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  • Library Exchange.Redmonkey - library exchange .Search the Database of various lib files. Check out & make a bookmark! Info

  • Manuals for consoles download
    The manuals are direct links to web resources / providers or manufactures

    FPS Wholehog II V3.2 (1.7MB) (now with bookmarks) Provided by
    Avolites Azure 2000 (1MB) Includes Oct' 99 Release Notes Provided by
    JANDS Hog 500/1000 V3.2(1 MB) (now with bookmarks) Provided by
    Avolites Pearl 2000 (1.16MB) Provided by
    Jands EchelonProvided by Jands
    Jands Hog 250/600 User ManualProvided by Jands
    Jands Hog 500 User ManualProvided by Jands
    Wysiwyg / Jands & Other things from AC Lighting Provided by AC Lighting
    Martin Case 7.0Provided by Martin
    ADB consoles Provided by ABD

  • Manuals for Luminaires download
    HES High End Systems Fixtures spec Provided by HES
    ClayPaky-High End Systems-Martin-SGM-Coef Provided by
    Vari-Lite ® Provided by Vari-Lite®
    ETC Provided by ETC
    StudioDue fixtures / CityColor/CityBeam/MiniCity/Shark/Giant Provided by StudioDue Srl.
    ADB Manuals for all Dimmers and Remote Programming of Dimmers Provided by ADB.
    ADB Manuals for all Theatre Luminaires Provided by ADB.
    ADB Manuals for all TV Luminaires Provided by ADB.

    Manuals for Color Changers download
    Rainbow Provided by Rainbow Colour Changers Gmbh
    Chroma-QProvided by AC Lighting

    Useful Software to download
    GoboWarp software to produce pre-distorted gobos.
    LD Calculator and other software tools from Paul Pelletier
    DMX Dips (PC only) is a program to assist with the DIP switch settings on High End(tm) Systems Inc's Trackspot ® by calculating the settings of Address and Personality DIP switches for a given DMX start channel number.

    DMX info related sites
    Why Terminate? by Doug Fleenor, aka Dr. Mux
    DMX Usage Data The ESTA DMX Usage Data web site gives DMX channel usage information for many moving lights fixtures. the Entertainment Technology Website.
    Ujjal's DMX pages

    Other useful things to download or know about
    Gobosizes on Gobogroup site Provided by Beacon

    Riggers Page A great page with tips for Properly Use, Shackles, WireRope, SpanSets, or Trussing ! Dont miss this one!
    Alan McGregor /Techmage With a great resource databank for luminairies,trussing,connectors and more. Dont miss this one!
    Newton BeamCalc
    StudioDue Technical pages
    Virtual Grand Master (MacOS)
    software emulation of a Grand Master stage lighting control.
    Dimmercity Avolite Dimmer Patch Spreadsheet templates for Excel.
    ALADAN.Lighting Software Tools from GE
    Lighting Software for the Macintosh
    Animates Knots Learn to make real knots by looking at gif animated templates

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