models: standard and dual output. The dual output model comes with a second Athena scaler, allowing users to scale one input to two separate resolutions and thus doubling the switcher’s output capability. Standard ImagePRO-II models can be upgraded in the field with the dual output option card. The ScreenPRO-II video display system has also been updated to support 3G-SDI outputs. Now, the Encore presentation switcher and the ScreenPRO-II and ImagePRO scan converters can all drive 3G-SDI signals to a projector.

DigiGobos serie 37-40 and 17-20 HD from Beacon.Four new series with looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Precoded for Hippotizer, HighEnd Catalyst ,RADlite ,Pandoras Box,EX1 and Martin Maxedia systems. Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc or memory stick.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.

DLV from HighEnd

The DLV Digital Light represents the next evolution in creative lighting. Built on the same industry standard software as the DL.3 Digital Light and Axon Media Server, the DLV brings digital lighting abilities to any stage, club, or application. The DLV integrates a media server loaded with royalty free content with a high output 3-chip LCD light engine. DLV mounts like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX or Art-Net cabling and protocols.

With over 4000 lumens from the compact unit, the DLV is capable of bright dynamic projections and strong aerial imagery. Never before has digital lighting been as affordable and easy for a large range of production types. The DLV allows simple uploads of custom content and 3D objects directly from the Content Management Application. Now any venue can create powerful media presentations directly from any lighting controller. The proven DL.3/Axon software comes loaded with effects, Collage Generator, Curved Surface Support and more. With the DLV, the power to create is in your hands!

The DLV is the first digital light to include the innovative Indigo Highlighter feature. Providing designers with additional light output from eight 1-watt indigo LEDs further increases the layering abilities of the DLV.


AI Avolites Media
is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Immersive Ltd. and is now sole manufacturer of a suite of products under the brand name Ai.
Immersive Ltd. is a re-seller of the Ai system, integrating the Ai product range into their global business of design, animation, motion graphics and show production.
The Ai media server, has been showcased in the UK for the first time at Plasa 2011 with the aid of demonstrations and a show-reel presentation from a selection of Immersive productions which highlight the versatility and enormous potential of the Ai product range.
AVOLITES MEDIA Ltd. will release Ai media servers through the existing AVOLITES international distribution network.
Meanwhile Immersive Ltd. will continue in their successful business of event production, experiential design and content creation for an expanding and diverse, high profile market.
AVOLITES MEDIA Ltd. will design, develop, manufacture and distribute the Ai media server range.
Immersive Ltd and AVOLITES MEDIA Ltd have unique businesses, which complement each other.
They have formed a strategic alliance and are committed to working together. This relationship of co-operation, communication, feedback and support will be channelled into product design and development. In an alliance that is defining the future.

YK50 dual-arm projector yoke
YK50, designed for the Christie LX700 or Christie LHD700 projectors, can be used as a moving light or moving video projector. The Christie YK50, when combined with the Christie LX700 or Christie LHD700, provides 7000 ANSI lumens – making this solution ideal for houses of worship, museums, trade shows, and nightclubs.Projector movement and control is managed using DMX512 protocol that lets you integrate and control lighting equipment and video projectors easily with the same console. These versatile yokes can be flown, rigged or set up at floor level, according to your application needs.
The Christie YK50 is an affordable creative option letting you use a moving digital luminaire instead of traditional lighting effects.

EPV6  - 6mm high resolution LED video screen
Elation Pro Video Series. EPV6 panel comes equipped with Ethercon input/output for the video signal, with either port having the capability to be used as an input or output, allowing for extreme versatility in set-up. The panel also features Powercon in/out for power link. Additionally, each panel includes its own built-in multi-voltage electronic power supply offering 100-240V auto switching power.
 Innovative, Creative and Professional
 LED video product solutions
 cETLus approval 
 . Slim Cabinet Design
 . Seamless Mechanical System
 . Easy To Hang / Rig
 . Ideal For Rental / Production / Install
 . Wide Viewing Angle (H 140° / V 110°)
 . High Contrast Levels
 . High Refresh Rates For Flicker Free Performance
 . 6mm Pixel Pitch
 Technical Specifications
 . Indoor rated
 . 2,500 nits
 . 3-in-1 SMD LED
 . LED Size: 3.5mm x 2.8mm
 . Pixels: 96 x 96 per panel (total 9,216 pixels per panel)
 . 2,000hz refresh rate
 . 16-bit processing
 . 5m min. viewing distance
 . 27,777 Pixels per sq mtr
 . Ethercon in/out for video signal
 . Powercon in/out for power link
 . 100-240v built in psu
 . 390watts power consumption per panel and 255watts average
 . 576mm x 576mm (22.7” x 22.7”)
 . 31lbs / 14kg
 . cETLus approved


Green Hippo Announces V3.1
-UberPan component: It is a system designed to easily manage and use multi output configurations
- DMX2 - New improved DMX component. Create your personalities with the Personality Editor and control different parts of multiple hippos from one component.
- Hippotizer HD goes 16 Layers
- New product: GrassHopper with max 8 full HD layers
- Portamus goes full HD on all layers
- Live Mask: This gives the user the ability to draw masks in realtime onto any layers or the master
- Improved logging: Each component has its own log level for better support
- SpeedoMeter added to monitor engine performance information

- RealTimeSync component: this component which does not have a GUI generates a SMPTE timecode signal that is equal to the system clock. This can be used by a timeline to make the timeline realtime (ie. 3:00:000 on the timeline would be at 3:00am real time. Very useful for realtime scheduling.

The design and architecture for the 9 mm pitch F-9 features all the same dynamic characteristics that have proved so popular with the F-6 - high resolution, extremely light weight, very easy to build and set up, ultimately creative and curvable in both directions - both concave and convex.
F-6 and F-9 modules can be mixed and fitted together if desired in the same quick-lock touring frames. These utilise the renowned rapid hanging and footprint system that has proved such a winner for touring and temporary installation environments.
Like the F-6, F-9 is also available with standard Pixled or super-HD resolution Mitsubishi processing, with highly serviceable and accessible IMs (LED strips) and power supplies, due to its unique tile architecture.
Pixled F-9 is ideal for both rental and staging applications and fixed installations, and comes with all the quality engineering, tourablity and robustness that is associated in general with the Pixled brand.
Pixled is acutely aware of price pressures at the top end of the market, and so the F-9 product is currently offered in two versions without compromising its reputation for reliability and quality. 
For high brightness applications the LED panels are populated with 4000 Nit black SMDs, and for more standard uses, there is a 2000 Nit black SMD version.

A30 Mediaserver from Arkaos
The A30 delivers outstanding performance, stability and durability. It is the result of the latest research made by ArKaos in terms of raw performance but also structural strength, vibration protection and heat tolerance.
The case has been designed to allow a very efficient air flow. Several fans, protected by a dust filter, are located at the front of the case and can be easily serviced without opening the rest of the case. This is done through a special door that gives access to both the fans and the filter without exposing any cables or electrical connections. This is very handy when working on long tours.
The custom-made case provides a very convenient display on the front which allows the server to be used without the need to connect to an external display. The front cover also provides a large LED strip that gives feedback on the state of operation of the server.
Every aspect of the server has been carefully studied. Neutrik connectors are used exclusively on the back of the case to provide sturdy connections. Similarly for the audio, the server provides balanced audio on XLR connectors for both input and output.
This incredibly powerful system is delivered with a vast library of high quality digital media from the world’s best visual content providers.
It is pre-configured to work directly with all market-leading DMX lighting desks. Everything has been designed so you just have to plug and play.
The ArKaos A30 guarantees smooth playback of nine simultaneous HD layers or six Full HD* layers on up to 6 outputs.

Martin P3-200 control
The P3-200 system controller is a new addition to Martin Professional’s P3 system controller family for LED screens. It combines all the features of Martin’s advanced P3-100 video signal controller yet adds SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI input capability for optimized use in TV/broadcast environments.
The P3-200 retains all the advantages of the P3-100 system controller like built-in scaling and de-interlacing, multiple video protocol and resolution support, built-in graphical user interface, and direct DMX control of brightness, color, pixel-mapping and more. It works with all Martin LED display systems (LC Series with P3 Upgrade Kit, LC Plus Series and EC Series) and is software and showfile compatible with the P3-100 System Controller.
With the P3 family of video signal controllers, Martin says it has moved LED screen processing from backstage to center stage, making screen processing part of the creative process and becoming the preferred choice of designers who seek to fully integrate video with lighting.
Martin P3 controllers allow full integration with lighting control via DMX512. Users can finally treat LED screens like lighting instruments with direct cue-by-cue control of brightness, image rotation and position, color temperature, and more. P3 System Controllers give full control over the video signal before the image is displayed on screen, and all at 16-bit color depth per color for perfect image quality without artifacts.
For applications requiring total integration with motion control, Martin P3 controllers enable real-time live position and rotation control from a Kinesys automation and motion control system to automatically adapt LED panel positioning in real time.
With P3 controllers, any LED panel or group of panels can be positioned in single pixel increments and this position can be updated in real time, enabling the panels to act like floating windows on top of the content. Latency (system delay) is virtually undetectable. P3 controllers also enable panels to be placed at any angle while maintaining the content at a right angle.
Thanks to the power of high-speed networking technology, setup of a P3-enabled LED screen is a matter of a few mouse clicks. The P3 controller automatically aligns and addresses the entire screen.
P3 System Controllers cover a wide variety of video input, enabling all possible video sources to be fed into Martin LED screens including composite video, S-Video, component video, DVI-D, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and even video straight off your desktop.

Green Hippo Announces GrassHopper

Green hippo has begun shipping all Hippotizer GrassHopper shares all the software features of its close relative the Hippotizer HD. Its unrestricted output resolution allows you to drive a single HD display or lets you get the best from output extenders such as Matrox multi-head adapters, the EMSiVU4 or Datapath x4.Use it as a stand-alone player, with VideoMapper or make it work hard as part of an UberPan rig to provide the flexibility, ease of use and array of configuration options you’ve come to expect from any member of the Hippotizer family.

Pandoras Box Version 4.5 Update
The version 4.5 software update features an improved interface, Multi-Server Preview,
Bezier Curve Editing and many more new exciting tools.With more than 50 new features included, Pandoras Box will be faster, easier to use and more powerful than ever.New UI.The first impression of version 4.5 is certainly the main look and feel of the user-interface that has been re-designed to meet both dark and bright work environment. 3D Preview.The entire Rendering Engine has been optimized to offer a multi-server preview system. The new global view allows to navigate and setup multiple outputs simultaneously.Virtual Sites:As projects get more complex with more outputs, virtual devices help the user to maintain a fast workflow with any amount of playout systems or 3rd party devices.Clip Based Editing.From version 4.5 on the timeline editor has the ability to program animation keys both in tracking or clip based mode.Curve Editor:The new Curve Editor allows to edit the motion interpolation in a separate editor. This allows the user to fine tune exact motion paths while having an overview of the composition in the trackbased timeline editor.Built-In Batch Encoder
From version 4.5 on all Media Managers and Servers will ship with a new built-in batch encoder. The media encoder features auto-encoding and custom encoding presets per project. Enhanced Quicktime support is built-in as well.CITP Thumbnail Exchange
The common exchange format for media preview with lighting consoles is now supported. Currently supported by Chamsys consoles.MA Net:A benefit for all GrandMA users is the integrated MA DMX Sniffer Protocol. This way Pandoras Box can easily be integrated into any existing MA Network setup.Midi Show Control:Midi Note for preset or sequence control as well as sequence control via MSC commands is now available.NEW SDK
To complete the package, the SDK has been enlarged to allow access to almost all parameter and sequence control features. Remote Text Asset as well as content management can now be controlled from any third party application

Green Hippo Announces New High-Performance Hardware for Hippotizer

Green hippo has begun shipping all Hippotizer HDs with extensive hardware revisions enabling radical performance gains for the award-winning media server range. Based around Intel's i7 processors the revisions harness the processors unrivalled power and work in conjunction with version 3.0.14's new software Playback Engine from the London based company. The i7-based servers are significantly faster and allow for more video playback layers. Previous machines ran between 2-5 layers depending on the specification and the age of the unit whilst the new i7 based units are capable of eight layers of full HD playback simultaneously. **
"We've always implemented hardware revisions unannounced as a matter of course but the gains from i7 are too significant to be seen as a progression, it's more of a milestone," says James Ross Heron from Green Hippo. "Several other revisions have coincided with the new software perfectly and users will see a quantifiable performance gain, especially in jobs utilising our built in encoder and split media rendering such as UberPan projects."
Johan West of West Lighting, Finland recently received shipment of an i7 based machine and is completely converted "The differences between the previous HD and the i7 HD are remarkable! It's so much faster especially with regards to media decoding. It's given Hippotizer the edge in the server world and it's pretty amazing what you can do with it. It's opened up host of new possibilities for what I can do with these servers."
Other features in Hippotizer 3.0.14 software include support for EMS' iVu4 2x2 video wall controllers allowing two of these devices to be driven by the outputs of a Hippotizer HD providing eight screen feeds of 1024 x 768 each. Used in conjunction with the latest VideoMapper plugin, the machines can freely place and rotate any of the outputs within the playback canvas and hence gives tremendous freedom to design and deliver new staging concepts with reduced hardware costs.
From May 1st all Hippotizer HD machines will ship with i7 processors and for those customers that already own a Hippotizer HD V3 an upgrade path will be offered, allowing them to take full advantage of the new hardware at a reduced price. Green Hippo is also offering a global trade-in offer for older machines, so even customers with V2 units can benefit from the latest technology at a recession-busting price with additional discounts offered on any units traded in for new i7 machines.
"These gains are too great to limit them to future owners so we've decided to allow existing users to share in the performance gains via trade-in. We think it's only fair that those who've championed our products should share in the ability to have Hippotizers fly on their shows!" says Heron.
For full details on upgrades and pricing please contact your local distributor.


Mirage semi-transparent LED display
Clay Paky has launched an exclusive fascinating new product. Mirage: an innovative semi-transparent LED display with video technology.  Mirage is not built physically as a solid barrier, but allows you to see what is behind it and allows light beams to pass through it in both directions. It is a see-through display, with a structure consisting of thin horizontal bars alternated with gaps which give it an approximately 50% transparency ratio.
The display consists of 640 x 640mm square modules. Each module contains its own power supply and control electronics, and the modules may be daisy-chained together. The system architecture is extremely simple. The modules may be put together into screens of every shape and size. All that is needed to complete the system is the control interface and a standard computer for configuration and providing the video contents. Mirage is built to be used both in and outdoors. The panels have IP65 protection on the front and IP54 on the rear. Each panel has a special waterproof rustproof coating.
Mirage is a particularly lightweight strong LED display that is easy to set up and disassemble. It was specially designed for touring shows and events. The aluminium and steel structure optimises strength and makes it lightweight. Each panel weighs only 5.7kg (14kg per square metre) and the simple hanging system means a single person can mount them on rigs in a few minutes. These characteristics are highly appreciated by roadies and riggers, both during assembly and dismantlement.
With a brightness of 2350 NIT, the animations projected by Mirage are rich and vibrant, and perfectly visible in any outdoor lighting conditions, even in broad daylight. The colours obtainable are almost infinite, and can be further extended by colour temperature calibration.
The LEDs used are full-colour SMDs (surface mounted diodes) with the most advanced technology in terms of power, luminous efficiency, colour mixing, strength and life. Every pixel is a microscopic flat RGB LED unit, completely built into the structure. This ensures perfect picture readability even at large viewing angles and long distances.
The actual pixel pitch is 20mm, with a density of 2500 LEDs per square metre. It has a "curtain" architecture, since the panels are hung from above, and the parallel LED bar structure ensures about 50% transparency.
Set and lighting designers may create charming scenic effects. They may add backlighting with washlights, pierce the screens with spot or beam lights, or create three-dimensional effects using screens with different resolutions overlapping on different planes.
The 20mm pitch is the result of a very careful choice that takes into account the typical viewing distance at shows and events and combines opposing needs, such as picture readability and transparency, lightness and strength. A smaller pitch would lead to a picture with higher resolution, but the screen would lose most of its transparency and be much more expensive.  
Thanks to its scrupulous mechanical and electronic design the panel cools by convection, i.e. naturally without the use of fans. This means total silence and greater reliability since there are no moving mechanical parts. The average life of the LEDs is about 50.000 hours, which is one of the longest in this product category.
The Mirage's electronics are an essential component and guarantee precise control. They exploit the luminous efficiency, bring out the depth of the colours, and guarantee fast perfectly uniform signal transmission over the whole LED screen. The RGB control system allows colour temperature adjustment so the screen can meet the needs of different applications, such as at shows, in TV studios and at the theatre. It is also possible to adjust the operating frequency to prevent flickering.
Its specifications and ease of handling and use makes the Mirage display suitable for a variety of applications including small and large events, live shows and in TV studios.


The Edirol V-1600HD is ideal for any live event or installation demanding flexibility, stability, high quality, ease of use, and professional connectivity. The V-1600HD will enhance any corporate presentation by being able to drive more than one screen with different visuals on each. Mix camera and video playback sources on one screen while directing presentation software to the other screen.
The V-1600HD switcher features a built-in preview monitor that provides a convenient monitoring solution when external monitors are not available or ideal. The 16 inputs provide connectivity to HD/SD-SDI, DVI-D/HDMI, RGB, Component, S-video, and composite formats - as well as still images assignable via USB memory. The 14 mixing channels provide built-in scalers and frame syncs for worry-free seamless mixing regardless of the resolution or format.
The V-1600HD supports an incredible variety of system design and creative production options for live or fixed installation applications. Dual independent multi-format outputs provide a number of innovative multi-screen output options including the ability to SPAN the mixer output to two projectors with the ability to edge-blend the center. In AUX mode, the outputs can be set to different resolutions ideal for sending the program out to a record feed.
The Multi-Zoom feature can be enabled when one camera is daisy-chained to multiple inputs via thru connectors. The scaler for each input can zoom into any position in the video image giving the appearance that additional cameras are connected - a virtual multi-camera environment. Additional effects include a down stream keyer (DSK), a composite Keyer, Picture-in-Picture and multiple transitions.
Remote control includes RS-422, Tally, MIDI and V-LINK that provides powerful benefits when connecting to other EDIROL Video or RSS Audio products. In particular with the EDIROL P-10 and PR-1000HD Video Presenters the operator can preview and select video clips directly from the V-1600HD. With RSS V-Mixers, lock specific video channels to corresponding audio faders for a confident audio-follows-video solution.
The V-1600HD Video Mixer is positioned to bring high quality video production to live event, corporate, educational, and house of worship applications. For churches, mix live camera feeds underneath lyric overlays to left and right screens while sending different video content, such as abstract footage, to a large center stage screen. Providing a different feed for recording at an event is also possible which allows the screens in the main room to continue using camera or PC/Mac sources while the record feed always provides only camera (room) shots.

ProPlex RMT
DVI video, audio and serial data transmission and distribution over fiber-optic or CAT5e cable. Versatile and extremely reliable platform designed for professionals working in portable entertainment production.
Tour-grade connectors and construction - designed to survive the rigors of 24/7 use and repeated setups and tear-downs. Rack Mount TX and RX units offer various connector options and user-configurable connector location choices. Convenient Portable Mount RX unit offers various mounting options via its standard pre-drilled yoke.
Based upon market leading Magenta Research Infinea® technology: High-quality 1080p video, duplex serial data links and CD-quality audio - all transmitted over one cable.

is a DVI EDID emulator and DVI repeater, that stores 100 display EDID's and emulates the selected EDID to the attached PC computer. EDID MANAGER can trick the DVI source ( PC computer, Laptop, etc.) emulating any DVI display (LCD monitor, projector) for continuous video output, even if the attached display is disconnected, or powered down. Emulating EDID, the user can set up any DVI output resolution, regardless of the used projector or monitor, this way the overall system's resolution can be controlled. The EDID memories 01 to 49 are factory preset, the memories 50 to 99 are user programmable. Memory 00 is transparent, that means, the attached display device's EDID ( monitor or projector) will be reported to the source computer. In this mode the unit works as a simple DVI repeater.


AVC Analyzer
The Grass Valley™ AVC Analyzer performs in-depth syntax analysis and decoding for MPEG-2 video, H.264, and VC-1 files. Its applications include standards compliance and interoperability testing, new codec development, media provisioning, and quality assessment. Additionally, it examines containers, such as transport streams carrying video and audio components, to isolate problems related to coding, transmission, or multiplexing. Analysis is performed through an intuitive GUI. The AVC Analyzer can capture live sessions to files. By using a broadband recorder, it analyzes video and audio streams distributed over IP directly from a laptop. The AVC Analyzer is available as standalone software or as part of the VTS500 Video Test System.


By connection the Vision to your favorite console you can directly navigate into your cue-lists / executor lists, and add all kinds of new functions to your show. We know that one of the biggest problems with using media-servers is to find matching content for your total stage look. Therefore we've invented the "M3 system", which enables you to quickly find a matching clip according to your specific demands. So how does it work?

• The system analyses clips and metadata for specific characteristics.
• You can query on color and metadata (example: LEE 126 and longer than 2 minutes).
• You are presented with a selection of clips matching your criteria.

Doing a live show was never that easy!The Vision can be used to overcome a lot of the shortcomings of current light-desks when media-servers are involved. Use it as an add-on to the media-server(s) en light-desks to make programming a video-show faster and easier! the back-panel of the Vision has lot of connection options build in. The Vision can be used in big setups where different devices need to be synced and/or live triggered. The Vision can also be the 'middleman' between devices for translation of signals.Shows are getting bigger and more complex, with more and more people involved in controlling the different disciplines used.
Until now, the only possibility to get a real sync was using timecode. But, timecode doesn't give the possibility to make on-the-spot changes or improvisations.
With the Vision console you are really in control because you can trigger all your devices from one location, while all the operators and/or controllers still have full control over their equipment!

Not just a visualisation, a simulation. See how your video content will look in 3D from multiple vantage points, and without time-consuming and expensive rendering.
Available to buy in two versions.For front of house.
A blazing fast solid-state drive with four DVI outputs, pro audio and up to four video inputs; all packed into a 4U 19" rack-mountable chassis that's about as rugged as you can get without actually being a tank.

For road warriors.
Use the ultra-powerful d3 laptop to build your show on the tour bus, and present it to your client in their hotel room the same evening. Then copy your show to the rack-mount version and press play. It'll even keep your thighs warm.

The best video playback quality in its class – up to four channels of pristine HD video using our state-of-the-art DXV codec.
Or work with your existing libraries of quicktime, avi or mp4 files – d3 plays them all with ease.
Seamlessly integrate up to four SDI or two HD-SDI live inputs, perform real-time colour correction, and build your own video transition effects; or choose from a library of real-time generative effects.d3 knows the precise position of every pixel in your stage, so it can virtually 'project' content onto the most complex of structures, then reformat the output to suit the requirements of the most demanding devices: projectors, LED or DMX fixtures.
Screens can move, change shape or get wired wrong, and it doesn't matter – d3 can adjust the remapping in real time, so you can get on with making your show.Inspire clients, communicate ideas, check content templates, sequence your whole show from beginning to end, and catch expensive mistakes. All without leaving the studio.
Once you've experienced the fluidity of working in an integrated system, there's no going back.d3's timeline lets you add a sound track and work in beats and bars, so you can sequence events precisely to the beat without breaking a sweat.
Create your own cues, add text notes, and drop multiple layers of content onto the timeline.
At showtime, slave to MIDI, MIDI Show Control, DMX or SMPTE timecode for that extra bit of precision, or just hit the cues yourself..


Pandoras Box Software Version 4.5
oolux Media Systems has introduced Pandoras Box Software 4.5. With more than 50 new features included.. The streamlined new dark skin interface, multi-playback preview, virtual sites as well as the built-in batch encoder for media managers and media dervers, clip-based editing, and Bezier curves massively improve the programming workflow, the company adds.
Integrated MA net protocol, thumbnail exchange via CITP with ChamSys lighting consoles, and the Widget Designer and MIDI show control expand the possibilities of communicating within show control environments. The DMX matrix video output can now be used in parallel to an Art-Net-controlled LED wall while still driving the original video output.
The auto- and batch-encoding feature will guarantee fast, automated, high-quality media encoding into MPEG2, if a file conversion is needed.
In addition to the enhancements of the core software, new tools and new versions of the Widget Designer have arrived. The Widget Designer Basic is a freeware program to create custom user interfaces. It features a new event scheduler that executes pre-defined tasks at a given time on a given date. Automatic thumbnail exchange via CITP makes it easy to create a VJ tool in a minute. The thumbnails can be set as backgrounds for buttons; complete folders of media can be represented by buttons in one keystroke.To complete the package, the SDK has been enlarged to allow access to almost all parameter and sequence control features. Remote Text Asset as well as content management can now be controlled from any third party application.


FlexDOT S1
LED video displays are fully customisable and DMX512 controllable. These bright and lightweight strings of LED pixels allow for the creation of customised video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort, says the company.
The FlexDOT concept is simple - individually controlled, intelligent, full colour pixels mounted on a flexible cable that allows designers/architects to create unique and customized LED video displays. Each pixel (dot) consists of a bright RGB LED driven by its own processor and individually addressable for independent control of colour, special effects, and animation. Pixels can be arranged as needed and later mapped to the image using pixel mapping software. FlexDOT can be controlled from any DMX512 source such as Martin's Maxedia media server.
Standard pixel spacing is 100 mm or 200 mm with each FlexDOT string comprising 100 pixels. A string of FlexDOTs can in fact extend to 120 pixels. The string can be cut into any desired length or number of pixels.


P3-100 System Controller™
The P3-100 System Controller from Martin is a robust video signal processing and distribution unit that allows video to join with lighting and scenic technologies for true visual integration. Based on embedded Linux and solid state storage, just one P3-100 Controller can handle up to 500,000 pixels scaled to any size. Built in scaling and de-interlacing ,Supports both DVI (up to SXGA@75Hz) as well as analog video signals (CVBS, S-Video & Component), Allows key parameters including brightness and image mapping to be manipulated in real time using DMX512 ,Built-in graphical user interface, Real time visualization of the video mapping within the GUI (Graphical user interface), Configurations can be conveniently exported onto a USB stick, LED panels communicate with the P3-100 Controller to report any problems


Hippotizer software version 3.0.13
The release heralds several new features including new HD-SDI and DVI options, colour correction and support for Matrox's Dual and Triple Head To Go output extenders. Other new components include a Cue Controller and the ability to flag media.The programmers have enabled software driven adjustment of editable graphs or the entering of numerical values and all fully integrated into the user interface." Beyond this, support for Sencore's OTC1000 Colorimeter means that levels can be set quickly with feedback from the device, reducing hours spent manually configuring black levels and providing new levels of accuracy for colour in large setups.
Hippotizer HD now has advanced support for Matrox Dual and Triple Head To Go devices. "One of the main issues with these devices is that often, the server doesn't allow edge-blending of subsequent screen configurations beyond the system's on-board connections," says Sadler. "With Hippotizer you can now blend easily between any screens connected to Matrox's third party device. And the De-Gapper function allows the inverse by introducing unseen space where bezels on screens are found."
The new Cue Controller component allows a more traditional cue based operation state often preferred by theatre and corporate users. The feature provides drag and drop functionality and also a particularly fast Automated Generation mode which will take events sequenced on any timeline or several subsequent timelines and build a comprehensive but simple cue list

LaCie 4big Quadra
The LaCie 4big Quadra is the most complete 4-bay RAID solution for small servers, creative pro workstations, or offices that need large storage/backup capacity, superior speed, and advanced security. Offering capacities up to 6TB (6000GB!), the 4big features seven RAID modes, including RAID 0 and RAID 5—which is highlighted by a versatile hot-swappable feature—to customize its performance and data protection level.
With burst transfer rates reaching up to 200-230MB/s* through eSATA 3Gbits, the 4big fits perfectly with most applications that demand high speed, such as photo, pre-press, AV projects, and even HD post-production. Compatible with Time Machine™, it also comes with Genie Backup Manager Pro™ and Intego Backup Manager Pro™, for customizable backup and computer recovery.The 4big Quadra not only sets a new standard in RAID technology and performance, but also was designed with the modern professional office in mind. Its stackable and chainable design helps to save space, while it’s expandable and scalable up to four units (providing up to an amazing 24TB capacity and 600 MB/s transfer rates). The 4big Quadra’s universal connectivity (with eSATA, Firewire 400/800, and Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces) helps to ensure maximum compatibility with any Mac or PC. Compared to traditional RAID towers, it saves up to 30-80% more energy, and its revolutionary ultra-reliable cooling system is almost 50% more quiet, making it the perfect choice for creative professionals. The technology, performance, and the design of the 4big Quadra make it an ideal addition to any workspace. .


PowerDesk for Mac
Matrox PowerDesk for Mac, available with the Matrox Graphics eXpansion Module (GXM) product line, improves the way multiple applications are managed on a multi-monitor set-up. Use the PowerDesk software to control how and where your windows appear on your desktop, to re-position the Dock within an external monitor, or to modify your resolution settings.


T-D12000U and PT-DZ12000U and F300 range
From Panasonic claims they are the world's lightest DLP® projectors with 12,000 lumens of brightness,1 delivering big in features, image performance and reliability.  With a Built-in Multi-screen Support System and new Geometric Adjustment function, these high performance projectors can be easily integrated into existing large-venue facilities, and are ideal for use at concerts, performances or other events where superb system expandability is a must. You also get the added confidence of knowing the show will go on even if a lamp goes out thanks to the 4-lamp optical system.The new F300 also boasts up to 5,000 hours lamp life at full brightness The F300 range also uses a new Auto Cleaning Filter (ACF) which can extend the typical filter maintenance intervals to 10,000 hours depending on the installation.It reach 4000 lumens on the F300 series and 3300 lumens on the FW300 series


plasmas range in size from 37-inches to 65-inches.The 103-inch Plasma is currently the world’s largest commercially available Plasma have been rated to last 100,000 hours before reaching half their original brightness. This means, based on 12 hours of constant viewing in a business or commercial establishment, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the 11 Series models and 103-inch Plasma could, on average, take almost 23 years (22.8 years exactly) to reach half of their original brightness level..


CFX Path Tools 1.0

Path Tools is a brand new package containing two powerful plug-ins, Rakka and Wiggle Stroke. The basic requirement for both plug-ins is a mask path. Rakka also needs a layer to "rack-up", or repeat, along the selected mask path. From there, the combinations are almost endless to create cool and original looking animations, backgrounds or effects. You can create stunning animations with minimal effort ? animations that were once only possible with particle generators. Using Wiggle Stroke you can do anything from "wiggling" frames to completely crazy looking thread/wire animations, all from a single mask path. Path Tools supports 32 bpc color (float) and will become an indispensable addition to your toolbox.Also the CFX Sphere Utilities 1.0 Sphere Utilities is a brand new package containing four plug-ins that are essentially tools to be used to create, edit and animate spherical maps. Using Sphere Utilities these tasks become as easy as moving text from left to right on the screen. Need to draw a line from Seattle to Uppsala or animate an airplane flying from Melbourne to LA crossing the date line? Sphere Utilities is a must have. Crossing the date line is a task that currently involves a lot of manual work, duplication of the layer and hand-matching the motion. These animations can then be used directly in After Effects with CC Sphere, or any other plug-in that supports spherical mapping, or in your favorite 3D application. Sphere Utilities supports 32 bpc color (float) and will be a welcome addition to your toolbox.


InterPoser Professional Edition
A Cinema 4D plugin suite that imports Poser content and scenes adding the ability to texture, pose, morph, and animate the content directly within Cinema 4D.he plugin requires Poser content be installed in standard Runtime folder structures employed by Poser and that these Runtimes are referenced by interPoser Pro. The plugin shows a list of available content within Cinema 4d from where you choose figures, objects, poses, props, Prop hair, cameras, and lights (infinite and spot) to be placed into your Cinema 4d scene including texture image files with Poser 4/ProPack-level material support, fully rigged and weighted Figures using Poser-style deformations, conforming, morphs, master-slave controls, etc..

The Gefen DVI Detective Plus
allows you to switch or relocate HDTV or Computer video displays while "tricking" the source devices into thinking that the display is still present -- maintaining smooth video operations throughout the processThe DVI Detective Plus includes 4 built-in manually-selectable generic EDIDs (display identities) for forcing several standard home theater setups with multi-channel audio and standard HDTV resolutions. This functionality is vital when equipment reaches a state of indeterminite function and will not respond to signals or controls properly, and a certain resolution size with specific audio must be forced upon all connected equipment

HippoCritter Media Server:
A new entry level system From GreenHippo retaining many of the functions of the existing range but at a highly affordable price. The system is fully HippoNet ready
and boasts many of the functions of its larger siblings. This entry level system will open up avenues for new markets such as architectural, retail or leisure industries. More details to follow and there will be a fully operational preview of HippoCritter
at PLASA and LDI tradeshows 2008. Release date to be confirmed but expected Q4 2008.

HippoPortamus: As the name suggests, Hippotizer goes portable! Users can now purchase a high specification Dell laptop from Green Hippo pre-loaded with a version of the familiar Hippotizer software. Projection Designers, Lighting Designers and mobile artists can now take Hippotizer with them with the bonus of using one of the world’s most powerful laptop packages. More details to follow and a fully operational preview of HippoPortamus will be available at PLASA and LDI tradeshows 2008. Release date to be confirmed but expected Q4 2008....
Prices will be comfirmed at the PLASA or directly after.

Catalyst / Mtron SSD Drives
The amazing speed of the Mtron SSD drives, coupled with the power of the Catalyst media server, brings revolutionary performance to Catalyst users.Existing hard drive technologies have been the limitation of Catalyst servers up till now, with even the fastest SCSI drive systems only allowing a limited number of video layers to be played back simultaneously. These limitations were caused by the physical movement of the read head moving back and forth across the disk platters.
Because of its solid state design, Mtron SSD technology is free of mechanical movement, removing this bottleneck by streaming the data straight out of the flash memory and out via the SATA interface.The drive can also withstand powerful shocks and vibration making it ideal for the harsh world of concert touring..

Matrix Switcher/Scaler offers advanced switching features for demanding video environments. 200MHz video bandwidth ensures transparent performance in the most critical applications, and the unit switches only during the vertical interval for glitch-free switching with genlocked sources. The VS-808DS provides audio-follow-video and breakaway switching options and can store up to eight setups (presets) to be recalled and executed when needed. A front panel TAKE button allows users to execute multiple switches at once. Switching synchronization allows users to synchronize either to the external sync reference or to incoming video.

from Kramer is a high quality format converter for component video, computer graphics video signal, HDMI video and unbalanced stereo audio signals.  It scales HDMI, component or computer graphics video and embeds unbalanced stereo audio to the HDMI output. • Output Resolutions (Front Panel) - 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i or 1080p.
• Output Resolutions (On-Screen Menu) - 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 576i, 576p 480i, 480p, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA WXGA, WSXGA, WUXGA & NATIVE.


The NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT GPU offers a powerfully immersive entertainment experience designed for extreme high-definition gaming and video playback. Play the hottest DirectX 10 games with awesome speed and watch the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray movies with brilliant clarity. Featuring next generation GeForce and PureVideo® HD technologies, the GeForce 9600 GT GPU puts amazing graphics performance within your reach.


Media 100 Producer and Media 100 Producer Suite v12. adding support for progressive frame formats and deeper compositing and effects integration with the Boris FX product line. With version 12.0, Media 100 editors will be able to acquire, edit, and master progressive formats. The enhanced integration with Boris FX plug-ins will enable Media 100 editors to apply Boris filters and preset effects directly to individual clips as well as a range of video within the Media 100 timeline.

The DL.3 Digital Light integrates a media server loaded with a wealth of digital content with a high output 3-chip light engine, a highly sensitive HAD sensor camera and an infrared illumination system. DL.3 mounts like any other intelligent moving luminaire and controls just as easily with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols. Production set-up time is reduced as there is no need for RGB cabling, and racks of servers are no longer necessary at front-of-house or backstage area.
A Content Management Application running on your MAC or PC workstation or laptop computer gives you remote control of uploading and crossloading content, upgrading software and fixture configuration for multiple DL.3 fixtures on a fixture network.


TP-551 and TP-552 are a twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI signals from Kramer. The TP-551 converts an HDMI signal into a twisted pair signal and the TP-552 converts the signal back into an HDMI signal.Up to 60 meters (200 feet). Greater distances possible depending on signal resolution and cable.3 units can be rack mounted side-by-side in a 1U rack space.

Intensity features HDMI-in for connecting to cameras and digital set-top boxes for the highest quality capture. Get higher quality capture from HD cameras by capturing direct and bypassing the HDV compression chip for high quality video captured direct from the image sensor. As edit software can't play back to HDV cameras for monitoring, Intensity is ideal to use for monitoring uncompressed HD or HDV, and even DV edits on the latest big screen televisions and video projectors by connecting to the built-in HDMI out.Intensity comes in two models so you can choose which one is better for your needs. If you're looking for incredible HDMI and analog component, NTSC, PAL and S-Video capture and playback, then the new Intensity Pro card is perfect at only $349. If you don't need analog connections, then the HDMI only Intensity model is perfect at an affordable $249

Beacon DigiGobos® serie 3-4 HD from Beacon.Two new series with 1920 x 1080 /p looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc.Also as standard res. 720x576 as series 21-22.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.The DigiGobos® Bundle that contains series1-10 or 11-20 are also out on the market thru the GoboGroup or Beacon direct
V3HD turns your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation equipped with all the video and audio I/O you need.Connect all your gear, from SD camcorders and CRT monitors to today's latest professional HD cameras, video decks, LCD reference monitors and plasmas — all at the same time, with no cable swapping. Choose your input source, then log and capture HD and SD clips directly into Final Cut or Premiere, converted on the fly and ready for fast, CPU-efficient editing in pristine native DVCPro HD quality, without the costly overhead required for uncompressed HD. Monitor simultaneously in HD and SD with real-time SD-to-HD up-convert, HD-to-SD down-convert and real-time pull-down insertion or removal.Cross-platform operation (Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista)

The VizomoTM video processor is the Swiss Army knife of high definition video production. It combines five different products—a switcher, scaler, text engine, media server, and display optimizer—into one seamless, state-of-the-art solution.
Unsurpassed flexibility and configurability, together with the most advanced video processing technology available, conquers virtually any creative or technical challenge. Use the broad set of tools and effects to create intricate visual arrangements with multiple real-time, HD video streams. Or make old LED video displays look like new with the processor ’s advanced color correction technology.
BlueprintTM configuration files allow the Vizomo processor to be customized for virtually any task. Vizomo can be configured to give users a simple control interface using either the built-in touch screens or via remote connection, while hiding underlying complexity. Power users can make their own sophisticated Blueprint layouts or download new ones from the Element Labs website.
Robust hardware matches the processor’s performance. Massive computational power allows smooth HD 1080p content delivery on up to four channels. Multiple connectivity and options, including DMX input, give flexibility with system integration. Plus, a custom-designed case with an internal, isolated shock-mounted chassis withstands demanding environments

The digital luminaire DML-1200 from Barco can be used both as super bright moving digital light source and high quality video projector, and allows lighting designers to design a truly unique show for every event, client and purpose. Applications for Barco’s DML-1200 are wide ranging, including concert music tours, theater and opera.In light mode, the DML-1200 produces a perfectly circular light beam with a light output equivalent to that of a 1200W hard edged moving light and four times as bright as any other digital light on the market today. An internal optical dimming mechanism ensures smooth, accurate intensity control from 0 to 100% ensuring that a fade to black is a fade to true black, not video black (grey).

In video mode, the DML-1200 features a fully sealed DLP engine which delivers full color DLP quality video with SXGA+ (1400 x 1050 pixel) resolution and features a light output of 10,000 lumens. The DML-1200 also features a subtractive CMY color mixing system allowing for instant color changes as well as smooth, timed color cross-fades over several minutes. The DMD engine inside the unit is fitted with liquid cooling to ensure reliable operation.

StageQube 324
Robe’s revolutionary StageQube 324 is a new-generation of LED panel designed for ‘plug & play’ application, that doesn’t require any external power supply or control boxes. The complete electronics are located in the IP54 housing, and an integrated rigging system means that very large systems can be built quickly and easily. The resolution of StageQube 324 is 18 x 18 px at a size of 80 x 80 cm (a pixel pitch of 4.44 cm). The StageQube 324 system uses a video input (VGA) that is connected to the StageQube Server. Using a Robe Media Hub, it can be DMX controlled – offering intuitive control via a lighting desk.

XLM HD30 is the brightest projector available on the market today. As the first DLPTM projector with a native wide-screen aspect ratio, native 2048 x 1080 resolution and light output of 30,000 center lumen, the XLM HD30 projector is ideally suited to ultra wide-screen and HD projectionsThe XLM HD30 is able to show all 4 signal inputs simultaneously on screen. Leading the way in wide-screen projection, the XLM HD30 can be used for multiple window widescreen presentations without the need for an external image processor.The projector’s integrated rigging points allow easy double-stack installations, which can be truss mounted. When  placed on the ground, the XLM HD30 projector can even be triple-stacked without requiring additional support structures.

DigitalSpot 5000 DT is a 5500 ANSI Lumen output digital moving head projector.
The highly versatile Robe DigitalSpot 5000 DT offers two digital gobo layers with the selection of up to 244 x 255 video clips or images per layer. Two independent effects channels on each gobo layer offer 120 effects including kaleidoscope, squeeze in/out, alpha or black flash, Gaussian filter, Laplacian filter, gobo disc mirror and colour key effects, etc.
There’s also individual X and Y positioning and a scaling (zoom effect) for each gobo layer, plus rotating and indexing with continuous rotation for each gobo layer and adjustable playback speed.
Additional functions include Picture Merging in fields of up to 8x8 DigitalSpot 5000DTs with full precise synchronization, full remote configuration using a www browser, digital keystoning, a CMY colour mixing system, strobe effect, mechanical iris, zoom and focus, digital iris and digital framing shutters.
Supported video formats include MPEG1 and 2, and image formats include PNG, TGA, BMP and JPG.
S-Video and VGA inputs for direct video input to data projectors are ideal for performing presentations, and S-Video and Composite live video inputs enable the use of the fixture’s potent Graphics Engine effects.

Hippotizer V3 aims to make convergence a reality rather than a buzzword. Melding the video and lighting backgrounds of the Green Hippo design team results in multi-discipline operation and suitability for a variety of new AV tasks.
Timeline functionality, HippoNet advanced networking capability, new media management, and efficiency-focused features all accessible via a definable interface. Hippotizer can work autonomously, control other devices or be controlled externally.
Hippotizer V3 keeps all its award-winning features: True HD capability, frame-blended playback and proven reliability but following a full rework, now heralds a quantum leap in Media Server technology.

The Catalyst / Pixelmad / SAMSC software will continue and be sold through SAMSC Designs Ltd and have a new website

LED Mapper extension for ArKaos VJ DMX .The LED Mapper extension for the ArKaos VJ DMX media server software allows mapping of the server's video output directly to any configuration of LED panels without the need of using expensive hardware to convert video signal (VGA or DVI) into DMX signal.
Pixel colors or intensity are sent directly from the media server to the panels through the ArtNet protocol (DMX over Ethernet) which, if needed, can easily be converted into a standard DMX signal using simple Ethernet-DMX node. The LED Mapper extension allows you to import your own mapping of LED devices into ArKaos VJ DMX and makes it possible to control many of them from a single ArKaos VJ server (the only limitation being the 256 DMX universes)..

Hippotizer V3 aims to make convergence a reality rather than a buzzword. Melding the video and lighting backgrounds of the Green Hippo design team results in multi-discipline operation and suitability for a variety of new AV tasks.
Timeline functionality, HippoNet advanced networking capability, new media management, and efficiency-focused features all accessible via a definable interface. Hippotizer can work autonomously, control other devices or be controlled externally.
Hippotizer V3 keeps all its award-winning features: True HD capability, frame-blended playback and proven reliability but following a full rework, now heralds a quantum leap in Media Server technology.

Final Cut Server, Apple’s powerful new media asset management and workflow automation software. Final Cut Server takes the headache out of managing large collections of media files, then extends to tracking job status, managing reviews and approvals, and automating complex sequences of tasks—all with Apple’s legendary ease of use, and all in a single product designed to work seamlessly with Final Cut Studio.Use the fully configurable event-based response model in Final Cut Server to track job status, monitor media changes, facilitate review and approval, and automate complex sequences of tasks. Get started quickly with professional workflow templates for your type of facility, then modify them or create completely custom flows. Final Cut Server scales to support workgroups of any size, ranging from a two-person post house to a multisite global news operation.

Final Cut Studio 2, with major upgrades including Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, SoundTrack 2 and Compressor 3. Apple also introduced its own color grading and finishing software called, appropriately enough, Color.Use Final Cut Pro 6 for native editing of virtually any format — from DV and SD up to HDV, XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD, and fully uncompressed HD. Or use ProRes 422, a new post-production format from Apple that offers uncompressed HD quality at SD file sizes. Drag clips with different formats and even different frame rates into the new open format Timeline.Motion 3 sends your animated graphics into exciting new dimensions with its intuitive 3D design environment and a range of sophisticated image processing tools.

Magic Bullet 3
The Magic Bullet line now includes three individual products: Magic Bullet Looks™, Magic Bullet Frames™, and Magic Bullet Colorista™. Magic Bullet Suite is a collection of these tools and also includes Instant HD.
• Magic Bullet Looks lets users define the style of their video or film with powerful imaging tools in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Premiere Pro, and Avid. The new user interface makes it much easier to create Looks and has 32 tools for doing everything from simple exposure adjustment to radical color changes.
Magic Bullet Looks is also a stand-alone design application—giving users the finishing power and on-set creation in one package. Users can take Magic Bullet Looks on set to create looks or presets during production. The presets are portable and load into any of the hosts so the same Looks can be finished in an editorial suite. It’s no longer necessary to have a pricey finishing system. Magic Bullet Looks provides hundreds of options with one click.
• Magic Bullet Frames offers fast and high-quality conversion of 60i materials to 24p or just de-interlacing of video in After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Avid, Premiere Pro, and Avid.
• Magic Bullet Colorista is the same exciting color correction tool that Red Giant launched in 2006. New support will be available for After Effects CS3 Professional, Premiere Pro CS3, and the new Final Cut Studio. Also there will be updates for Mac Intel across the

Multibridge Eclipse introduces 3 Gb/s SDI connections. Normal HD-SDI operates at 1.5 Gb/s and these new SDI connections are twice as fast,while retaining compatibility with normal HD-SDI and standard definition SDI equipment. 3 Gb/s SDI allows 4:4:4 RGB using a single BNC connection, however the
most exciting aspect is we have developed a new technology that allows 3 Gb/s to connect real time 2K (2048 x 1556) feature film resolution
video. This means you can connect real time 2K video between equipment just as you do with SD and HD video today.
Multibridge Eclipse captures and plays back native 2K via SDI using a single BNC cable but also includes dual inputs and outputs for
compatibility with current dual link 4:4:4 equipment. Multibridge Eclipse is compatible with existing equipment today but also has
potential to support even higher resolutions in the future using dual link 3 Gb/s SDI connections.
If you’re working with HDMI and analog video, then Multibridge Eclipse allows capture and playback in HDMI as well as analog component, NTSC,
PAL and S-Video. Multibridge Eclipse also includes 3D lookup tables on playback, so you can simulate film stock looks, or compensate for displays etc.

The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 PCI-E based 2500 card model includes the H.264 /Advanced Video Coding (AVC) codec as well as MPEG2, and offers real-time MPEG2 encoding and greatly accelerated H.264/AVC encoding. In addition, the card is resolution independent, offering significant speedup to standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats. The Sorenson SqueezeHD XCEL 2.0 card also incorporates all features of the Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite PowerPack, including batch mode encoding, multiple format support, Web video output, watch folders, command line control and more.’

Quadro FX 5600
NVIDIA Corporation, the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies, today unveiled a new line of professional graphics solutions: NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600, and NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS Model IV. Armed with the largest increase in GPU power and functionality to date, these solutions are designed to help solve the world's most complex professional graphics challenges.
sTackling the extreme visualization challenges of the automotive styling and design, oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, visual simulation and training, scientific research, and advanced visual effects industries, these new Quadro solutions offer:
* Next-Generation Vertex and Pixel Programmability—Shader Model 4.0 enables a higher level of performance and ultra-realistic effects for OpenGL and DirectX 10 professional applications
* Largest Frame Buffers—Up to 1.5 GB frame buffers deliver throughput needed for interactive visualization and real-time processing of large textures and frames, enabling the superior quality and resolution for full-scene antialiasing (FSAA)
* New Unified Architecture—Industry-first unified architecture capable of dynamically allocating compute, geometry, shading and pixel processing power for optimized GPU performance
* GPU Computing for Visualization—Featuring NVIDIA CUDA technology, developers are, for the first time, able to tap into the high-performance computing power of Quadro to solve complex, visualization problems .

Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go for Mac
Now Mac users can benefit from Matrox's multi-monitor expertise with the award-winning Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go products. DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go are palm-sized boxes that connect externally to the VGA output of the compatible Mac notebooks and Mac desktops, uniquely allowing users to attach two or three monitors to their systems, creating an incredible multi-monitor environment.Upgrading your system with DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go1 will provide a larger viewing area which is ideal for digital content applications. Creative professionals using animation or video editing applications are now afforded ample onscreen desktop space with three monitors for the placement of multiple UI elements (viewports, image windows, toolbars and dialogs). Audio editing professionals can also benefit from extended desktop space, as they can stretch tracks, and place effects and mixers across all three displays for the complete digital audio editing workstation experience .

Offering a simple plug and play digital media solution for clubs and retail environments, Maxedia Compact offers the Maxedia software in an attractive and small system designed for powerful video and animation playback and real time manipulation.
The Compact system comes as a stand alone without a keyboard, mouse or screens and are a Shuttle XPC P3100G - Pentium D 3,2 GHz with 2 GB 200 SA Memory- ATI PC I Express X1600 video card- 2 Hard drives SATA WDC 200GB-DVD/RW -/+ RW- ArtNet Out-USB Sentinel Software Protection Key.

BORIS RED 4 is the only integrated 3D compositing, titling, and effects application to deliver unparalleled performance at an affordable price to over twenty nonlinear editing applications. Designed specifically for editors, Red offers an unprecedented range of features and adds a standalone engine for rendering. Red integrates advanced 2D and 3D compositing, sophisticated titling, paint, rotoscoping, a full suite of tools to create and extrude vector objects, robust 3D creation and animation, and the industry-leading software DVE technology in a single application. Expand the capabilities of your editing system with just one application. Save time and money using one interface, in one system.BORIS FX 9 offers a Library Browser with hundreds of high-quality presets for easy application in over 20 NLEs. Sophisticated vector paint and spline tools allow you to create animatable masks. More than 115 video filters include motion tracking and image stabilization, as well as self-animating natural effects that easily interact with timeline video.Graffitti 5 create titles and graphics directly inside your nonlinear editing system without importing and exporting. Easily create sophisticated title animation including type on text, text on a path, jitter and randomization. Create 3D text with bump maps and reflections. An expansive Style Palette and the Boris Library Browser provide easy access to hundreds of preset effects and styles info

Magic Bullet Colorista 1.0 make your whites look white and your talent look their best with controls for modifying shadows, mid-tones and highlights. The familiar Lift, Gamma, Gain color wheels allow for easy adjustment of color balance and luminance with ultrasensitive control for precise results. Additional, Saturation and Exposure options let you makes flesh tones look natural, plus set the highlight and shadow levels exactly.Maximize your performance with the power of the DeepColor RT engine inside Colorista. Playback SD and HD (720p) projects in real-time by efficiently using your system’s graphics processing power. The next-generation DeepColor RT engine preserves quality in every application host so that 10-bit projects remain 10-bit. info

LaCie Revamps Biggest FW800 RAID LaCie announced increased performance of its Biggest FW800 RAID subsystem with hardware RAID controller. The FireWire 800 and USB 2.0 dual interface RAID now comes with internal SATA drives for faster performance, and a sleek new silver design with lockable hard disk drawers to prevent accidental removal or damage. LaCie Biggest FW800 for Windows®/Mac OS® X is also equipped with the same great features as before including choice of four RAID levels (0, 0+1, 5, 5+spare), the ability to hot-swap drives, automatic drive rebuilding, and a bright LCD panel to monitor operation status. It’s available in 1TB or 2TB capacities. . info

Media 100 Producer and Media 100 Producer Suite. Delivering the full range of Media 100 11.x features within the user-friendly Media 100 interface, Media 100 Producer and Producer Suite software-only editing solutions provide a complete mobile editing environment integrated with the legendary Boris compositing and effects creation tools. Cross compatibility with all version 11 systems ensures that workflows are fully optimized. Media 100 Producer and Producer Suite users can record via FireWire or Panasonic P2, assemble projects in the field, and then offload to their projects to Media 100 HD Suite for HD up-conversion or faster processing of projects such as DVD creations. " Media 100 Producer and Producer Suite are ideal for editors who are in the field shooting on a Panasonic P2 camera and would like to begin editing immediately - further, they can offload the media from their P2 device and continue shooting," comments Rob Newman, product manager, Media 100. "Fully compatible with our entire version 11 product line - these new software only solutions are a tremendous value and time savings option for our customers,
Axon™, a rack-mount media server High End Systems today launches Axon™, a rack-mount media server featuring the same graphics engine as the DL.2 digital light.Axon provides all the functions of the DL.2 – including the new Collage Generator™ and Curved Surface Support – but it allows the user to choose their own output device. Axon can feed video to High End Systems' DL.1, LED panels or large format projectors. Because it is controlled exactly like a DL.2, it fits in perfectly on shows with DL.2s needing an extra media server for other video display devices.Because all stock content is locked down and protected, each Axon will always be consistent from rental house to rental house. The XP Embedded Operating System also protects Axon from drive corruption and O/S degradation over time.

Beacon DigiGobos® serie 1-2 HD from Beacon.Two new series with 1920 x 1080 /p looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc.Also as standard res. 720x576 as series 21-22.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.The DigiGobos® Bundle that contains series1-10 or 11-20 are also out on the market thru the GoboGroup or Beacon direct

The HDW-1800 operates at the frame rates used for prestige and mainstream content creation and distribution. It offers HDCAM recording and playback at 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 1080/25P, 1080/29.97P, 1080/23.98P and 1080/24P.The HDW-1800 is ideal as part of an end-to-end HDCAM production chain. It also makes business sense even when post production and programme distribution remains at 625/50 standard definition. An inbuilt HD to SD downconverter provides a standard definition output from your high quality HDCAM original recordings helping smooth your transition to the world of high definition

HVR-V1E has newly incorporated the "3 (three) ClearVid CMOS Sensor" imaging technology. Coupled with Sony's Enhanced Imaging Processor™ (EIP), these sensors provide high sensitivity, low noise and a wide dynamic range to achieve high-quality images. The ClearVid CMOS Sensor also eradicates picture smear and has 4 times high speed scanning capability enabling "Smooth Slow Rec" function.
The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens features Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass and a 20x optical zoom lens with F2.8 at the tele-photo end for greater light sensitivity and long-range image acquisition for maximum shooting flexibility. A Digital Extender feature also enables the tele-photo focal length to be extended by around 1.5 times to a maximum of 1100mm at 35mm conversion.

Appro 3U XtremeServer™ is designed to address the needs of Enterprise High-Performance computing. Appro 3U XtremeServer offers redundant and hot-swappable features making these systems easy to install and maintain. It provides crucial operational strengths such as tremendous reliability, scalability, serviceability with best performance/value to support technical and enterprise applications.The APPRO 3U XtremeServer offers more power, impressive memory scaling, and end-user flexibility.

The V-Shutter is your low-cost alternative to achieving full theater blackout with a video projector.  Controlled by your light console, via DMX512, you can slowly fade out your projection or quickly blackout as fast a .5 seconds!  Weighing in at under 1lb, it’s the lightest one out there and only one that secures to your projector without the sticky mess of gaff tape!

The HDC-3300 from SONY is a camera based on the proven HDC-1500 HD multi-format camera, and therefore offers the same functionality, including outstanding, reliability, as well as its slow-motion capability.In addition to its high-quality, slow-motion images, the HDC-3300 camera also provides real-time, normal-speed images thanks to a dedicated signal-processing LSI. This output is available simultaneously with the Super Motion output, allowing users to employ the HDC-3300 for both slow-motion and standard shooting purposes for increased versatility.

Xserve quad-Xeon 64-bit server The fifth-generation Xserve is packed with features designed to meet your needs. Powered by the dual-core Intel “Woodcrest” Xeon processor running at up to 3.0GHz, this quad-core 64-bit system delivers performance up to 5 times (1) faster than the Xserve G5. For flexible storage, there’s support for both SATA and SAS — and up to 2.25TB of internal capacity. Internal ATI Radeon X1300 PCI Express graphics is included with a mini-DVI output with VGA support. Dual redundant power supplies gives extra piece of mind. And you can control it all from across the hall or around the world, thanks to integrated lights-out management hardware and powerful, easy-to-use software.1U rackmount server that fits easily into any network environment. And this award-winning UNIX-based server just got a 5x (1) performance boost over the Xserve G5, thanks to quad-core 64-bit Intel Xeon processing. Additional features include up to 2.25TB storage, two eight-lane PCI Express slots, dual onboard Gigabit Ethernet, and a combo drive

Mac Pro.Based on Intel’s next-generation Core micro-architecture, the 64-bit Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor combines both high performance and power efficiency. Designed for systems with multiple processors — like Mac Pro — it runs at clock speeds of 2GHz, 2.66GHz, or 3GHz. And it delivers the fastest Mac ever, one that runs up to 2x faster than the Power Mac G5 Quad.Augmenting the speed delivered by the processors, the system architecture features 1.33GHz dual independent front-side buses that maximize the performance of the dual-core, dual-processor system and deliver maximum processor bandwidth of up to 21.3 GB/s. The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor also offers an enhanced SSE3 vector engine. Capable of delivering 128-bit vector computations in a single cycle, the SSE3 vector engine accelerates data manipulation by simultaneously applying a single instruction to multiple data — ideal for transforming large sets of data, such as applying a filter to an image or rendering a video effect.
Count on the Cache
Performance also benefits from 4MB of shared L2 cache per processor. The availability of that much L2 cache enhances processor performance by keeping data and instructions closer to the processor cores. What’s more, the Dual-Core Intel Xeon takes advantage of Intel Advanced Smart Cache technology. Smart Cache allows either of the two cores to utilize all 4MB of cache if the other core happens to be idle.Mac Pro now comes with four, 3Gb/s internal SATA hard drive bays, each on its own independent channel. While the standard configuration comes with a single 250GB drive, you can fill yours with up to four 500GB SATA hard drives for up to 2 terabytes of lightning fast data storage. Using Mac OS X, you can stripe two, three, or all four of those drives in a RAID 0 array to increase performance and create a massive volume for video editing; or create a RAID 1 array for instant backups — as you work — of photos or other digital media.

Movimento is a new software, which captures the motion of non-rigid objects from multiple (2 or more) image sequences. Movimento is a state-of-the-art video-based motion capture solution “Powered by SMART”, REALVIZ’ powerful automatic tracking engine.Movimento offers users a complete and flexible solution for facial, hand, arm and full-body motion capture across a wide range of applications, from special effects to behavioral analysis amongst many others. Movimento also offers users the possibility to combine matchmoving (3D camera tracking) and motion capture processes for rapid on-set mocap, and to automatically reconstruct 3D meshes from the tracked data


Flip4Mac WMV Version 2.1.Universal binary support for Intel and PowerPC Macs.Significant export optimizations for PowerPC Macs.Multi-language audio support in the WMV player.Improved support for MMS servers and live streams.StudioPro provides 1-pass, standard definition Windows Media encoding with standard audio – a great starting point for those with limited encoding requirements.

Wafian HR-1 direct-to-disk recorder.Targeting on-set and on-location production acquisition, the HR-1 can record up to 18 hours of 10-bit CineForm Intermediate files through the HR-1's HD-SDI interface

The HR-1 is ideal for recording maximum quality on live shoots by bypassing camera tape compression which invariably lowers spatial and chroma resolution plus lowers arithmetic precision.  The HR-1 records directly into full-raster (1920x1080 or 1280x720) CineForm Intermediate files with 10 bits of precision and 4:2:2 chroma resolution. 
After recording, post-production workflow efficiency is extraordinary.  The HR-1 completely eliminates the time-consuming and expensive "ingest" process required with tape-based capture. Files may be easily moved from the HR-1 over the network to archive servers, editing/compositing workstations, or to Firewire drives for portability.  Because CineForm Intermediate files are optimized for post-production performance, material is immediately available for real-time editing using CineForm's Prospect HD with Adobe Premiere Pro plus effects/compositing work with Adobe After Effects. 
If you just can't give up your trusted Final Cut Pro or Avid system (and don't care about real-time editing performance anyway) you'll be pleased to know that CineForm Intermediate files can be converted using various PC industry tools into SD or uncompressed HD files compatible with both FCP and Avid.  In this manner the CineForm Intermediate files can be your online digital master for either an uncompressed HD workflow or an offline proxy workflow. 

Instant HD up-converts DV video into a variety of HD video formats. You can choose from a list of preset resolutions to make it easy to integrate DV video into your next High Definition production. When scaling from standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD), the missing pixels must be generated in an intelligent way. Instant HD provides a high-quality method for converting SD sources to HD within After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Premiere Pro

SRDVD-100 High Definition Multimedia Player provides a reliable and affordable solution for HDTV / HDV archiving and distribution and other applications which require full resolution HD / SD Mpeg-2 video playback using inexpensive, media that will not deteriorate from wear. A great source for digital signage and other public display applications, the SRDVD-100 provides 24/7 playback of high-definition digital media files generated by HDV camcorders, Scala and similar digital signage software (Mpeg-2) applications. The SRDVD-100 can start playback automatically at power on and will repeat a play list indefinitely. Up to 30 min of 720p/1080i HD footage can be stored on a regular DVD-R disk (60 min on Dual-Layer media) plus hours of digital media can be played off external USB storage and/or an IP network.

Apple Final Cut Pro/XDCAM Transfer Software from Sony available now to download, PDZK-P1 XDCAM Transfer software provides users of Apple's Final Cut Pro non-linear editing system with native, utterly seamless support for the XDCAM product family - including all Standard Definition XDCAM formats and XDCAM HD at XDCAM HD at 24p, 50i and 60i (25Mbps). Support for other XDCAM HD variations will be added soon.

Once installed, the software enables FCP users to mount Professional Discs into the Mac's Finder by simply plugging in a Firewire/i.Link cable from an XDCAM camcorder or deck. Proxy A/V content can be directly browsed within FCP, as well as the full resolution content, and edited sequences can exported directly back onto a connected XDCAM disc.

HVR-M25E from Sony supports HDV1080i, DVCAM and DV recording and playback - providing users the ability to work with both standard definition and high definition content. The HVR-M25E is also compatible with standard size cassettes. The DigitalMaster™ cassette can provide over 4 hours recording of HDV content - the ideal choice when longer recording times are required.
The HVR-M25E is designed for professional use - and includes a convenient, integrated 16:9 LCD screen for content monitoring, and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) for simple connectivity to HD consumer displays for added flexibility.

AG-HVX200 Panasonic´s handheld HD camera.True high definition image quality with low-compression DVCPRO HD intraframe recording -Multiple formats: DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV selectable.High definition recording formats: 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/24pA, 1080/30p, 720p (variable frame rates).Standard definition recording formats: 480/60i, 480/24p, 480pA, 480/30p


Catapult is the world's first device to allow capture of video footage from DV or HDV video cameras directly to iPods or virtually any USB drive, and begin editing immediately.  A battery powered device not much larger than a Blackberry, the Catapult eliminates the time consuming and tedious task of digitizing video footage.

Time Lapse Recording-The completely configurable Time Lapse feature allows the recording of frames of video at specific intervals. For example, recording only a few frames per minute would show a flower blooming, while a longer duration could be used to document building at a construction site.
Remote Trigger Allows More Freedom
The Catapult offers Remote Trigger Recording, which allows either a remote switch or a motion detector to trigger recording on the Catapult. This can be particularly useful in recording nature and wildlife events, and also for surveillance operations.
Pre & Post Record
Pre-record and Post-record settings are two of the most exciting features of Catapult. With the Pre-record setting, users can set Catapult to begin recording for a preset amount of time prior to actually hitting the “record” button on the camera. This is feature is great for use with live action, such as sporting events allowing you to capture that winning point every time.
The Post-record setting is useful when used in conjunction with a remote trigger, such as a motion detector. For example, to record hummingbirds visiting a feeder, the motion sensor would prompt the Catapult to begin recording, and the Post-record feature would allow recording to continue for a pre-determined amount of time.

The new Media 100 Product line

Media 100 HD Suite
HD and SD Nonlinear Editing System with Integrated 3D Compositing
Media 100 HD Suite is a powerful new SD and HD nonlinear editor that adds integrated 3D compositing, titling and effects. Media 100 HD Suite not only bridges the HD/SD gap, but also serves as the hub for digital post. With all the features of Media 100 HDe, you can also take advantage of full 2D and 3D compositing and the industry's most advanced 2D and 3D titling, without the aggravation of importing and exporting. You can conform SD to HD or HD to SD during capture, output or monitoring.
Media 100 HDe
HD and SD Nonlinear Editing System
Media 100 HDe is a powerful SD and HD nonlinear editing solution that works the way you do—mixing multiple sources, handling multiple file formats and delivering multiple versions. Start with legacy Media 100 content and add content in the Uncompressed 10-bit codec—in the same timeline without re-rendering. Now mix some native DV. These codecs play in real time, in the same timeline with stunning quality. Downconvert your HD to SD during capture or output and monitor HD downconverts to 4:3 while you edit

Media 100 SDe
SD Nonlinear Editing System
Not yet ready to make the leap to HD? Media 100 SDe is a powerful SD nonlinear editing solution that features the easy to use Media 100 user interface with the cost-effective AJA OEM SDe board. This is the ideal solution for editors, event videographers, corporate video producers or anyone who want to be productive now, without closing the door on future expansion into HD

Verbatim 2x Blu-ray Recordable and Rewriteable Media

To optimize the performance and reliability of its BD-R media, Verbatim needed a recording layer that would be highly sensitive to the blue laser but resistant to sunlight, heat and humidity.  MKM responded by developing a new metal nitride recording layer with an exceptionally wide power margin.  This ensures quality recording on the entire disc surface, regardless of drive power fluctuations or smudges on the disc surface. The breakthroughs achieved with the new recording layer technology will also be an advantage as Verbatim prepares for the launch of higher speed and Dual Layer (DL) 50GB Blu-ray media in the near future.
Like its BD-R media, Verbatim BD-RE media has an exceptionally wide power margin to achieve stable noise-free recording. To deliver high-speed rewriteable performance, Verbatim BD-RE media is produced with a technology based on Super Eutectic Recording Layer (SERL) technology, the proprietary phase-change recording layer technology developed by MKM and proven in Verbatim’s earlier DVD+RW and DVD-RW media.  Fine-tuned for next-generation Blu-ray media, the new recording layer enhances the media's read/write performance and longevity, ensuring that repeated recording and playback will not cause any deterioration in picture or sound quWality. By combining the SERL-based recording technology with MKM’s precision stamper and precision molding technologies during the manufacturing process, Verbatim BD-RE media provides a high level of stability during recording and playback.

Grass Valley EDIUS NLE Software Version 4 With EDIUS Pro version 4, you can create projects within projects, complete with all of the realtime effects, keyers, transitions and titling features already available in EDIUS Pro. Combine your sequences together for the final edit. Sequences can be handled like standard clips on the timeline, allowing you to apply any number of filters and effects.Previously available as an option, EDIUS Speed Encoder for HDV is included in EDIUS Pro version 4, as well as in EDIUS Broadcast. It boosts the speed of HDV MPEG-2 export, by not only taking advantage of dual CPU system configurations, but also of the new Dual Core processor technology featured with newer Intel® and AMD® CPUs. This optimization dramatically reduces the time needed to encode native HDV MPEG-2 transport streams from the EDIUS Pro timeline

HVR-M25U from Sony This innovative feature allows six different types of cassette tapes to be used without the cumbersome process associated with additional mechanical hardware. It allows for HDV long-time recording for up to 276 minutes with a PHDV-276DM, Digital Master Tape. The HVR-M25U offers HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV SP recording and playback capability for easy migration from standard to high definition production, as well as playback of HDV 720p pre-recorded tapes (analog output only). Compatible with mini-size DV cassettes, it is also compatible with standard-size cassettes that allow up to 276 minutes of HDV recording with compatible tapes. Additionally, the HVR-M25U also has a down-conversion function from HD to SD and is switchable between 60 and 50 Hz (NTSC/PAL) to provide full flexibility depending on production needs.The HVR-M25 is able to adjust the edge crop position when down converting from HD (16:9 aspect ratio) to SD (4:3 aspect ratio). By displaying the edge crop marker on the monitor, you can check the crop position on the LCD monitor before down converting. Edge cropped pictures can be output from both i.LINK and each analog video jacks.

GridIron® Nucleo™ PRO.Nucleo Pro introduces the concept of rendering AND working at the same time in Adobe After Effects 7.0 - while still maximizing your computers performance. By Introducing the background render queue, Nucleo Pro opens up exciting new workflow possibilities.It's simple - add something to your After Effects render queue, and then tell Nucleo Pro to render it in the background. Not only will your CPU's power be maximized, but you'll also notice absolutely no impact on your computer's performance when working in other applications. Meaning you can now work in different applications...or better yet, on another After Effects project while the last one is rendering.With support for both Windows and Mac, Nucleo Pro gives you complete flexibility to monitor, manage, and control all the aspects of concurrent background renders, allowing you to make sure "all is well" while at the same time, working on something else entirely..

VPS-700 Ginga switcher The VPS-700 "GINGA" (the Japanese word for "Galaxy") from FOR-A features completely new work flows, and is bursting with special effects that were not available until now. It paves the way for ground-breaking creativity in LIVE productions and editing suites. VPS-700 Ginga, a compact 1 M/E digital switcher, really do offer more than ever before. Features include up to 16 SD I/O, six keyers, six chromakeyers, and six channels of 3D DVE. All inputs include a frame synchronizer (FS) that enables asynchronous input and a frame store function using FS memory. More than 100 wipe patterns are available..

MGP464 A four-window multi-graphic processor offers picture-in-picture display of high-resolution computer-video graphics and HDTV or PAL/NTSC video sources. It accepts up to 19 input sources and features a true 19?4 input matrix switcher that allows any source to be displayed in any or all four available onscreen windows for use in command and control, network operations centers, videoconferencing, or other AV environments requiring high-quality multi-image displays. The processor can incorporate static or full-motion images as backgrounds. Extron's Graphic Still Store feature enables live screen captures or images uploaded from a PC to be stored for use as presentation background images.

4x4 HDMI Matrix
This matrix interlaces any four HDTV sources — such as HD DVD players, satellite television feeds and digital video camcorders — together with four HDTV displays. The device allows users to assign each of the sources to any one of the displays for use in multi-room venues with varied viewing requirements. The plug-and-play unit comes with four HDMI inputs/outputs, a 24V power supply, four source connector cables, an IR remote, and an optional RS-232 port for home automation control. It also supports uncompressed HD video up to 1080p and multichannel digital audio distributed in the same cable.

The Multibridge Extreme is the world's first uncompressed video product to feature 2K, real time 10 bit RGB playout for the world's two most popular editing applications - Apple Final Cut Pro on Mac OS X and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 on Windows XP. This new software driver 5.5 for Multibridge Extreme also features 2K real time preview for popular compositing and paint applications such as Adobe After Effects 7.0, Combustion, Shake and Photoshop.

True 2K, at 23.98 and 24fps enables editors, broadcast paint and special effects professionals the ability to monitor 2K video and graphics on Dual-Link DVI-D LCD displays, such as the Apple 30" Cinema Display and the DELL 30" flat-panel display. Each individual pixel is digitally mapped pixel-for-pixel for the most color sensitive and accurate image quality available - perfect for detailed video and film work.

Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 Digital Video Systems adds two additional systems to its product line-up. The new disk recorders set standards by their additional format options. The Pronto2K.2 has been optimized for operation in the area of Digital Intermediate. The disk recorder is equipped with a dual-link HD-SDI interface and supports SD, HD, HSDL as well as 2K in 8-, 10- or 12-bit in RGB and YUV. The ProntoHD.2 is best suited for presentations and HD production work. The single-link HD-SDI interface effortlessly handles 8-bit or 10-bit playout and capture of SD and HD.

The disk recorders Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD.2 will complement the model range of the Pronto2K and ProntoHD. For these new products, DVS developed a special video board enabling a number of new features, including full autoconforming with transitions.The current disk recorders Pronto2K and ProntoHD allow instant access to uncompressed 2K, HD and SD data thanks to the NT file system. On top of these features, the new Pronto2K.2 and ProntoHD offer additional conforming with transitions. The software handles the corresponding rendering so that in addition to hard cuts, transitions are supported as well. The new chassis makes further configurations with enhanced storage capacities possible.

Final Cut Studio 5.1 Apple is now shipping the first Universal version of its Final Cut Studio video production suite that delivers up to 2.5X the performance when running on a MacBook Pro* notebook computer. Final Cut Studio features state-of-the-art tools that complement Final Cut Pro 5 including Soundtrack Pro, an audio editing and sound design application that makes video projects sound as good as they look; Motion 2, the world's first realtime motion graphics application with GPU-accelerated 32- bit float rendering; and DVD Studio Pro4 for professional DVD authoring..

The HDTV Axi-vision camera can simultaneously acquire both an HDTV color image and a high-resolution depth image of a scene. What? Essentially, the Axi-vision acquires infrared information about the distance between the camera and what's in front of the camera at the same time as the usual broadcast info. The resulting grayscale image can be used to key footage in real-time without using a green/blue sceen, or painful frame-by-frame rotoscoping.

Stack & Play LaCie Brick Hard Drives to add colors to your computing life while expanding capacity. Easy as 1, 2, 3, these playful drives, designed by Ora-Ïto.Available desktop models are: 160GB (white), 250GB (red), 300GB (blue) and 500GB (red).

iCon H600 Barco’s most powerful network centric visualization solution features a native 1920 x 1080 HDTV resolution on a 16:9 wide canvas and a light output of  6000 ANSI lumens.
The intelligent visualization solution
  • Native HDTV resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
• Advanced picture in picture combined with network connectivity on a 16:9 high-resolution screen
• Shows 4 external sources simultaneously
• Shows additional application windows from the projector hard drive
• Shows data and video from the network
• Real time interaction and file sharing for collaborative meetings
The iCon H600 is the first member of a new product family of high-definition, 16:9, network centric projectors. It offers 1920 x 1080 for meeting environments, such as classrooms, boardrooms and conference centers. It is fully compatible with HDTV video standards, turning it into the ideal visualization solution for AV applications.
The projector integrates a powerful display server and can be easily connected to the user’s network infrastructure, enabling collaborative meetings between remote meeting sites, real time interaction, file sharing and remote control & diagnostics. Via mouse and keyboard, four external sources can be processed with complete and flexible picture-in-picture (PiP) functionality.

LaCie Biggest S1S 2TB SATA speed and superior RAID security, this powerful RAID subsystem comes in a 4-bay array with hot-swappable hard disks and hardware RAID controller. Preconfigured at RAID 5, it supports RAID levels 0, 0+1, 5 and RAID 5+hot spare, and offers automatic background rebuilding (in RAID 5). Its SATA interface provides a speedier boot process and faster loading of programs and data and even simpler cabling, enabling rapid sustained transfer rates of up to 80MB/s. Ideal for saving hefty files, protecting databases or working directly on the drive, it delivers high-capacity performance at a comparatively low cost.

Kramer VP-724xl ProScale™ Digital Scaler/Switcher is an 8-input scaler/switcher with unbalanced stereo audio. It will scale any composite, s-Video (Y/C), component video (YUV), DVI video or computer graphics video signal up or down to a selectable graphics or HDTV output resolution and provides glitch-free switching between sources through FTB™ (fade-thru-black) switching technology.Picture-In-Picture: Video in graphics (or vice versa) in sizes up to quarter screen at any location, or split-screen (2 images side-by-side); freeze frame, zoom, selectable vertical refresh rates, audio and video proc amp, output image scaling, and aspect ratio

Video Performer XT system from Spotligt, consists of a powerful graphic workstation, a dedicated software for multimedia handling and a complete series of files with images, animations and video: these allow to create and process an endless series of automated digital projections that could not be obtained so far with the use of conventional effect projectors. The images, taken from the program files or imported from any other external source, thanks to the video projector, become "intelligent" multimedia projections: the light designer can handle them directly through a DMX light desk by modifying the different parameters: position, shape, rotation, transparency, trichromatism, fading, solid projection, etc. superimposing, processing and mixing more images at the same time to obtain amazing effects that can be created "live" directly on scene or programmed in the desk memory.
New Arkaos powered video engine allows a new generation of extremely powerful and customizable video and 3d effects.Also the Arc Video DMX motorised yoke small/medium video projectors: the perfect companion for any Video Performer installation.By combining the power of video projection with the creative possibilities of automated effects lighting, ARC-VIDEO enables the creation of a new generation of automated lights that will deliver many new creative possibilities.

SteadyCAMPRO is a MultiTarget camera animation plugin for Cinema 9.1 and 9.5. both Windows and Mac OS.
It greatly enhances and speed up the work with camera animations. SteadyCAMPRO includes:
SCPRO. The main camera animation tool.

SteadyGOAL. A target damping plugin.
SteadyFLIGHT. A flying camera tool using Vector controllers (R9.5 only)
N.A.V.I.G.A.T.O.R . A simplified camera tool using Vector controllers (R9.5 only)

GridIron® Nucleo™.Unlike other solutions for improving the performance of After Effects using a network of computers, such as network render farming or GridIron® X-Factor™, GridIron Nucleo is designed exclusively for multiple CPUs or multi-core processors on a single computer. No additional computers, no network, and no configuration are required to speed both final render (image sequences and movies) and previews.Nucleo divides the work ordinarily performed on a single processor by Adobe After Effects and allows it to run in parallel on multiple cores or multiple CPUs, just like a multithreaded application. Nucleo ensures you are squeezing every available morsel of power that your multi-processor or multi-core CPUs provide when rendering and previewing with After Effects.
GridIron Nucleo supports Adobe After Effects 6.5.1 or higher on both Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Silhouette Roto v2 for Apple Final Cut Pro & Adobe After Effects. Silhouette Roto allows you to quickly create sophisticated animated mattes using Rational B-Spline, NURB or Bézier shapes. Intelligent design and easy-to-use tools, such as variable edge softness on a point by point basis and realistic motion blur, assist you in creating shape animations. Integrated motion tracking makes the normally tedious task of rotoscoping a breeze.

Media 100 sw Media 100 sw currently does not capture or output to tape without the HDX video I/O board, but all the other functionality of the Media 100 HD is ready to use. A future version will add support for Firewire capture and output from a range of DV and HDV decks. Media 100 sw allows existing Media 100 users to add an affordable software-only NLE to their current workflow.

Media 100 sw Key Features:
• A full-functioning editing application, with the familiar Media 100 interface
• Edit SD and HD material
• Full support for all Media 100 codecs
• Real-time effects, depending on processor and drive speeds
• Full media and graphics import and export capabilities
• Fully integrated Boris Graffiti vector-based titling solution is included.
• Move programs to and from Media 100 HD.Media 100 sw can open any program created on Media 100i. Your Media 100i system cannot play a program created on Media 100 sw, but QuickTime exported from Media 100 sw imports and plays to tape on Media 100i. If you capture material with timecode, you can also output an EDL from Media 100 sw to use in a wide range of online conform workflows. All existing import and export workflows, including sending to third party compressors for MPEG2 for DVD or MPEG4 for web, work as they do with the current Media 100 products.

Imago-Mediasynth from SGM. A media server system with 24 layers,plus two video layers and an input layer that enables an external feed to be imported with connection to video camera controlled using any DMX control desk. Manipulation of 3D objects is carried out in real time.The on-board library includes over 4,000 different objects, all of which can be previewed, while chromakey effects are also available

Avid Liquid V.7
is a powerful SD and HD video editor for the PC that offers integrated DVD authoring, surround sound audio processing, and thousands of amazing real-time effects. Its integrated toolset provides all of the tools needed to create high-quality productions and quickly output to tape, DVD or web streams.Capture and edit DivX v.5; use the new EZ Capture tool in combination with Avid Liquid Pro to capture, edit, and finish in the high-quality, low-bandwidth DivX codec. Import and edit existing Windows Media 9 content; make edits to existing Windows media content without time-consuming transcodes; easily mix Windows Media footage with other source footage

SOFTIMAGE®|FACE ROBOT™ allows 3-D artists to achieve realistic, lifelike facial animation for high-end film, post and games projects. Based on extensive anatomical research, Face Robot™ uses a groundbreaking new computer model of the soft tissue of the face to mimic the full range of human emotion. Designed with input from leading animation experts, Face Robot™ gives artists an intuitive way to interact with their characters while providing control over details like wrinkles, frowns, flaring nostrils and bulging neck muscles.
Face Robot™ supports both keyframe animation and motion capture, the primary techniques used for digital acting today. The soft tissue model at the core of the Face Robot™ technology removes the need to manually create dozens or even hundreds of 3-D shapes for different facial expressions and allows animators to work with an optimal number of control points. Keyframe animators can gain very direct, intuitive access to facial expressions, while motion capture animators can work with fewer markers to reduce setup and cleanup time.

RenderMan® for Maya® delivers all of RenderMan's legendary performance and quality to provide your creations with that distinctive visual edge. Combined with an intuitive workflow, RenderMan for Maya sets a new standard for rendering high-quality visual effects and animation. RenderMan for Maya is a next-generation Maya plug-in.

AG-DVX100B 24p/30p/60i Mini-DV Camcorder from Panasonic. The 4-pound, hand-held AG-DVX100B boasts new specifications that are tailor-made for full-fledged video production. For instance, it is the industry’s first DV camcorder to allow camera-to-camera time-code syncho and user-settable file transfer over IEEE 1394, facilitating the AG-DVX100B’s use in simultaneous, multi-camera shoots. Other innovations include 16:9 Letter-box Display Mode on the large electronic viewfinder (EVF) and 3.5” color LCD monitor for distortion-free Squeeze Mode or Anamorphic Display; Remote Control of Focus and Iris (wired) for easier operation when mounted on a jib or tripod; Single Button Character Off for LCD and EVF displays; improved Video S/N for better low light recording; and higher resolution LCD (210,000 pixels) and EVF (235,000 pixels) monitors.

Data Animator This eight plug-ins create a wide range of chart types from business graphics to scientific visualization. The results are perfect for news programs, simulated displays, corporate communication projects, and any other animated visualization of data. Users import a tab-delimited text file to build the chart, then customize the look and animation of their data. Features include separate controls for the chart and data elements, a column/row sorter, legend/label manager, and a depth choice of 2D or 3D charts. The eighth plug-in, EasyChart, provides an easy-to-use interface that makes the creation of these seven chart types an even simpler task. Because Data Animator dynamically updates the source data file, it is great for collaborative work and projects started before the data is finalizedData Animator works in After Effects 5.0 and higher, and runs on Windows 98ME-XP Pro..

Silhouette Paint™ using powerful multi-layered match moving capabilities, Silhouette Paint can non-destructively apply color, tint, erase, blemish, mosaic, and grain brushes to 8-bit, 16-bit, and floating point clips. Silhouette Paint's clone brush features are especially powerful. To more exactly match a foreground element, paint sources can be transformed on-the-fly by rotation, corner pinning, and scaling in addition to being offset in time or XY space. Four independent clone sources are maintained simultaneously for added flexibility.
Silhouette Paint is tightly integrated with Silhouette Roto's shape features such as motion tracking, variable edge softness and realistic motion blur. Brushes can be automatically applied to shape layers which are themselves automatically match moved. Blemishes, for example, can be automatically erased over time with minimal set-up by attaching the blemish brush to a rotoshape tracking the blemish itself.The plug-in version is the first raster paint option for Apple® Final Cut Pro® and Adobe®) After Effects®.

Trapcode Echospace is used to duplicate, manage and animate layers in a convenient manner.It works similair to an echo effect, but instead of creating 2D echoes, it creates new instances of a layer in 3D space.
Trapcode Echospace can be applied to footage, text, solids or even nested compositions. It features a built-in animation delay to create time-rippling effects. It can also add randomness to the positions of layers to spread them out randomly in 3D space.

Beacon DigiGobos® serie 11-20 from Beacon new series with looped animated clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Precoded for HighEnd Catalyst ,RADlite ,Pandoras Box,EX1 and Martin Maxedia/Eureka systems. Each serie contains 10 (serie 1-4 contains 20 each) loops and are on one DVD disc.The DVD´s are also standalone disc´s playable on normal DVD Players.Another big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.The DigiGobos® Bundle that contains series1-10 or 11-20 are also out on the market thru the GoboGroup or Beacon direct

Magic Bullet™ Editors 2, the world’s first real-time film look plug-in for desktop video editors. Using the new DeepColor RT GPU render engine, Magic Bullet Editors 2 Look Suite plug-in now runs up to 12x faster than the CPU alone—allowing users to do real-time film look treatments on the desktop in standard definition.Magic Bullet Editors 2 Compression Correction™ deartifacting tool is designed to repair the damage caused by video compression and video formatting. Our proprietary engine does chroma reconstruction that smooth the edges of outlines and objects to provide better looking output (see example below). This tool can also be used to pre-process video material for better chroma-key results from DV and HDV formats.

Media 100 sw a software only version of the Media 100 HD. The public beta of Media 100 sw, a fully functioning version without firewire I/O, can currently be downloaded from the Support, repair and sales will continue as before for the Media 100 HD editing system. Future development of both the HD and sw systems will include improved integration with existing and future Boris FX products Boris FX, the leading developer of integrated effects technology for video and film production, announced a definitive agreement to acquire all operating assets and the Customer Technical Support obligations of Media 100, a division of Optibase. All Platinum support subscribers and customer phone and e-mail support will continue uninterrupted as Boris agrees to provide the same high level of customer service. The newly formed Media 100 Support Division will operate independently as a business unit of Boris FX.

Mac G5 Quad introduce dual-core PowerPC processors, a modern PCI Express architecture, and wicked-fast workstation graphics.With two dual-core processors, at speeds up to 2.5GHz per core, the Power Mac G5 Quad doubles the punch of its dual-processor predecessor. Do the math: Quad-core processing means four Velocity Engines and eight double-precision floating-point units for blistering performance of up to 76.6 gigaflops. That means you can manipulate mountains of images or miles of footage. Crunch enormous data sets. Encode HD video or high-bit-rate audio. All at speeds you never imagined possibleQuad-core processing dramatically accelerates performance in real-world applications. Take, for example, Adobe After Effects: The Power Mac G5 Quad renders 3D images up to 69 percent faster than the fastest dual-processor Power Mac G5 ever built.

NG1 digital media server is the first member of Radical Lightings unique ‘click and fit' range, a range that will ultimately offer a broad spectrum of streamlined products, each specialising in a different display control requirement. Each NG unit will operate as a stand-alone programme in addition to merging with its associates as a ‘build your own', bespoke digital media server.
As with all Radical Lighting products the NG1 output can be manipulated on the fly via dmx.
The NG1 takes advantage of the RADlite engine, which has been in development for the past 7 years. This technology allows multiple layers of video to be displayed simultaneously.
The NG1 also debuts two brand new RL fixtures; RL video and RL view. These features include mapping video clips to 3D object surfaces, comprehensive keystone correction controls, perspective effects and colour effects.

VP-1201 is a high performance 12x1 RGBHV switcher for high resolution video signals. It monitors and displays the availability of the inputs on eight three colored LEDs. The VP-1201 can be cascaded to a 24x1 switcher. It has a sequential switching feature that lets you switch the inputs in configurable time frames of up to 16 sec. The VP-1201 is locally controlled from the front panel keyboard,  
or remotely controlled via RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet or via Kramer’s Infra Red Remote Control. The RGBHV signals are connected on HD15 pin connector, to reduce enclosure size. It is dependable, rugged, and fits in one vertical space of a standard 19” professional rack enclosure (1U). High bandwidth of more than 400MHz ensures that the VP-1201 remains transparent even in the most critical applications.

Kramer FC-20 is a portable, broadcast-quality, bi-directional DV (IEEE 1394a FireWire™) and SDI converter, with embedded AES/EBU digital stereo audio conforming to SMPTE-272M-A (audio at 48kHz, synchronous to the video). The unit will auto detect standards and supports both NTSC and PAL. The converter supports DVITC time code in the SMPTE 259M data stream, and also provides a separate SMPTE 12M Vertical Interval Time Code (VITC) input and output on BNC connectors. The FC-20 will also support linear time code via the RS-422 port.

The FC-20 can operate in two modes, DV Decode and DV Encode. By default the unit is shipped in the DV Decode mode. Selecting between DV Decode and DV Encode modes is done by the non-linear editing system if present and via front panel buttons when there is no non-linear editing system present. On the unit, audio group and channel are selected via convenient DIP-switches on the front-panel of the unit. Both 4-pin and 6-pin connectors are provided for the DV signal. The unit has RS-422 machine control (Sony protocol) and can control tape decks and other video sources that conform to the Sony protocol.

FogScreen is a break-through technology, literally! FogScreen allows projection of high quality images in the air. It is the only currently available walk-through projection screen, based on our proprietary technology.With our new interactive add-on you can also use the air as your user interface. Operate computers by touching only the air with your bare hand.  Write and draw in the air.

Kramer VS-2DVA. The new VS-2DVA switcher is a unique and convenient one-box solution for user whose systems have both traditional computer graphics video sources (VGA through UXGA resolutions) on 15-pin HD connectors and DVI video sources on DVI-D connectors.

G5 2x2,7Ghz.Two 64-bit G5 processors reaching top speeds of 2.7GHz, room for up to 8GB of main memory, pro performance graphics cards and ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture will give you more results than systems costing twice as much.The 16x SuperDrive built into every dual-processor Power Mac G5 now supports double-layer (DVD+R DL) discs. While single-layer DVD-R discs hold up to 4.7GB of data, double-layer discs have two layers of data, allowing the SuperDrive laser to read and write on either layer, almost doubling the storage to 8.5GB. Using iDVD — included on every Power Mac G5 — or DVD Studio Pro, you can author discs with over three hours of MPEG-2 video on one DVD+R DL disc. If you work with high-definition video, use the SuperDrive to burn double-layer discs with more room for high-bit-rate H.264 video. OSX TIGER has more than 200 new features and innovations including Spotlight, a revolutionary desktop search technology that lets users instantly find anything stored on their Mac, including documents, emails, contacts and images; and Dashboard, a new way to quickly access important information like weather forecasts and stock quotes, using a dazzling new class of applications called widgets

Shake 4 a major upgrade to the industry’s leading compositing software used by independent artists and visual effects facilities to create the world’s most celebrated visual effects for film and television, delivers 3D multi-plane compositing, cutting-edge optical flow image processing and unprecedented integration with Final Cut Pro 5.

yellow technology G5 rackmount .The Yellow Technology G5 Rackmount is a custom-designed solution aimed at professionals to whom practicality and aesthetics are important. The modification involves the removal of the existing handles and the attachment of a frame to which the attractive anodised front panel is affixed. There is no impedance to the airflow and access to the inside of the machine is unhindered. The solution is supplied with support rails for supported rack cabinets and the front panel can be custom-engraved at extra cost.

Final Cut Studio From Apple the new package combines the industry-standard Final Cut Pro 5 — including powerful SD, DV and HD editing capability — with the real-time design engine of Motion 2 for stunning motion graphics, the flexible audio creation and control tools of Soundtrack Pro and the sophisticated SD and HD DVD authoring features of DVD Studio Pro 4. Create eye-popping motion graphics with GPU-accelerated, 32-bit float rendering. Then author your finished product to DVD, complete with highly interactive titles and fast, distributed encoding. Do it all with Final Cut Studio and its integrated, state-of-the-art applications

Wondertouch Particle Emitters for Apple Motion is a collection of many exciting particle effects: Smoke, fire, water, explosions, sparkles, backgrounds, motion graphics elements, creatures etc. No matter what you use Motion for,this is the library to work with Motion's particle system.

Multicam Lite is a standalone application wich works in conjuntion with FinalCit Pro for the input and output of sequenses via XML files.DV,DVCPRO25 or OfflineRT source clips can be used by the software and there are comprehensive trimming and camera swapping features built in.

Beacon DigiGobos® serie 11-14 from Beacon.Four new series with looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Precoded for HighEnd Catalyst ,RADlite ,Pandoras Box,EX1 and Martin Maxedia/Eureka systems. Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.The DigiGobos® Bundle that contains series1-10 are also out on the market thru the GoboGroup or Beacon direct

VP 740 Presentation Scaler / Switcher. The VP 740 is a high quality graphics and video digital scaler/switcher that scales any input format and resolution to a user-defined output resolution. The VP 740 switches between the sources using FTB™ (Fade-Thru-Black) technology, outputting an extremely high quality image even from a low quality source, and feature 2xCV, 2xY/C, 2xYUV/RGBHV, 1xVGA, 1xDVI-D inputs, and RGBHV/YUV, and DVI outputs. All popular graphics and HDTV output resolutions are supported. Aspect ratio and film-related enhancements make this the perfect companion to any Home Cinema set up. Our unique Kramer K-IIT™ image insertion technology gives a Picture-In-Picture facility for graphics-into-video and vice versa, as well as video-into-progressive scan component and vice versa

XLM H25 Barco's new XLM projector has been specifically designed for the demanding rental & staging and large events markets.
The first DLP projector with a native wide-screen aspect ratio, native 2048 x 1080 resolution and light output of 27 000 Center Lumen, the XLM is the most powerful projector available on the market today.Featuring a fully sealed DMD engine and high-power 6kW XENON-lamp, the XLM projector also ensures reliable,high-quality performance in even the most demanding environ- ments.
As the ultimate ultra-high brightness projector, the XLM is purpose built to work around the clock: it's functional design and adjustable convergence system allow it to stay in the field while still maintaining a premium picture over its entire lifetime

840 DVI pattern generator. The 840 is a DVI display evaluation tool and an ideal product for engineering and sales personnel in the business of selling and calibrating DVI capable displays and accessories.
The 840 comes with 32 built-in patterns including some unique patterns containing movement, say the company. All 32 patterns in the 840 have been carefully chosen to ensure that the 840 can effectively evaluate every important aspect of a DVI display or accessory. These include, but are not limited to, the refresh rate performance, testing of overall linearity, the linearity of each pixel component and identifying missing pixel components of fixed resolution display devices such as LCD and plasma monitors and LCD and DLP projectors. The 840 also has patterns that are designed to aid in the testing of DVI accessories such as scalers, distribution amplifiers and switchers, as well as DVI cables.

The RLM R6+ Performer projector is Barco’s latest high brightness Mercury projector with 6000 Ansi Lumen light output.
The RLM R6+ offers all the benefits of the reliable RLM projector range, with the added benefit of SXGA+ resolution. Renowned for its extreme low noise levels, the RLM R6+ is the ideal projector for use in noise sensitive environments.
With its sealed engine and long lifetime lamps, the RLM R6+ offers a reliable, high brightness projection solution with a low total cost of ownership.

OLite 510 Barco’s brand new indoor/outdoor SMD LED display, the OLite 510, combines the benefits of indoor and outdoor LED technologies in one reliable, robust LED tile built specifically for the Rental & Staging industry.
With its 5000 Nit light output, 15 bit processing, IP65 rating and full TUV approval, the OLite 510 brings you an ultra bright indoor /outdoor LED display with all the benefits of SMD LED technology, such as wide viewing angles and short viewing distances, combined with the rugged reliability you have come to expect of Barco’s outdoor LED displays.
Built specifically for use in the Rental & Staging industries, the OLite 510 can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, guaranteeing the highest possible ultilization rate and return on your investment. The OLite 510 LED display solution facilitates quick, easy set up & tear-down by inclusion of robust "click & play" connector and locking mechanisms as well as solid, TUV approved truss beams, stackers or feet.
For the ultimate dual usage SMD LED display with unequalled image quality, rugged, IP65 reliability and maximum utilization capacity, look no further than Barco’s brand new OLite 510.

Sony's HVR-Z1.Sony has announced that its professional version – HVR-Z1E.Through the HDV format Sony's HVR-Z1E allows you to capture High Definition pictures on a standard DV format cassette - providing both a highly cost effective format and full 1080 line resolution. With the Sony HVR-Z1E, you are able to switch between HDV, DVCAM and DV recording giving you full flexibility to record in either Standard or High Definition depending on your production needs.

TP-300FW is a unique high quality Video FireWire (video) Range Extender from the Kramer TOOLS family of compact, high quality and cost effective solutions. Video FireWire (video) signals (IEEE 1394) inherently have a 15 foot (4.5m) distance limitation. Kramer has pioneered a solution to this distance limitation for 100Mbs video (DV) FireWire (video) signals with the TP-300FW. One TP-300FW will convert a FireWire (video) signal so it can be sent over inexpensive and unshielded CAT 5 cable up to 300 feet (100m) to a second TP-300FW that will convert the FireWire (video) signal back to its native format. Additional TP-300FWs can be added a system to extend the overall signal range to a total of 300 feet (100m) with each additional TP-300FW added to the system. The TP-300FW is ideal for use in digital video production facilities, digital video editing suites and live digital video broadcasting applications where FireWire (video) is the signal of choice


Pinnacle Liquid™ Edition version 6, the most powerful and comprehensive editing solution available, is more powerful and accessible than ever with familiar interface options and transparent interoperability with Pinnacle’s Studio. Liquid Edition now delivers native HDV editing, SmartRT real-time power, SmartEDIT multi-format native editing and DVD authoring, all within a single highly intuitive interface.


Kramer 7508 is a high quality analog to digital converter for Composite and s-Video. This multi-standard unit converts analog video to SMPTE-259M serial digital video (SDI). Many professional video units on the market today, such as Betacam decks and DVD players have high quality analog outputs, and the 7508 Kramer TOOL is ideal for preserving the quality, and minimizing the artifacts, when converting to digital. The converted SDI is available on 2 buffered and reclocked SDI outputs.
There is an RS-232 port and a user-friendly Windows®-based program is included, which can be used to modify video parameters such as contrast, saturation and hue. These parameters are then stored in non-volatile memory. The input standard (50/60Hz) is automatically detected, generating the appropriate output. True 10-bit digitizing is used, making the unit ideal for the most demanding applications. A 12V power supply is included. The 7508 is part of the Kramer TOOLS family of compact, high quality and cost effective solutions for a variety of applications.


Kramer VS-21DVI belongs to the Kramer DigiTOOLS™ family of high quality digital products in a small enclosure. The machine is a 2x1 switcher for DVI-D (Digital) signals. The VS-21DVI is a technologically advanced electronic switcher supporting ?Dual Link? and the DDWG DVI 1.0 standard. This allows a bandwidth of over 3 Gbits/sec., making it compatible with the switching of signals having resolutions beyond UXGA. High resolution DVI signals are very sensitive to cable quality and to PCB layout. The VS-21DVI uses a carefully designed PCB and includes all buffering, conditioning and amplifying circuitries to provide a top-notch output signal.
The machine selects between 2 DVI sources by electronic means, routing the selected signal to the output. The VS-21DVI is housed in a small Kramer DigiTOOLS™ enclosure, and is 12VDC fed


Axon v2
From HES .The new Axon v2 offers a solution for unlimited graphic effects. The Axon v2 media server supports DMX, Ethernet and Wireless input control without the need for exterior protocol converters and devices. Multiple servers can be racked together with communication and content management achieved by High End Systems’ unique Content Management Application (CMA). Axon v2 media servers may be used with Soft LED curtains, Plasma monitors, LED Displays, LCD and DLP projectors and High End Systems DL1 Digital Light fixtures. High End Systems’ newly debuting DL2 integrated digital lights can also be operated seamlessly with Axon v2 media servers using the CMA, and both have similar graphics protocols.


Sony HDV-FX1 The camcorder's best-in-class video resolution is enhanced by Sony's new three-chip, one-megapixel Super HAD ™CCDs. The new 1080i HD CCDs have several improvements, including an on-chip micro-lens on top of the CCD sensor that increases the light focusing rate for focusing on the fly. There is also a newly developed 16:9 aspect mode for recording in widescreen. By giving each lens its own megapixel imager, the camcorder captures the intense detail and color that expert videographers and HD lovers appreciate.

MagicQ allows simultaneous control of lighting, video, LED, and lasers from one console, enabling powerful mixing of different show elements .With full Cue Stack capability on every playback fader, it becomes easy to control highly cued shows. The distributed design will allow future systems to control an almost unlimited number of channels

"BRASH" is an integrated visual composer designed to create and manipulate live visuals in real time. Its powerful render engine allows complex imagery and dazzling effects including video, live video, true 3D objects and particle systems to be displayed simultaneously. Up to 192 effects can be controlled in real time. Visuals are generated in a true 3D space with up to 24 individually controllable effects being displayed at once (24 layers). 2 layers of animated gobos, 2 levels of high resolution video, 4 discrete particle generators, fully controllable 3D camera with dynamic field of view, frequency analyzer to respond to live audio input, library of textures, video footage & 3D objects, user customizable and 100% MIDI in and out. If your company is involved with visual media and you would like to check out the video demo (please allow a couple of minutes for the video to completely download or there will be pauses in the play function), pics and specs on the amazing new "Brash" system.

MiPIX is Barco's brand new modular intelligent LED pixel block, which measures only 4cm by 4cm. A revolution in the LED market, its small size and shape allow for it to be used to create intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backdrops of any form, shape or size, while also offering the possibility of full video content on 3D logos or other free-form shapes. The MiPIX blocks further facilitate the construction of large-scale backdrops by the fact that they can be spaced apart at various distances, making the pixel blocks a cost-effective medium for ultra-large applications. MiPIX Creativity Pack is a new improved type of MiPix coming soon

Media 100 HD Support for up to 99 video tracks, each able to contain video, motion graphics with embedded alpha channels, Boris Grafitti® titles and still image data. Version 10 also allows editors to view a single frame of the composite of all tracks wherever the CTI (Current Time Indicator) is parked. This allows users to easily design complex effects and deep compositions by instantly viewing all graphics and video elements in both the subsampler window and on the output video monitor. Advanced keying with real-time RGB, YUV, HSL modes and softness/offset controls. The powerful, intuitive keyer yields superior quality and is fast to use, with keyframeable opacity controls right in the timeline. RGB and YUV color correction in real time for SD images with live output to an attached broadcast monitor for accurate color picking and monitoring of adjustments. Real-time Effects at SD resolution include transitions, opacity control, keying, color correction, audio mixing, equalization, and broadcast-quality format conversion with aspect ratio conversion. Other SD effects render in near real-time, and effects on HD images are optimized for the Power Mac G5 platform.Compatibility with a wide number of codecs at both SD and HD resolutions. Most remarkable is the ability to seamlessly mix codecs in the same SD timeline, where the system's native 10-bit uncompressed media can be combined in real time with images created with other codecs including Apple Animation, Apple DV, Apple 10-bit YUV (Final Cut Pro), and our own 844/X and Media 100 i MJPEG Info

DigiGobos serie 5-6-7-8 from Beacon.Four new series with looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Precoded for HighEnd Catalyst ,RADlite ,Pandoras Box,EX1 and Martin Maxedia/Eureka systems. Each serie contains 10 loops and are on one DVD disc.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions.

Pandoras Box Mediaserver,one of the most powerfull DMX Mediaservers on the market.Pandoras Box offers realtime 3D image compositing and videoplayback via DMX from any lighting control.The system fully exploits cutting edge lighting control technology to operate and manipulate each image layer separately.
The new 3D rendering procedure allows for using one image layer as a background while layering or fading other images on top.
Furthermore, 3D rotation allows keystone correction even at extreme projection angles.
With Pandoras Box mediaplayer we introduce the firstlowcost2 Layer Videosoftware o

30-inch Cinema HD Display ,The Apple Cinema Display line features a gorgeous new anodized aluminum enclosure to complement the Power Mac G5 or PowerBook G4 and includes PC-compatible 20-inch and 23-inch models .The 77% increase in screen real estate of the 30-inch Cinema HD Display gives you the space you need to visualize your entire creation yet provides the resolution necessary to edit in place. So you can lay out a two-page spread and edit text without squinting. Or work with a Photoshop document with room for more than 30 layers in a palette. Take in the whole timeline in Final Cut Pro HD, with audio controls. Display an unheard of 126 Logic mixer controls simultaneously. Or peer into four different modes of a molecule visualization with subatomic detail

Cycore Effects HD 1.0,Cycore will release a 16-bit version of it's Cycore Effects plug-in package during this summer. Cycore Effects contains 61 professional effects and comes bundled with Adobe After Effects 6.5. Cycore Effects HD will in addition to these 61 effects include an improved version of Particle World, as well as some brand new plug-ins

New G5´s from Apple offers dual processor models across the board at 1.8GHz, 2GHz and 2.5GHz, for a substantial speed boost at the top of the line. The 2.5GHz model packs so much power into tight quarters that Apple designed a liquid cooling system, resulting in a cool tower that runs Photoshop nearly two times faster than a Pentium 4-based system. In fact, for most creative endeavors , the Power Mac G5 simply has no competition in its class.

Mbox PRG
's Mbox technology enables you to achieve totally synchronized control over all of the video, projection, and lighting elements in your production through a single lighting console.Mbox is using Apple Xserve or G5 tower.The 4 way Mbox rack can house 4 Apple Xserves.The 1 way Mbox rack houses 1 Apple G5.
Mbox is able to play any video clip or still image that can be operated by Apple Quicktime. .
With Mbox, you can perform rapid, onsite editing of video and still images without the need for offline rendering. Mbox also gives you the ability to implement many special visual effects, including image layering, resizing, rotations, color changes, cross-fading, and masking with over 700 DHA gobo masks.
Each Mbox system comes with 120 stock video clips — and will allow you to call up over 65,000 custom video clips and still images from the system hard drive


Final Cut Pro HD combines unmatched scalability, precision editing tools and seamless workflow in one high-performance, comprehensive application. Now supporting DVCPRO HD capture and output over FireWire in addition to HD-SDI capture over PCI, Final Cut Pro HD works with the widest range of input formats available.HD Over FireWire.Final Cut Pro HD changes the rules for high-definition production. Now you can capture DVCPRO HD footage over FireWire without the generational loss that can happen in other systems that force recompression using proprietary codecs. With Final Cut Pro HD, you edit in camera-original format and output via FireWire when you’re done.
HD Real-Time Effects
Final Cut Pro HD introduces RT Extreme for HD. The real-time playback of effects, filters, transitions and composited video streams that you’re used to in SD is now available for HD. Choose from over 150 real-time-capable effects, transitions and filters: no rendering and no expensive hardware add-ons are required. With RT Extreme HD, you can select between full-resolution, high-quality playback or preview mode for maximum simultaneous streams and effects.
HD, SD, DV and Film -Final Cut Pro HD has the power to scale from DV to SD, HD and Film. With small file sizes and quality high enough for broadcast, you can avoid down-converting using DVCPRO HD. Work in 1080i and 720p HD from start to finish without managing multiple offline formats


Motion Apple’s high-performance motion graphic design and production application lets you explore new creative territory using self-propelled behavior animation, character-by-character title animation and a powerful new interface. Motion integrates seamlessly with Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro 3, making it quicker and easier than ever to create motion graphics for film, video and DVDs.New procedural animation technology — called behaviors — creates movement and simulations without keyframes. Simply drag and drop one of over 40 customizable behaviors onto type or graphics. There are four kinds of behaviors: basic, text, simulation and parameter. You can customize and combine them to create unique effects. For frame-by-frame control and precision use Motion’s innovative, powerful keyframe toolset with Bezier and B-spline controls.

DX Series MultiViewers .are versa tile, cost-effective solutions for a wide range of broadcast applications. The MultiViewers' 1RU compact design delivers modular configurations for 4, 8, 12 or 16 SDI or composite inputs, with auto detect of NTSC, PAL or SDI formats. Composite, component, SDI and line doubled VGA outputs provide customers with a wide range of flexible display options. Front panel controls and remote control via RS-232/422 provide the user with the ability to view real-time multiple images in various pre-configured displays. Optional software allows the user configuration of displays, and multi-system control, while options also exist for in-picture audio monitoring of analog, AES/EBU and SDI embedded audio. Standard alarm features include loss of video sync, black picture & frozen picture detection.

HDLink™. connects post production quality SDI video directly to any supported DVI-D based LCD computer monitor for incredible true HDTV resolution video monitoring. HDLinkís extremely compact design combined with full resolution HD makes it perfect for the studio, edit suite, telecine or even location video shoots.
Because every single pixel in the SDI video standard is mapped digitally onto the pixels of a 1920 x 1200 resolution LCD display, you get a perfect digital pixel for pixel HDTV image quality display.


Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server
High End Systems is now segmenting its Media Server products into Catalyst Pro and Catalyst DV offerings. In 2003, High End introduced the Catalyst Pro v3.0 Media Server, featuring four video layers and twin outputs. Now designers also have the option of the Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software, which offers three crossfadable video layers and one output, sized for many new budgets and projects. The Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server and Software has RS232 and RS422 serial control capabilities, allowing it to control a multitude of video switchers and playback devices.

Catalyst DV v1.0 Media Server gives the user the ability to apply more than 80 visual and color effects to digital media. It can be used with the High End Systems DL1 Digital Light fixture or any other video output device. The real time rendering capability translates to zero down time for modifying content. All software packages are based on the fastest Apple Power MAC processing and video card technologies needed to make them fly. Add any effect to a Quicktime movie or still image and instantly see it applied. This creative freedom allows the user to build on an initial concept without costing production time and money.


Virtuoso ®EX1 media server. The EX1 employs five independent light sources (an ambient light source and four directional lights) to model objects in a three-dimensional environment.  Another innovative feature of the EX1 is the positional camera.  This moving perspective feature has the ability to dolly in and out, and orbit on the x-, y-, and z-axis.  This allows the camera or viewer's perspective to "fly through" anywhere in the 3D environment, including going inside any of the 3D objects.  The camera also has a"field of view" feature that allows for imaginative forced perspectives on any object or layer. 
The 3D virtual environment includes up to two separate backgrounds, which can be scaled, textured and rotated.  The EX1 also allows up to three interactive geometric objects, which can be colored, rotated, scaled, and mapped with textures, static images, or movie files in a 3D environment.  The creation of  "virtual scenery" is completed with the positional camera and the five light sources which can be directional, ambient, colored, and intensified to provide realistic environmental lighting


  • mokey V3.1 Imagineer Systems' aim is to deliver targeted, cutting edge tools to the post production market. Imagineer's mokey product is a revolutionary visual effects tool that automates common tasks to increase productivity – ensuring that there is more time for truly creative tasks. Offering motion compensated algorithms for fast, high quality tracking, wire and rig removal, keying, image stabilization, noise reduction, film grain management and lens distortion correction, mokey reduces the time that is spent on these laborious aspects of film and video post production. mokey v3.1 Soho Edition is aimed at post production facilities working with SD, HD and film. It is resolution independent, supports import and export of Cineon, DPX, QuickTime and other standard file formats and is available as a standalone application for IRIX, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.Track2d -Matte-Remove-Stabilize-Grainsurgery .Modules tools for effects artists .Now you can do difficult 2D tracking shots without going into 3D! This module is a very sophisticated 2D tracker that avoids the drawbacks associated with 2D point trackers, such as point tracks being obscured or passing out of shot. It achieves this by tracking the entire surface for which the 2D motion is required instead of a small number of tracking more about


  • SteadymovePRO SteadyMove works by studying the images to calculate the relative camera movement from one frame to the next, it then uses this to remove unwanted movement. A number of controls allow the user to specify how much movement to remove, and how smooth the final result is. Have you tried taking a hand held shot whilst walking down the street? It's hard! With SteadyMove you can adjust the controls to just take out the shake from your hand, but leave in the bounce of your step. Alternatively you can increase the smoothness control to remove the step movement too, so that the shot looks like it was shot on a professional dolly!
    SteadymovePRO is available as a plug-in for editing and compositing systems and software including Adobe Premiere and After Effects platforms.  

  • Combustion 3 for Mac . Discreet combustion 3offers the creative tools, speed and interactivity that professionals need and artists crave. Paint, animation, editing and 3D compositing are combined in an integrated environment based on Discreet's legendary user interface .Designed to satisfy the world's most demanding effects artists and priced to fit within any budget, combustion 3 is the best solution for creating effects and motion graphics for video, film, DVD, and the web.Design JavaScript-based Expressions to craft complex animations without having to keyframe each parameter  


  • Trapcode Lux Trapcode announced the release of a new plug-in for Adobe(R) After Effects(R) 6.0. Trapcode Lux simulates the phenomena of light reflection in a sparse medium, also known as "visible light". This can be observed when lights are present in a slightly foggy environment, like on stage during a concert or outdoors on a misty night.Lux uses Adobe After Effects built-in lights to create visible light that matches how layers are lit. Lux will read properties such as position, color and cone angle from all point lights and spotlights and render visual representations of them. For even more integration, the spotlight cones can be set to reach a specified 3D layer in the composition. 


    Catalyst Version 3 Media Server
    High End Systems introduces new Catalyst® Version 3 Media Server for its DL1TM. The software contained within the Media Server has recently been successfully beta-tested on a variety of projects including the EurovisionSong Contest 2003, the Radio Music Awards, and The Muse and Radiohead tours. 3 Media Server and the DL1 digital lighting fixture are products which combine the functions of automated lighting with digital effects.The new Catalyst Version 3 Media Server and Version 3 software is a substantial upgrade for an existing Catalyst Media Server system. It has been completely re-written to take advantage of the new Apple® MAC OS–X.3 Panther and the latest developments in Open-GL based video cards. The most obvious enhancement is the twin outputs – allowing two, completely independent Catalyst video feeds from one Media Server. Drive two Catalyst orbital heads or DL1s from one Catalyst Version 3 Media Server – each one controlled and operating independently.Catalyst Version 3 software offers many other enhancements:Cross fading -Video dissolves between layers are a fundamental production technique used by the video industry. Catalyst Version 3 Software has the capability to cross fade between all four layers using the intensity channel.Preview - Catalyst Version 3 software allows complete, independent preview of content on a local monitor before sending it to the output device.Video Montage - Using the four layers, the programmer can use scaling and positioning functions to create virtual scenery or montages.Masking - Catalyst Version 3 software offers comprehensive masking and keying functions for overlay effects. Both alpha channel and black & white key effects are available. 3D Effects - Catalyst Version 3 software allows the programmer to wrap content onto different shaped 3D objects such as spheres or cubes. These objects are then fully controllable in 3D space for size, position and rotation. Spectrograph - Allows Catalyst Version 3 users to input audio into the media server. The audio input creates visual waveforms that can be sent to video output devices such as the DL1 fixture, allowing the user to "see the sound." Serial control - Allows for serial control of video switchers and playback devices. .

  • DVD controller The DVD controller enables you to control a DVD player from the lighting-desk. With simple DMX commands you can start and stop the DVD player, jump to a specific track, plays it for 2 sec, jump 2 tracks back and , and , and …
    In a very simple way you can implement your video / audio source to your light-cue’s, and run it like normal light.

  • PANDORAS BOX Animate and edit your videos, grafics and 3D objects in realtime. Easy control via DMX512. Up to 9 videolayers are handled and stored like movinglights. Make use of the benifits of modern lightingconsoles i.e. GrandMA, to adjust and create your projections on location or during rehearsals.And gives you the complete control on the position rotation and scaling of your image content, as well as realtime color correction, tiling etc... 


  • Nvidia Quadro FX 3000Introducing the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000G 256MB 128-bit floating point precision graphics pipeline, delivering real-time industrial realism to full-scale collaborative engineering and design reviews. By combining NVIDIA POWERwall technology and multisystem Genlock/Framelock withhigh-performance, high-precision programmable graphics in a cost-effective solution, NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000G revolutionizes advanced visualization.

  • Anark Studio 2 for Mac OS X. multimedia authoring software gives you the power to create the most captivating interactive 3D experiences that engage your audiences and communicate your ideas.With one single powerful tool, artists and developers can now reach a wider audience through Anark Studio's wide array of delivery options including players for Macintosh OS X and Microsoft Windows for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, self-contained screensavers, video and Web with the cross-platform Anark Client™. Create mind-blowing corporate presentations, learning applications, visualizations, product demonstrations and entertainment and never again sacrifice visual quality because of bandwidth and authoring tool limitations.

  • AJA Iodelivers the highest quality 10-bit uncompressed video and multi-channel 24-bit audio, and does it all in a simple plug-and-play form factor. And connecting Io to your Mac is easy: just one simple FireWire™ cable. All Io outputs are available all the time-allowing simultaneous connections to tape decks and monitoring - analog or digital. Io also provides RS-422 machine control, audio word clock, and a professional video Genlock. Developed in close cooperation with Apple, Io was designed to take full advantage of Final Cut Pro 4™'s exciting and powerful new features. Io-In. Out. Simple.

  • 1.2GHz processor upgraded G4 CubeNow, with a 1.2GHz processor upgrade, the Apple Cube can once again meet the requirements of professionals and prosumers alike. Surpassing the 500MHz manufacturer processor, the Powerlogix 1.25GHz G4 rivals any and all competition, easily defeating Apple's new iMac line and quite possibly earning the title of "Fastest Dual-Bootable G4."Capable of running both Mac OS9 and Mac OSX applications natively (booting from either 9 or X at the whim of the user), the Apple Cube offers users the opportunity to delve into projects ranging from word processing to digital video production. And with the optional Nvidia GeForce3 Video card, with both ADC and VGA ports and sporting 64MB of memeory, the Cube simply flies.

  • Adobe® Encore™ DVD New software takes professional DVD authoring to a new level of creativity. Import and convert source files automatically to MPEG-2 video and Dolby® Digital audio. Create and edit menus in Adobe Photoshop® format using a flexible interface and a comprehensive set of menu design tools. Output your project to all recordable DVD formats, ensuring a wide degree of playback compatibility.

  • ParticleIllusion 3.0 particleIllusion is a standalone particle effects application that is easy to use, fast, and powerful. Use it to quickly add amazing particle effects to any image, animation or video.Version 3.0 represents a major upgrade and expansion of the company's cornerstone 2D, sprite-based particle effects software application, particleIllusion.

  • Adobe After Effects 6.0 New version of AE from Adobe with OpenGL support,Use built-in vector paint tools based on Photoshop technology to perform touch-up and rotoscoping tasks.Get significantly faster and more accurate results using the new Motion Tracker to isolate and track the motion of an element on a layer (Professional edition only).Automate production tasks, including managing the Render Queue, with JavaScript-based scripts that save time and help ensure consistency. (Professional edition only).Create Academy Award-quality mattes using the new Keylight keyer. Built-in spill suppression, secondary mattes, and other tools make fine-tuning results easy (Professional edition only).

  • ATI's RADEON 9100 IGP Break new ground in desktop computing with an unprecedented combination of visual quality, performance and value. ATI's RADEON 9100 IGP is the first integrated graphics technology to support pixel shaders - bringing the most intense game play ever seen on an integrated board. Delivering stunning visual quality and intense 3D entertainment that until now was impossible, RADEON™ 9100 IGP ushers in new benchmarks in value and performance for manufacturers and end users alike.

  • Useful Things Useful Things® comes with more than 130 AE effects, ready to use, that create motion graphics; camera POVs; targeting effects; HUDS; control panels; alien and robotic POVs; on-set display graphics; meters and gauges; type-on and write-on text effects; particle effects; rolls, crawls, and lower thirds; sub-titles; audio-based effects; and tons of just plain cool visual elements

  • Power Mac G5The Power Mac G5 is the world's fastest personal computer and the first with a 64-bit processor - which means it breaks the 4 gigabyte barrier and can use up to 8 gigabytes of main memory. The new G5 processor -available at speeds up to dual 2GHz with a new ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture featuring AGP 8X and PCI-X The PowerPC G5 processor dramatically accelerates performance in real world applications, too. When compared head-to-head against the same PCs, in a large series of Photoshop tests the dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 is 2.2 times faster than the 3GHz Pentium 4-based system and almost twice as fast as the dual 3.06GHz Xeon-based system. Additional performance tests reveal similar performance gains for professional music and audio creation, and scientific analysis of genetic research. The Power Mac G5's ultra-high bandwidth system architecture features a 1GHz frontside bus - one on each processor - for maximum throughput. And a point-to-point system controller lets data move directly between subsystems, without affecting processor function.

  • Shake 3 includes-production proven visual effects tools such as layering, tracking, rotoscoping, painting and color correction. Built-inkeying capabilities include Photron's Primatte and CFC's Keylight, two industry-leading professional keyers. For additional flexibility, Shake supports third-party plug-ins such as The Foundry, GenArts, Ultimatte and more. Powerful compositing engine. The resolution-independent, hybrid scan line/tile-based render engine allows composites to contain standard-definition (SD), high-definition (HD) and film images simultaneously. Artists can choose to process operations at 8-, 16-, or 32-bit (float) color resolution, enabling HDR images to be composited with greater fidelity while maintaining overall performance.

  • DigiGobos serie 1 & 2 from Beacon.Two series with looped clips aviable as total royaltyfree material.Precoded for HighEnd Catalyst ,RADlite and Martin Eureka systems. Each serie contains 20 loops and are on one DVD disc.A big option is that hire companies are allowed to rent their systems out with the content without any restrictions and unlimited numbers of computers or systems.

  • DVD Studio Pro 2 DVD Studio Pro 2's new context-sensitive drop palette is designed to save massive amounts of time. The integrated Menu Editor lets you experiment with different designs, and the professional feature set gives you everything you need to produce DVDs, from the simplest to the most ambitious and complex projects you can imagine.

  • Final Cut Pro 4 Uncompromising image quality, sample-accurate A/V synchronization and corrective finishing tools make Final Cut Pro 4 appropriate for SD and HD broadcast applications. Apple's new SD and HD finishing formats let online editors work with 10-bit uncompressed video; a new 32-bit per channel floating-point image engine composites elements and renders effects with incredible clarity and precision

  • Shake 3 Shake 3 uses an intuitive, tree-based compositing model that gives artists access to any part of the composite at any time. This flexible, nonlinear workflow allows users to make critical creative and technical decisions at any point in the compositing process. Unique effects technology Shake 3 includes-production proven visual effects tools such as layering, tracking, rotoscoping, painting, color correction and new filmgrain simulation. Built-in keying capabilities include Photron Primatte and CFC Keylight, two industry-leading professional keyers. For additional flexibility, Shake supports third-party plug-ins such as The Foundry, GenArts, Ultimatte and more. Powerful compositing engine The resolution-independent, hybrid scan line/tile-based render engine allows composites to contain standard-definition (SD), high-definition (HD) and film images simultaneously. Artists can choose to processoperations at 8-, 16-, or 32-bit (float) color resolution, enabling HDR images to be composited with greater fidelity while maintaining overall performance.

  • Blackmagic DeckLink Pro The new uncompressed 10-bit SDI real time effects Quicktime card with analog video monitoring, DeckLink features independent connections for your monitor and broadcast deck. Even when you don't have an expensive broadcast deck available, you can still have full SDI video, and SPDIF audio monitoring.When pulling heavy image treatments and color grades, or when working on the most intricate graphic designs, 10 bit uncompressed will retain all the utmost precision of the SDI video format and eliminate image banding or contouring.

  • SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.1.1 Each character's "brain" can create new motions on the fly by combining and mixing motion. As a result,characters automatically follow paths, avoid obstacles and react to changes in the scene. And you don't have to teach characters the basics, just give them some fundamental motions and they will walk, run or evenswim.The SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR software provides users with the ability to quickly and efficiently create "intelligent" characters and choreograph realistic 3D animated crowds with a multitude of people, animals or objects that are capable of responding intuitively to objects, other characters or changes in their environment. The SOFTIMAGE|BEHAVIOR v.1.1 system also features a direct pipeline tothe SOFTIMAGE|XSI application, which is also available on Linux.

  • XBLUR, Version 2 & HDX Technology The power of XBLUR emanates from the Company's newly-engineered Hatalsky PEP ("Programmable Effects Processor") custom silicon. The BFX card, an integrated extension of the GenesisEngine, houses two Hatalsky PEP processors for 844/Xi and four for 844/Xe, permitting the XBLUR-equipped GenesisEngine to execute in real time high-quality Gaussian algorithms requiring up to 26 billion operations per second. This data processing throughput is a technical breakthrough.844/X systems incorporating HDX support input from and output to all HD and SD digital television formats defined by SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M

  • REALVIZ ReTimer SD REALVIZ ReTimer SD is the entry retiming solution based on the engine of REALVIZ award-winning product ReTimer, providing an end-to-end solution for any type of time warping,whilst retaining the highest quality output in an efficient and optimized manner. ReTimerSD is a plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5.5 or compatibles (DiscreetTM CombustionTM, Final Cut Pro).

  • Wildcat4 7110 and Wildcat4 7210 Wildcat4 takes full advantage of the new AGP8x interface standard, which transfers 2 GB of graphics information per second between the graphics card and system. Couple this with legendary Wildcat performance and you get super-charged graphics for the most complex projects.Exclusive SuperScene Antialiasing. Forget about jaggies and crawling, twinkling edges. SuperScene antialiasing dramatically improves image quality with true, multi-sampled scene mode antialiasing. Wildcat4 boosts SuperScene anti-aliased resolutions to an amazing 1920 x 1080! Plus, SuperScene can be "forced" to work in any OpenGL window. Even applications with no native support for full scene antialiasing can experience improvements in image quality. With SuperScene, you get higher performance and significantly lower memory use than typical multisampled antialiasing techniques.Six T&L engines deliver outstanding performance - especially as scene complexity increases. Our T&L engines not only give you top performance, but also 32 light sources to work with for higher levels of real-time realism.

  • Inferno 5, Flame 8 and Flint 8 The new inferno, flame and flint release is fully format-and resolution-independent.Artists can quickly import any resolution into a project and create compositions including layers of 601, HD, 2K or even 6K images. Without having to manually create partitions for each format, artists can save significant time and effort. Artists can also quickly convert clips from one format to another.- Advanced 3D with Multiple Cameras and FBX-Discreet's powerful 3D compositing environment, Action, now features multiple animatable cameras as well as more extensive support for 3D integration via the FBX file format from Kaydara.Artists can directly import and manipulate 3D models generated in Discreet's 3ds max™ as well as from other popular 3D applications including Maya, Softimage|XSI, Softimage|3D, and Lightwave. It is now possible to import the 3D models as well as textures, keyframed animation, light and camera data, thus saving significant time by eliminating the need to recreate these attributes manually.

  • combustion 2.1 the latest version of Discreet's award-winning, unified paint, animation and 3D compositing software application for motion graphic designers, animators and visual effects artists. combustion 2.1 is a powerful, resolution-independent,vector paint, animation and compositing solution for multi-format work from the web to video and HDTV to feature film. combustion 2.1 is available for both Apple® Mac OS® (OS 9.x, OS X v10.x) and Windows® (XP, NT, 2000) systems and features an advanced object-oriented architecture with extensive caching, multiple views and real-time loop playback. combustion 2.1 is setting a new standard for interactive performance on the desktop.

  • Brazil r/s being developed for those who demand the highest quality from a renderer. Designed for use in Film, Broadcast, and Visualization, Brazil r/s' versatile toolkit integrates easily into existing production environments and empowers the artists to predictably and reliably create any look. Brazil r/s' advanced shading pipeline, extensible architecture, and natural workflow offers unprecedented control and flexibility, giving artists the freedom to focus on the Work, rather than wrestling with the "technology."Brazil r/s runs as a 3ds max rendering plugin and generally conforms to the same system requirements as Discreet's 3ds maxTM (R3, R4, R5 and VIZ). Brazil r/s is not supported under Windows98 or ME.

  • 55MM 2.0Digital Film Tools released 55MM 2.0, a comprehensive set of Digital Optical Filters for Adobe After Effects and After Effects compatible programs, Apple's Final Cut Pro and Avid Editing Systems. It is availablefor both Macintosh and Windows. 55MM includes 20 plug-ins that were until recently, only available in-house at Digital FilmWorks. It is a unique set of plug-ins meant to simulate popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses and optical lab processes. Instead of fumbling around with glass filters when shooting, images can be precisely treated in a controlled digital environment. 55MM includes: Black and White, Bleach Bypass, Color Grad, Defocus, Dual Tint, Faux Film, Fluorescent, Fog, Glow, Infra-Red, Low Contrast, Mist, ND Grad, Night Vision,Polarizer, Selective Soft Focus, Skin Smoother, Star, Tint and Warm/Cool plug-ins. For those users without high-end graphicssystems, 55MM provides the option of processing in 16 bit even if thehost system is limited to 8 bit. 16 bit processing removes the common problems associated with 8 bit processing such as color banding andresults in higher quality imagery.

  • Media100 New 844/XI 844/Xi ships with new 844/X Interoperability Release features announced in September at IBC in Amsterdam, including 844/X timeline export to Adobe After Effects and support for Adobe Photoshop layers in the 844/X timeline. Additional Interoperability Release functionality, including OMF compatibility with Avid Symphony, Avid Media Composer, Digidesign Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro and Media 100 i, as well as EDL export, is planned to be available in February 2003.

  • MovingPicture 4.0StageTools has released version 4.0 of its popular MovingPicture image pan and zoom software. New features include the ability to use the alpha channel in images for high-quality floating logos and special effects, the ability to rotate the camera in three dimensions to achieve "skewed" effects and support of MacOS 1.2 (Jaguar), as well as a host of productivity enhancements. MovingPicture is a tool for documentary and industrial filmmakers to pan and zoom on high-resolution images. It takes scanned images up to 4,000 pixels and allows for perfectly repeatable pans and zooms directly from a Windows or Macintosh computer or as a plug-in to most nonlinear editors.

  • GREATvisualFX for Final Cut Prothe first compositing tutorial for Apple Final Cut Pro. With GREATvisualFX, users recreate 17 commercial TV visualFX including a"Transporter" effect using only the features and filters supplied with Final Cut Pro. Follow the tutorial movies and recreate the effect exactly like it is on TV, or, study what's being done and learn the secrets to nesting, composite modes, animation, chroma key, extracting mattes and much more of Final Cut Pro's advanced compositing interface.

  • FINAL EFFECTS COMPLETEMedia 100 Inc, a leading developer of advanced media systems, today announced Final Effects Complete for Mac OS X. Final Effects Complete is a dynamic and essential set of over 100 software plug-in filters and transitions that generates Hollywood-style special effects for film, video, animation, DVD and CD-ROM content. Final Effects Complete is an indispensable special effects toolkit for the large installed base of Media 100,Avid, Apple and Adobe nonlinear editing customers.

  • RE:Flex Apple's Shake RE:Flex makes available to Shake users the first morphing software that combines hand feature-matching with automatic image registration. After aligning the hand matched shapes, RE:Flex uses the automatic image registration found in RE:Vision's acclaimed Twixtor product to automatically align the non-handmatched parts of the image. As such, RE:Flex is the most automated and powerful morphing program on themarket. RE:Flex for Shake consists of two plugins, RE:Flex Warp and RE:Flex Morph. Features common to both plugins: Warping is directed through Shake's built-in rotoshape geometries (splines and polylines), not through a grid of mesh points! Geometries need not be closed shapes Smooth non-polygonal warping Boundaries can be specified to limit the region of warping or morphing Interactive warping is accomplished through Shake's interactive preview feature 8 and 16 bits per channel support

  • Mac Mental Ray for Maya 1.5 Beta Available Alias|Wavefront announced that its free public beta version of mental ray for Maya 1.5 software for the Mac OS X operating system is now available for download. Mental ray for Maya is a tightly integrated rendering plug-in that maximizes the strength of the mental ray renderer and Maya 3D software.

  • Trapcode Starglow After Effects plug-in that creates a star-shaped glow on the highlights of the source. The effect looks similar to shooting with a diffusion filter. The star shape consists of eight directions that can be assigned individual colormaps and streak lengths. Starglow is easy to use and has many presets to get you going.

  • Dante 3.0 The new versions will run on Universe 4.0.8 and 5.0 on Macintosh OS 9.2, OS X (including Jaguar), and Windows operating systems.Dante(TM) 3.0 has a completely new particle engine and a new user-interface. New effect features include Fan Forces, Friction Fields, Spawning, and Billowing. A totally new architecture allows accurate previews within Universe Animator windows. Whatever you set the time thumb to, the plugin will generate the correct results, even if you have animated child groups or keyframed settings. Pathfinder(TM) 2.0 can now use keyframed motion- paths and can apply motion to lights, cameras, and effectors as well as geometry. The Dante(TM) Cloud Shader has an improved user-interface and improved appearance. Liquefy(TM) 2.0 now has an evolving deformation function. New documentation and tutorials are also available for download.

  • Tinderbox 3 Continuing on from the success of Tinderbox 1 and Tinderbox 2, The Foundry presents Tinderbox 3, a set of completely new plug-ins. Tinderbox 3, first previewed at NAB 2002, goes on to extend the range and functionality of the Tinderbox range of plug-ins. Tinderbox 3 allows the After Effects professional to produce high quality visual effects with the minimum of effort.

  • 3ds max5 continues its strong adoption with connectivity to more industry-leading rendering solutions than any other 3D software. With an extensive SDK and hundreds of specialized plug-ins, 3ds max has the perfect open foundation and extended set of tools to bring animation to new creative heights. As a 5th generation animation and modeling solution,3ds max 5 has increased its rich functionality to further inspire the world's best animators. Based upon its current award-winning toolset, 3ds max5 has major feature advancements in the following areas: Animation Enhancements
    Texturing Enhancements
    Scene Management Tools
    Modeling Enhancements
    Lighting & Rendering Enhancements
    New Asset Browser, Dope Sheet Editor, the Character Node, and Named Selection Sets aid in managing, tracking, re-purposing, and sharing large amounts of data generated during intense production

  • RADlite is a comprehensive image and video manipulation system that can be controlled by any DMX lighting desk. It combines any number of images and vector shapes with digital video, colour backgrounds and even text messages.The RADlite can be used to control any video display accepting SVGA, s-video or composite signals. This includes most LCD and DLP projectors, video walls and plasma screens and can be used in a variety of resolutions and aspect ratios. The system is fully configurable, allowing you to create a range of different personalities, depending on which parameters you need to use. For example, you can configure the colour control channels to work as full RGB colour mixers, or save channels by using a set of colour wheels

  • MCLite Digital Master Control Switcher.PESA's new MCLite is a standard definition master control switcher designed to meet the master control needs of the modern broadcast facility. MCLite's features include: multi-channel SDTV operation, compact A/B mix-effects processor, up to four keying layers, logo keyer with internal storage, extensive logo management software, optional DVE squeezeback, AES and embedded audio processing, automation and GPIO interfaces, redundant power supplies and relay bypass protection. Each MCLite processor consists of a full featured A/B video and AES/embedded audio mixer which can be fitted with up to four downstream keyers and a DVE squeezeback module. MCLite uses two of the facility's routing switcher outputs to select the program and preview inputs for a virtually limitless availability of sources. Key and voice-over inputs are also supplied and switched by the router

  • 3DBOXX workstations and RenderBOXX rendering Designed for Microsoft Windows 2000 or Linux, 3DBOXX and RenderBOXX are available in single and dual processor configurations enhanced with NVIDIA Quadro4 XGL architecture. They are optimized for modeling and rendering 3D content and animation with popular software programs such as Maya, 3ds max, Softimage 3D, LightWave 3D and Houdini. The 3DBOXX and RenderBOXX series introducing the AMD Athlon MP processor 2200+ with Quantispeed architecture is currently shipping. Pricing varies with system configuration.

  • eFX Extract3D ElectricFX announced the public beta availability of eFX Extract3D, a new effects plug-in for Adobe After Effects. With the release of this plug-in, motion graphics and visual effects artists now have quick and easy access within After Effects to powerful 3D image channels rendered by 3D animation applications like 3ds max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Softimage and Electric Image. Using the eFX Extract3D plug-in, After Effects artists can easily view, extract, mask and color-map image file footage using up to 12 additional channels of 3D information rendered by 3D animation applications, including Z Depth, Material ID, Object ID, Texture UV, Surface Normal, Non-Clamped RGB and Coverage. With eFX Extract3D, users of either the Standard Version or Production Bundle of After Effects can work with 3D image file footage using RPF, RLA, PIC/ZPIC and EI/EIZ formats in any After Effects project. With the Production Bundle, eFX Extract3D fully supports 64-bit-per-pixel color (trillions of colors) for greater detail and color fidelity.

  • Dual 1.25GHz PowerPC G4 with a combined performance of 18 billion floating point operations per second, or 18 gigaflops - put this fearsomely fast Power Mac G4 squarely in the lead as the ultimate high-end graphics workstation. The twin-engined 1.25GHz G4 runs professional applications like Adobe Photoshop up to 90 percent faster than a 2.53GHz Pentium 4-based PC. To harness all this power required the new system controller designed for Xserve as well as its L3 cache and DDR memory.

  • Shake 2.5 brings a powerful new dimension to Apple's pro film and video lineup: compositing and visual effects. And, just as Final Cut Pro has changed the way the industry edits, Shake has changed high-end post production forever by introducing an affordable software solution for film and video professionals.Shake simultaneously handles 8, 16 and 32-bit (float) images for the highest-quality productions in the industry. Its scanline/tiled-based renderer provides efficient processing of the most complex projects and features an almost unlimited number of layers, custom macros, concatenation of contiguous color and transformation processes for better quality and render times, an extensive scripting language and distributed rendering for larger projects.

  • Matrox ParheliaThe pioneer of single-chip multi-display technology, Matrox has consistently provided the best multi-display technology since the introduction of DualHead four years ago. With Parhelia, Matrox extends its leadership in multi-display by introducing new and enhanced features such as DualHead-HighFidelity (HF) and TripleHead Desktop mode. Improving productivity like never before, these innovative multi-display technologies combine maximum onscreen real-estate with the industry's most comprehensive resolution, color depth and refresh rate support for single, dual and triple displays. Cutting-edge features such as 10-bit GigaColor and 10-bit gamma correctable RAMDACs offer professional color quality and precision by delivering over 1 billion simultaneously displayable colors. Meanwhile, UltraSharp Display Output Technology uses advanced electronics and design techniques to deliver the richest, clearest images and ultra-crisp displays, even during high-resolution, multi-display computing. Matrox Parhelia also offers Glyph Antialiasing, which makes onscreen text more readable for mainstream and professional applications ranging from Microsoft Word to Adobe FrameMaker. What's more, users can enjoy these new benefits with the world's fastest 2D performance.

  • Boris RED 2.5Now supports Macintosh OS X and Windows XP*
    - Over 1,000 customizable preset effects
    - Vector Paint and Rotoscoping
    - Motion Tracking and Image Stabilization
    - Import, Extrude, and Animate EPS/Illustrator files
    - Time Manipulation Filters
    - Vector text for razor-sharp display at any scale
    - Animated text on a path
    - Sophisticated type-on effects for 2D/3D titles
    - Plugs directly into industry-leading NLEs
    - Standalone rendering: export to QuickTime, AVI, FLASH


  • XserveThe Xserve 1U form factor enables you to deploy a formidable array of up to 84 PowerPC G4 processors in a standard, 42U 8-foot-tall rack that makes the best possible use of the floor space in your server room or data center (the server units have been designed to fit industry-standard four-post and telco racks, and come complete with mounting hardware). Do the math: The dual 1GHz PowerPC G4 processors provide 15 gigaflops of computational power per 1U.That means 42 Xserve units in a 42Urack can deliver up to an astonishing 630 gigaflops of processing power

  • Cinema Tools for Final Cut ProCinema Tools for Final Cut Pro lets you work in the media formats of your choice regardless of your budget. With Cinema Tools for Final Cut Pro, you can have the functionality of a high-end specialized 24-fps editing system on your Power Mac G4 or PowerBook G4. Cinema Tools features a palette of precision tools that work with Final Cut Pro to edit film digitally and work with the emerging 24P high-definition video standard. No other application or collection of products even remotely in its price range can match the way Cinema Tools and Final Cut Pro let you work with all major formats like OfflineRT, DV, SD and HD, and finish on film.

  • Zoomgriff ZOE-DV-Lanc ZOE-DV-Lanc is a zoom grip for Mini-DV Camcorders. Now you can use Mini DV Camcorders with professional tripods. The zoom speed is controlled by the amount of pressure applied to the zoom button; bothersome pre-adjustment of the zoom speed setting becomes unnecessary. Stepless zoom speed without pre-adjustment -Focus function -Recorder start-stop switch -Camera on-off switch -Zoom and focus directions reversible

  • Ultimatte 9 Ultimate 9 is the third generation of Ultimatte's all-digital compositing devices and represents the culmination of over 20 years of experience in the field. It features the Emmy and Oscar winning technology that has gained Ultimatte Corp. a reputation for the best blue- and green-screen compositing in the world. A fully linear matting system, it produces totally realistic composites even when the foreground contains smoke, shadows, soft edges, and other transparent and translucent characteristics.

  • 55MM 5MM is a unique set of filters from Digital Film Tools meant to simulate popular optical glass filters as well as specialized lenses. Color Grad, Mist, Fog, Warm/Cool, Skin Smoother, Night Vision and name just a few. Instead of fumbling around with glass filters when shooting, you can now precisely treat your images in a controlled digital environment.

  • Sound Keysis a keyframe generator plug-in for Adobe After Effects 5 and higher. It allows visually selecting a range in the audio spectrum and convert the audio energy in the selected frequencies to a stream of keyframes. It is very handy for making extremely audio-driven animations without manually setting heaps of keyframes (or using PB motion math).Sound Keys fundamentally differs from the keyframe generators that comes with AE. They (wiggler, motion sketch etc) have their own palette, whereas Sound Keys is applied as a regular effect and keyframes are generated into its own output parameters and then linked with an expression (or copied into place). An advantage with this approach is that all settings for the plug-in are saved with the project.

  • 844/X from Media100 is the world's first content design system. 844/X delivers real-time image processing - along with internal precision to support the arrangement and editing of complex audio-visual content incorporating many layers - to broadcast designers, visual effects artists, and online editors. Strikingly versatile, 844/X delivers quality and speed, at an affordable price. Freeing you to create without waiting. Enabling change and experimentation. The power of 844/X emanates from a new content design platform - a PCI standard subsystem compatible with personal computers - called the GenesisEngine. Designed and manufactured by Media 100, the GenesisEngine is a media supercomputer that delivers more than 420 megabytes per second sustained throughput, enabling it to process in real time, with high precision, numerous concurrent media functions across multiple video and key streams. Throughput and precision are unmatched by any other PC or workstation.

  • BodyPaint 3D Maxon has released an enhanced BodyPaint 3D exchange plug-in for LightWave . The BodyPaint 3D LightWave Exchange plug-in allows seamless transfer of model and texture data between LightWave and BodyPaint 3D. The updated plug-in supports LightWave versions 6.5b and 7b, and is available for Windows, Mac OS 9.x and Mac OS X.

  • Dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 announcing the new Power Mac G4 featuring dual 1 GHz PowerPC G4 processors, an NVIDIA GeForce4 graphics card and a DVD/CD burning SuperDrive, priced at $2,999 (US). Apple also introduced two new Power Mac G4 models with 933 MHz and 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors

  • Digital Voodoo 16-bit Support for AE 5.5 The D1 Desktop 64AV is optimized for editing with applications such as Apple's Final Cut Pro. This new model includes powerful audio features instead of the key output that the D1 Desktop 64 and D1 Desktop 64 Lite models introduce. Also included on the D1 Desktop 64 and D1 Desktop 64 Lite models is a dual channel video output. Video can be selected to be "video and video", "video and alpha key", or full dual link 4:4:4:4 for amazing video quality.

  • After Effects 5.5 Native Mac OS X support,Microsoft Windows XPsupport-Multiple comp views-New masking enhancements-Expressions enhancements and more

  • Final Cut Pro 3 Final Cut Pro 3 gives you the benefits of the industry's first out-of-the-box, realtime effects architecture - without the obvious drawbacks of rigid proprietary systems that can cost tens of thousands of dollars more. With Final Cut Pro 3, wipes, dissolves and color correction happen in G4 realtime when using DV and OfflineRT - Apple's revolutionary new offline format that lets your Power Mac G4 or Titanium PowerBook G4 hold up to five times as much footage as it can with DV - with no PCI card required.

  • SpiceMaster Deluxe for Avid AVX Systems (Mac) (Macintosh; AVX 1.5 or later).Besides providing fresh transitions, spices can dynamically matte (flow) Avid effects within a single clip's image. For instance, you can apply a subtly curved dissolve to reveal a color change. Or motion track a distortion effect that organically opens (with a shadow and glow) over your moving subject. Or softly wash a blur across a scene. The creative possibilities are endless!

  • iMac PowerPC G4 the new Imac G4 with PowerPC G4 processors,700- or 800-MHz with Velocity Engine and a DVD/CD burning SuperDrive on the top models.Nice design with a built-in 15-inch (viewable) TFT active-matrix liquid crystal display.

  • RE:Flex for use in Adobe (R) After Effects(R) 5.0 and later.RE:Flex brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to After Effects! Superior results are achieved using RE:Vision Effects' proprietary and sophisticated technology. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses After Effects' own drawing and masking tools to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface. RE:Flex consists of two plugins, RE:Flex Warp and RE:Flex Morph

  • FireStore DV Hard Disk Recording System from 3Dlabs.Firestore converts any firewire drive into a high performance digital disk recorder/player. Record directly to disk from your digital camcorder, VTR, or mixer. When you are ready to edit, your clips are immediately available to your NLE system - there is no need to digitize! Firestore allows for direct recording of DV video sources to a Firewire hard disk without the need for a host computer.

  • Oxygen graphics cards from 3Dlabs.The Oxygen graphics bundles for the Apple Cinema Displays are available immediately for the Oxygen GVX420 with two DVI to ADC connectors, and for the Oxygen GVX1 Pro 1.5v with a single DVI to ADC connector. A certified Apple power supply is included for powering each display in a Windows PC configuration

  • Composite Suite Digital Film Tools presents a comprehensive set of special effects plug-ins for the television and motion picture industries. Available for Avid Editing Systems and Adobe After Effects, Composite Suite 2.0 includes indispensable effects tools that no editor or artist should be without. From their years of experience, Digital FilmWorks has packaged into one set of plug-ins all you need to make seamless and realistic composites.

  • eFX Pyro is the new Adobe After Effects plug-in from electricFX that produces very realistic 3D fire and smoke effects. Developed in association with Aretete' Entertainment, this plug-in is based on Aretete's Digital NatureTools platform, used by the film industry's top visual effects companies to create water and atmospheric effects for Pearl Harbor, Titanic, Cast Away, The Truman Show, Devil's Advocate,The Fifth Element and other films. There is no other technology available for After Effects that offers this level of realism and flexibility.

  • CableClamp Cable, cord and wire organizer eliminates tangled messes. The reusable Cable Clamp® easily opens and closes with one hand while you readjust all your cable connections. Your set up and strike time becomes faster and easier. Durable and very well engineered, this new and innovative product is inexpensive and comes in three sizes and multiple colors

  • Commotion Pro 4.0 has highly developed algorithms that increase the speed of many operations over previous versions: compositing engine is up to 30% faster ,paint engine increased by 200%, and ,rotoscoping spline feathering is 3000% faster! Nested Comps via Grouping Controls in the Timeline Grouping provides a comprehensive solution for managing composites and working with multiple layers at once. You can now add mattes, color corrections, or other filters and motion controls to multiple layers at once all within an easy-to-use folder interface. Groups can be viewed solo in the timeline to more efficiently use screen real estate. Info

  • Shine / 3D StrokeFor Adobe After Effects4.1 or higher.2 Great plug-ins made by Trapcode.Shine is a fast light ray effect with many options and 3D Stroke uses paths from masks to make strokes in 3D.Shine is a must!

  • MAV-555 SeriesMPEG-based, multi-channel editing disk recorders. They combine advanced disk technology with a VTR-style of control proven in the day-to-day realities of broadcast operations. The MAV-555 Series meet the recording and real-time editing requirements of today's live, sports, and news programming. Beyond today's application, the format-free advantages of disk-recording will see the MAV-555 Series supporting DTV and the new Sony Super Motion format. There are two models in the series, differing only in the capacity of their disk drives, 18 GB and 36GB. Info

  • FiLMBOX 3.0 the latest release of the company's real time 3D content authoring and delivery tool. Kaydara FiLMBOX 3.0 brings real-time mixed media authoring capabilities to Apple computers, with support for Mac OS X. This addition to the list of supported operating systems including Windows 2000, Irix, and Red Hat Linux makes FiLMBOX a truly platform-independent hub. Enhancements made to FiLMBOX 3.0 include improvements to the control sets feature, which will enable 3D artists to animate CG characters without having to program complex IK rigs and constraints. These character tool enhancements also provide animators with the ability to interactively work with both inverse and forward kinematics, to generate keyframe animation and to easily modify existing motion-capture data. Info

  • PVR The PVR is a stand-alone MPEG-2 Video Recorder/Player targeted for consumer electronics applications. The highly integrated, self-contained PVR Module, intended for OEMs, enables rapid integration into variety of consumer electronic devices, including TVs, set-top boxes and digital VCRs. This module augments existing features of these devices by adding enhanced capabilities like: personal instant replay, time-shifted program watching, instant access to any recorded scene and video cataloguing and indexing. It also enables the storage and electronics manufacturers to introduce PVR-based products to the burgeoning consumer multimedia market. Info

  • 3Prong AVX plug-ins TwitterFiXThe "TwitterFiX" AVX plug-in is a solution to the problem of interlace flicker. Each video field is comprised of interlaced alternate lines of the video frame. Fine detail that is present on one field but not on the other may appear to flicker. Common sources with this problem might be: character generator rolls,computer-generated artwork, animation, some types of telecine transfers, etc. TwitterFiX works by blending each field together with the previous one. Info

  • Tremor Version 1.0its new non-linear compositing solution. Tremor is a non-linear high performance system featuring a new, simple and streamlined interface based on mature and production proven technology. It is 100% compatible with Shake and its associated rendering engine, so that projects can easily migrate from front-room to back-room to render farms. An added benefit of that compatibility is that all third-party plug-ins developed for Shake will also be available in Tremor. Info

  • Adobe After Effects 5.0 software continues to set motion graphics and visual effects standards for professional cross-media delivery using a toolset that lets you explore unlimited creative possibilities with precise control. After Effects not only offers unparalleled integration with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, but it efficiently produces professional results too. So, whether you're creating for film, video, multimedia, or the Web, After Effects 5.0 delivers a comprehensive set of tools for a flexible workflow that meets your many 2D and 3D compositing, animation, and effects needs Info

  • Media100 announced an updated version of its software to 7.5 with features like lossless codec. Check out Info

  • BOUJOU Version 1.0 By completely automating the complex task of deriving a camera calibration from film or video footage, boujou not only saves time and money in film and TV post-production, but also makes it quick and easy for professionals in industry, design and architecture to combine video footage with 3D material..Info

  • Zapex's ZP-200/300 MPEG-2video and Dolby Digital/PCM audio encoders will enable video content holders to deliverDVD-Video titles to the corporate world, educational institutions, and publishing houses on the optical disk of the millennium. Corporations can now deliver dynamic messages to their target market because the ZP-200/300 delivers dynamic video quality with Dolby Digital (2 ch) audio. Also, an extraordinary feature of the ZP-200/300 is the "off-line" encoding feature for transcoding with the ZP-Controller software or the plug-in for Adobe Premiere software.PowerPoint presentations can now deliver excellent MPEG-2 video and Dolby Digital audio to the corporate boardroom and the desktop.Info

  • PDR-885 The PDR-885 is a Closed Caption Encoder with an integral Decoder for inserting caption and text data on Line 21 of the NTSC signal. However, this important function is only the beginning of the PDR-885 capabilities. Caption and Text data may be inserted in either field on lines 10 though 25 of the Vertical Blanking Interval. In addition, data on the incoming video signal may be recovered from either field, lines 10 through 25 of the VBI. This incoming data may be displayed as Open Captions, using the built-in Closed Caption Decoder, andcaptured by a computer utilizing the PDR-885's serial data port. Each of these important functions, Encoding, Decoding, and Data Recovery may be done simultaneously. Info

  • Power Mac G4 with the DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive Models include 733MHz, 667MHz, 533MHz and 466MHz single-processor configurations, and the dual processor 533MHz Power Mac G4 . And if you pick a model with a built-in DVD-R/CD-RW SuperDrive, you not only get iMovie video editing software (pre-loaded on every new Power Mac G4), you also get Apple's revolutionary new iDVD software - the easiest wayever to turn Desktop Movies into interactive DVD videos.
    DVD Studio Pro includes a software MPEG encoder that will work in any QuickTime-savvy video editor, such as Final Cut Pro. The encoder supports both PAL and NTSC formats and 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. The program will also accept MPEG streams from other encoders. The DVD spec and DVD Studio Pro allow for up to 99 video tracks in a project and you can set up to nine angles per track. The program allows for chapter markers within tracks to facilitate jumping directly to various points in a DVD. If you want to create alternate versions, simply use the multistory feature Info G4
    Info DVD Studio Pro

  • Panasonic Displays New Products Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems Company has introduced several products in its line of projectors and display models. The 42" plasma display TH-42PWD3U and the 50" diagonal TH-50PHD3U high definition plasma display panel sport the highest brightness and contrast ratio available in a plasma display. The projectors include the PT-L759U portable XGA LCD projector and the PT-D9600U, a large-venue DLP-based projector offering 1280 x 1024 resolution. Info

  • LightWave or OS X.NewTek is proud to announce the availability of the first professional 3D application for OS X. All registered Macintosh LightWave 6.0 and 6.5 users can download this special version. Be one of the first to welcome the introduction of Apple's next generation operating system, with the next level in animation software, LightWave 6.5! Info

  • Media 100 iMedia 100 i masters the production workflow and helps you create dynamic, interactive streaming websites with ease and efficiency. You get powerful interactivity, unlimited layering, 2D and 3D character and graphics generation, advanced color correction, a host of real-time effects,timesaving automation, and support for all standard video formats. Four different Media 100 i models provide flexibility and value for your particular needs, from budget-conscious web authoring to full-fledged, high-end broadcast design and post-production. Witness the competitive edge Media 100 i gives you. Info

  • Trilligent Cluster is the ideal solution for streaming DVD-quality video and CD-quality audio over the Internet. It's a high performance, highly scalable, turnkey system that can easily be expanded to match your growing hosting or delivery requirements. As the system scales, system administration remains easy because the Trilligent Cluster is logically managed as a single system. Trilligent Cluster configurations are available from entry level systems supporting 300 Mbps bandwidth all the way up to enterprise-class systems delivering 5 Gbps sustained streaming bandwidth. Storage scales as well, from 80 gigabytes to 5 terabytes. Info

  • Combustionprovides the production power to design, animate, composite, and render your creative vision. Work seamlessly in a unified non-destructive, paint and compositing environment to finish complex effects shots. Use the intuitive Discreet "artist" interface and superior technology for motion tracking, keying, and color correction, rotoscope and composite elements interactively-all within a true 3D compositing environment. The advanced architecture of combustion integrates image caching, multi-processor support and multiple scene views, to deliver a new standard of visual interactivity on the desktop. Compose within a resolution independent workspace using uncompressed video and experience performance that blows away the competition. Info

  • Character studio 3 character studio 3 is the latest release of the powerful extension to 3d studio maxthe world's best-selling professional 3D animation and modeling solution. character studio 3 provides more ways to build and refine characters than any other product, including groundbreaking new tools for creating crowds. Now you can quickly animate a school of fish, a swarm of bees, or any collection of humanoid characters. Create astounding crowd scenes, while you retain total control over how each individual interacts with its fellow creatures, the terrain, and any dangers or opportunities in the environment. Physique is an incredibly fast skinning system, allowing you to create flesh around the biped bones amazingly quickly. Running under Windows 98 or Windows NT, character studio provides a uniquely rich palette of tools for motion capture, free-form animation, and footstep animation. These tools provide a high-quality, cost-effective way to populate your 3d studio max worlds with characters that walk, run, jump, and move with incredible personality. Now you can achieve all your goals: fabulous characters, fast workflow, effective project management, superior skin and the perfect balance of quality and performance for each production. Info

  • Gypsy Motion Capture System An AtoD (Analog to Digital converter) card in the computer converts the analog voltage changes from the various joints to digital values. The driver software interprets this information (based upon the performer's calibration file) to drive a skeletal representation of the performer's skeleton in real-time, in response to the performer's motions. The software can sense whether one or both feet are on the ground, and calculates footstep placement accordingly. The gyroscope's readings of hip bearing describes movement of the performer's center of mass. The result is relative variations from initialization position, which results inaccurate global translations. An experienced Gypsy operator can create a calibration file for a new performer in approximately 30 minutes or less. Calibration is even faster for performers of similar size and proportion to previously calibrated performers. Once calibrated, a periodic re-initialization (5 seconds or less) readies the Gypsy for accurate recording. Info

  • PT-LC50UFrom Panasonic.Delivering outstanding price-to-performance benefits, the PT-LC50U offers powerful features such as 700 ANSI lumens of brightness, and 800 x 600 true SVGA resolution while offering advanced resizing technology to display smooth, brilliant 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution. The ultra-compact projector measures a mere 10.5" (W) by 2.9" (H) X 8.2" (D), and is equipped with a 2,000-hour long-life 130-watt UHM lamp. Info

  • BodyPaint 3D BodyPaint 3D is based on the same state-of-the-art, cross-platform architecture as CINEMA 4D XL6, MAXON's flagship 3D modeling, animation and rendering package. Hence BodyPaint 3D already boasts award-winning features such as legendary stability and speed, ease-of-use, and a fully configurable interface. An artist can load the objects to texture, then paint on as many as 10 material channels concurrently. For example, the rust preset adds a reddish colour to the colour channel, roughness to the bump and diffusion channels and dampening to the specular reflections channel - all in one brush stroke! Info

  • TitleMotion v4.2 Inscriber has announced the release of TitleMotion SD4.2 for Discreet edit*, Inscriber's professional graphics plug-in for creating video titles and motion effects on the Windows NT platform. Graphics created with TitleMotion include full key channel support, which enables titles to be laid over digitized video with full transparency. TitleMotion is based on technology developed for Inscriber's high-end character generator products and allows NLE users full access to Inscriber's top-quality output. It also allows editors to animate each character of a title independently. Info

  • The Specter Virtual DataCine™ s a complete, self-contained, disk-based telecine emulation system that captures all the film's resolution and dynamic range from the Spirit and stores it as film data-or virtual film. The operator and clients experience exactly the same benefits of using the Spirit directly but without wear and tear of the film content. Random access to the elements and future upgrades will allow for auto conforming to off line AVID EDL lists, with transition effects (equivalent of lab opticals)and powerful restoration tools. Once the content is produced and color corrected it can be converted to a variety of delivery mediums such as SDTV, HDTV, or even as filmdata sent to a film recorder to make a finished version for theatrical release. One Spirit can support a number of lower-cost Specter Virtual DataCine™ systems for increased efficiency in the transfer process. The system can be supplied scaled for two base resolutions. The full 2K x 2K real time solution or a scaled-back real-time 1080P/24-resolution system. The smaller system is fully upgradeable to 2K operation, by the addition of some hardware to the server platform. The Specter is fully supported by the Pogle Platinum MegaDef real time 2K color correction system and the daVinci 2K color-correction and control system. Info

  • The Maya Paint Effects Plug-in for Adobe After Effects 4.1. Windows NT and Macintosh enables you to applydetailed paint strokes of plants, fibers, glows, water, metal, natural media and more along a mask, bezier path or motion path. With this unique paint plug-in, artists can quickly create and animate the most complex organic and painterly detail in two and three-dimensional brush modes. Info

  • Media100 announced an updated version of its software is now available for download at the company Web site. The Media 100 version 6.0.3 update is required by all new generation (gigabit ethernet) single and dual-processor Apple Power Macintosh G4 computer systems. Owners of Media 100 version 6.0 or higher with the SDI option are also encouraged to download the software. Media100 also announced a new version of the remote field editor (RFE), an interactive streaming production system that allows users to produce content from remote locations for streaming on the Internet, DVD and broadcast. Its configuration includes DV, component and composite I/O, real-time effects, advanced audio EQ and true broadcast-quality video. The Media 100 RFE is a complete turnkey solution that also includes an Apple PowerBook with a 500MHz G3 processor, 256MB of memory, 6GB hard drive, a DVD-ROM and the new Apple optical mouse, plus a small-footprint expansion chassis that holds the Media 100 hardware and 72GB of storage. Info

  • Panasonic AJ-HD150 The new DVCPRO HD studio VTR completes the picture from DV to HD. Info

  • Piranha Stream is a revolutionary new product using our unique "real time" encoding process that prepares video and audio material for downloading or streaming. E.g. "real time" means one minute of video takes one minute to encode. A two hour movie will only take two hours to encode, etc. Info

  • dnp Holo Screen The dnp Holo Screen includes an advanced transparent holographic film that captures and displays images rear projected from excactly 35 degrees. All other light is ignored. The result is remarkably bright and clear images without use of cabinets. And since the holographic film does not reflect sunlight, dnp Holo Screen can be viewed clearly in high light environments and even outdoors. Info

  • Tinderbox 1 from The Foundry.New Plug-ins runs on After Effects for the Mac or PC Info

  • Dual PowerPC G4 from Apple.With these new configurations - dual PowerPC G4 processors with Velocity Engine, each performing over three billion floating-point operations per second - computation speeds can increase by a factor of two. Letting you shave precious seconds off the time taken to complete complex tasks that may have started to seem like they're taking just a little bit longer. And because the Power Mac G4 comes engineered with the architectural and operating system support needed to get the mostout of dual processing, there's nothing holding this baby back. These dual processor systems offer fast relief for high-end users. In fact in some professions, you might say they're getting here just in time. Because each new generation of software - especially graphics-intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro- makes ever-increasing demands on your processor's bandwidth. You need every performance advantage you can get. And this is a big one. Info

  • Echo Fire 1.1 from Synthetic Aperture.Echo Fire displays the current After Effects composition or Photoshop document on your NTSC or PAL video monitor, letting you see how your art really looks.Using the FireWire interface built into your Macintosh G3 or G4, or an add-on FireWire card, Echo Fire connects your computer to your video monitor via a camcorder or FireWire converter box, giving you an inexpensive video interface that doesn't need another PCI slot.. Info

  • Inferno VERSION 4 from Discreet.nferno is ideal for film, digital cinema,HDTV/DTV, high-resolution commercials as well as video (PAL/NTSC), and features tools essential for work at higher bit-depth per color channel and spatial image resolution. Within Action's intuitive 3D design environment or Batch interface, inferno handles the world's most complex production challenges as well as fast and simple graphics. inferno version 4 offers a highly sophisticated palette of features including 3D and 2D Motion Tracking, Colour WarperTM , Motion Estimation Timewarp, Modular Keyer, Editing, Paint, Text, Universal 24p Mastering, and 2D/3D integration with 3d studio max®. inferno also offers a powerful end-to-end effects production pipeline through vertical integration with Discreet's desktop effects and paint software combustion to maximize facility efficiency. A secure growth path is available through sparks, Discreet's third party plug-in program. Info

  • DVStation from Canopus.DVStation is a high performance ready-to-edit system including a lightweight 15" LCD flat panel, a high performance PC and plenty of video storage. The DVStation offers powerful editing tools from the easy-to-use RaptorEdit to Adobe Premiere. The station also includes special effects and audio-processing software giving all the tools you need to put together stunning video productions. Info

  • Multi-view From Maris. Up to 16 synchronous channels of video from one server.(PC) Info

  • Film Log Manager (FLM) Trakker Introduces FLM Trakker Technologies announced the release of Film Log Manager (FLM), a data management tool for handling film assets. The user is offered the choice of a list view or a database view by which assets can be sorted, organized and filtered. Filter and sort parameters are user-definable, enabling anyone using FLM to quickly gain access to information and assets. FLM is available on Macintosh, Windows and Windows NT-based nonlinear editing systems, such as Discreet's edit*, Media 100 and Apple's Final Cut Pro. Info

  • More Memory for Apple.Enhanced Memory System, a subsidiary of Ramtron International, announced the introduction of 256 and 512MB unbuffered PC133 SDRAM (HSDRAM) DIMM modules for the high-end Apple Power Mac G4 systems. These upgrades will expand the memory from 256MB to a 1.5GB capacity, providing low-cost, high-capacity performance. Info

  • ScreenPro™ 1.0 keeps open application windows neatly organized and constantly visible, so moving between programs and documents is fast and easy. Info

  • Kaleidolight System Kaleidolight is a powerful messaging and graphics generator, which plugs into your existing video system as another source, just like a VCR or satellite decoder.Info

  • Commotion 3.0 Commotion stands alone in combining leading paint and effects technology with full- featured advanced compositing tools, and is the only desktop application to offer instant playback of moving video, DTV, HDTV, and film images directly from RAM or disk, using the exclusive SuperCache technology. Commotion speeds up your workflow and delivers a superior environment for creative work.Info

  • DSR-70 from Sony. The DSR-70 employs the DVCAM format which uses 8-bit digital component recording with a 5:1 compression ratio and a sampling rate of 4:1:1 to provide high picture quality and superb multigeneration performance. In addition, thanks to the PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) digital stereo recording system, the DSR-70 offers superior audio performance with a wide dynamic range and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio,comparable to CD quality audio. Info

  • Chalice from Silicon Grail.Chalice is optimized to handle large data sets at feature film resolution and extended color-bit depth, with comprehensive tools for converting to and from the Kodak Cineon 10-bit log data format. Chalice works in multiple bit depths (8-bit, 16-bit, or float), even in the same shot, and offers complete control over setting white points and black levels for compositing computer-generated imagery and for film output. Info

  • Dveous OrbitalFXThe new Dveous OrbitalFX feature gives you the spinning effect you want,without cutting a second into your deadline. Simply specify amplitude, frequency, and waveform, and let the ingenious oscillators handle the rest. These automatic number generators find trails of coordinates that make your orbit smooth, gravity-like, instead of jerky, man-made. All you have to do is turn them on.Create perfect, natural, object rotation in seconds. Hit the right coordinates, at the right time. Continuously. Effortlessly. No afternoons burnt by tedious keyframe setting. No headaches trying to determine where the next coordinate should be. Just let the machine take over. Info

  • After Effects On ICE Ultra EditionThe ultimate desktop compositing solution . Super-charge your projects with all the high-performance tools you need for sophisticated motion graphics design and compositing. This product is a comprehensive desktop compositing solution that includes a copy of Adobe's After Effects Production Bundle, the Ultra BlueICE PCI hardware for ultimate performance, and the ICE'd After Effects Module that accelerates the core functions of After Effects' Geometrics and Compositing when using Motion Blur. Plus, you get a collection of today's hottest effects-all ICE'd for superior performance, including over 120 super-fast effects from ICE'd DE CineLook, ICE'd FEC, and ICE'd Edges.Info

  • Maya for the Mac OS X -- coming early 2001.The core features of the OS X version of Maya will be the same as those in the version of Maya Complete 3 for Windows NT,Windows 2000 Professional and IRIX, except for features specific to an operating system. Maya on the Mac will be designed to work with all other Macintosh applications and therefore wil let you use any of the Macintosh-based compositing solutions.Info

  • IntroDVDesigned specifically for new DV shooters and editors, IntroDV features a clean, intuitive drag and drop interface that allows you to edit and output great looking video for Internet, email,CD-ROM or traditional tape. IntroDV gives you all the tools you need to select your shots, edit them, apply effects, add music and dialogue, superimpose titles, and then deliver your masterpiece.Info

  • Echo FireGet accurate previews of your designs in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop via your FireWire connection. No longer do you need to guess what your work will look like when rendered; Echo FIre will preview it immediately on your NTSC or PAL monitor. Works with your Macintosh and any video output device with a QuickTime Video Output Component, including Apple FireWire and Pinnacle Systems Targa 1000/2000. Supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio previews. Overlay your preview with waveform monitor and vectorscope displays, or generate standard color bar test patterns for monitor calibration. Also includes an export component letting you export DV-compressed video directly to FireWire from QuickTime Player, and a Video Color Picker which previews your color choice on your video monitor and can "legalize" colors to broadcast standards.Info

  • M.Pack 3.5.1ASTARTE GmbH today announced version 3.5.1 of their MPEG encoding software, M.Pack. Specially optimized for the new Velocity Engine in the Macintosh G4, M.Pack 3.5.1 offers encoding speeds over twice as fast as the prior version. In addition, M.Pack now supports the creation of files larger than 2 GB under OS9, and will accept source movies larger than 2 GB. With its dramatically increased performance and low price , M.Pack is the most affordable way to get high quality MPEG encoding on the Macintosh. It accepts any QuickTime movie as its source, and converts it to industry standard MPEG format. It can also be used in conjunction with Adaptec Toast to create Video-CDs. M.Pack offers convenient batch processing, and the ability to save your preferred settings as a unit which can be easily applied to any source movie. The program encodes in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats, and even offers variable bit rate encoding for MPEG-2..Info

  • Combustion*From Discreet. For the first time on Windows NT and Macintosh, one solution contains all the speed and visual interactivity you need to produce compelling visual effects. combustion* provides the production power to design, animate, composite, and render your creative vision. Work seamlessly in a unified non-destructive, paint and compositing environment to finish complex effects shots.Use the intuitive Discreet "artist" interface and superior technology for motion tracking, keying, and color correction, rotoscope and composite elements interactively-all within a true 3D compositing environment. The advanced architecture of combustion* integrates image caching, multi-processor support and multiple scene views, to deliver a new standard of visual interactivity on the desktop. Compose within a resolution independent workspace using uncompressed video and experience performance that blows away the competition. .Info

  • DVRexRT The RexRT option adds real-time effects to your DVRex. Unlike other real-time systems RT offers more than simple real-time transitions and static titles RT offers real-time moving titles, real-time luma keying, real-time complex transitions, real-time color correction, real-time colorization and posterization and real-time picture-in-picture effects. In addition to real-time video tools RT also offers a wide variety of audio tools including high and low pass filtering, a parametric and graphic equalizer, and, reverb and delay. With RT waiting for renders is a thing of the past.Info

  • Pocket Producer timecode-accurate logging of video clips anywhere, at any time. Pocket Producer is an indispensable tool for everyone who uses a non-linear editing system because it allows you to log clips while shooting on location, or immediately after. This lets you choose your shots while they are still fresh in your mind, and saves valuable hours in the edit suite. Record timecode from any LANC, RS-422 or LTC source, add comments, then download your log into any popular Mac or Windows editing system, including Play's Trinity, Avid Media Composer, Discreet edit, Media 100, CMX and GVG systems.Info

  • Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 Apple.Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 offers support for capturing, editing and exporting 16:9 media; YUV processing for preserving values of the original source material; and "make reference movies," which saves rendering time and disk space by minimizing file sizes and using "pointers" to source files. The features join the incredible lineup of enhancements found in Final Cut Pro 1.2, which include: Power Mac™ G4 Velocity Engine™ optimization; increased rendering speeds; improved batch capture; "JKL" keyboard commands; and support for PAL, the dominant video and broadcast standard in Europe. Info

  • AVoption/XL from Digidesign supports capture, import and playback of Avid-compatible video media directly within Pro Tools. Based on Avid's newer Meridien hardware, AVoption|XL adds a breakout box for component, composite and S-video (SDI optional) I/O. It captures and plays back JFIF media from 15:1 compression all the way up to uncompressed (1:1) video, for the finest quality resolution available on any audio workstation. AVoption|XL is compatible with all Avid systems based on the Meridien video subsystem, including Avid Symphony, Media Composer|XL and Xpress NT. Expected availability of AVoption|XL is early 2000, with Windows NT support to follow.Info

  • SpiceMaster SpiceMaster is a powerful new Pixelan Software plug-in for creating fresh, elegant, custom 2D transitions, and flowing dynamic mattes for content or other 2D effects.Although 2D transitions and effects rarely receive the media attention of the latest 3DVE gizmo, 2D effects are used heavily by most creators of dynamic media. SpiceMaster gives you the unprecedented ability to customize and control 2D transitions and effects so that you no longer have to rely on standard looks. Best yet, SpiceMaster achieves this with a highly visual,intuitive interface that doesn't require a steep learning curve. Info

  • Boris Graffiti supports these NLE manufacturers: Adobe (both After Effects and Premiere), Apple, AVID, Canopus, Discreet, DPS, FAST, Incite, in:sync, Media 100, Panasonic, Sony, Ulead and United Media Boris Graffiti is the most flexible title animation plug-in for non-linear editing. Boris Graffitiprovides common text formatting options including kerning, tabs and word wrap while adding powerful animation tools and filter effects. Unlimited layers of text can be rotated, extruded and lit using realistic lighting tools. Text can be filled using media directly from the NLE timeline without importing or exporting. Advanced keyframing provides smooth motion with Beziergraphs. Auto-create single page rolls and crawls with drag and drop ease. Info

  • SGI MediaBase SGI MediaBase provides a complete solution with all the tools required to manage, monitor, and integrate media streams into Web applications. Its open architecture supports standards-based streaming formats over a variety of network protocols. SGI MediaBase fits into all computing environments to start adding value quickly. Info

  • DVN-2000 The DVN-2000 is a professional MPEG-2 compliant encoder for digital video broadcasting applications. Packaged in a compact, 19 inch, 1U wide, rack mounted chassis, the DVN-2000 accepts a variety of audio and video signals standards, including digital SDI, or analog Composite/Component video, as well digital AES/EBU or analog stereo audio. The data is encoded using advanced MPEG-2 encoding technology. The compressed data is formatted and transmitted using the DVB-ASI and SMPTE-310M standard. This product is a key component of any digital video broadcast network. Info

  • StudioZ GT for SOFTIMAGE|DS Combining Intergraph Computer Systems’ StudioZ GT for SOFTIMAGE|DS with the SOFTIMAGE|DS application provides you with the ultimate non-linear production system (NLP) for creating, editing and finishing high-end productions. Here are the tools and performance you need on the first and only Intel/Windows NT workstation delivering multi-stream noncompressed video running SOFTIMAGE|DS. And with Softimage’s new non-linear production environment you’ll be creating, editing and finishing high-end projects from offline to online faster, easier and more creatively than ever before. This complete workstation and software system delivers ALL the video editing, audio editing, paint, compositing, titling, color correction, special effects and media management capabilities you need in a single, online environment. Info

  • FusionBOXX HD BOXX Technologies, together with eyeon Software, revolutionizes HD production with the first NT-based system for uncompressed HDTV editing and compositing. Customized exclusively with eyeon Software's Digital Fusion(tm) HD, FusionBOXX HD provides a high-end HDTV production solution at a fraction of the cost of UNIX-based systems. FusionBOXX HD delivers breakthrough performance, too, with an I/O architecture and PCI bus architecture that enable ultra-fast, uncompressed HDTV editing and compositing.Info

  • The LANCode DV Protocol converter Use of your linear or non-linear editing systems RS422 (Mac) or RS232 (PC) control port to automate the batch digitising of DV material with timecode in 525 or 625 line formats.Enable DV and Hi-8 camcorders and decks to be controlled from any RS-422 or RS232 edit controller with either timecode or CTL.LTC timecode out optionfor dubbing DV timecode to other formats.Info

  • dpsVelocity 7.1. dpsVelocity consists of fully integrated DPS hardware and software, and provides users with a complete editing solution from one company. dpsVelocity's faster, sharper easier edits are based on hardware that offers flexible video/audio I/O and integrated real-time 3D controls in a single PCI slot along with editing software that is refined, powerful and intuitive.Info

  • The OmniVideo™ series of Multiple Video Graphics Solutions Zandar has created the OmniVideo™ Series - a suite of Multiple Video Graphics solutions, comprising the MVG2, MVG6 and MVG16 PCI cards and the standalone MultiViewer systems, to bring video, and lots of it, into every aspect of visual communications.Info

  • Kalypso(TM) The Kalypso(TM) video production center puts everything you need for live video production right at your fingertips. Kalypso builds on the legendary Grass Valley(TM) switcher technology with an advanced Mix/Effects architecture that gives you unprecedented levels of keying and compositing with two powerful new features. With DoubleTake(TM) Split M/E technology you can divide the 4 keyers in each M/E between two separate background transitions. FlexiKey(TM) programmable clean-feed technology lets you create multi-client live programs using any combination of backgrounds and keys.
    Kalypso gives you the run-time control you need without having to divert your attention from the switcher panel during production. Dynamic router source selection can be performed intuitively right from the panel. Groups of router destinations can be changed using Kalypso's R-MEM(TM) technology. Profile and VTR rolls can be done on a machine-by-machine basis or via a clip stack. Source memory allows assigned key sources to appear automatically based on what type of background source is selected.Info